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3 Shopping Days Till Christmas : Finding the true meaning of Christmas among the intense commercialism of the season is explored in this play, which includes extracts from two other scripts, making a full-length production. The two scripts are: 'Christmas carols vs scripture' by Bob Snook 1999 Bob Snook. and 'Away with the Manger' (author John Fewings), which can be found elsewhere at the Dramatix site.
Daniel : The Musical : An allegorical musical play in which a man comes face to face with his emotions. The story is set in 1920s Babylon and told through the story of Daniel and the Lions.
Just A Rose : A parable on sexual abstinence (or lack of it) before marriage. Particularly suits a discussion group setting.
Stations of the Cross : A series of meditations by an unknown author.
The Paul Holmes Christmas Production : A TV interviewer used to being centre stage finds himself at the edge and speechless when investigating the events in Bethlehem.

Heather Adams

Fruit of the Spirit : A young woman discovers that the Fruit of the Spirit have to be worked out in daily experience.
Noah's Wife : Noah's wife, Arla (name made up) meets up with some women in the marketplace as she makes final preparations for the ark.

Stephen Allen, Allen & Naomi Bartlett, Kaathy Woollett

Jerusalem Encounter: A full-length drama, recreating the events of the first Easter.

Brian Alleyne

The Not So Wise Men : Two other magi arrive in Bethlehem, 33 years too late to give their gifts to Baby Jesus. Trying to find the man, they learn about His ministry and the real reason for His birth. Keywords: Easter, miracles, life of Jesus, ministry.

Chris Anderson

Wait! It's a musical : A 45 minute Biblical Pop/Rock Musical about people waiting for a leader.

Kyle Anderson

Finding God in Cups of Coffee : One can find God in places other than just church. God exists in babies, sunrises, lakes, diners and cups of coffee.

Rick Anderson

How To Instal Love : A Customer Services Representative gives computer style instructions in how to instal love. (Rick Anderson, based on an idea by an unknown author.)

W. David Armstrong

Take Me Out To The Ball Game : Just as baseball is a team game and requires all participants working together to win, so is our church family. This skit shows how it is foolish to think we can do it all by ourselves.

Jamie Atchley

Listen Up : A take-off on the Barbra Streisand/Ryan O'Neill movie "What's Up, Doc?". Plot 1: Inept super-spy going on mission loses bag (#1) with top secret object he's supposed to deliver to save world. Plot 2: Self-centered fiance won't listen to boyfriend's opinions. Boyfriend has bag (#2) with his priceless collection of Kazoos. Plot 3: Wealthy woman has a bag (#3) of jewelry, and gang of robbers steals then loses it. Trying to get it back. Hero: Wacky girl who loves the beaten-down boyfriend and wants to save him from the self-centred fiance.

Peggy Barnell

A Handful of Miracles : A lesson in love and forgiveness is learned from a group of poor and homeless.
A Place to Call Home :
Esther's adult children can't believe it when she asks them to work with her on a quilt as a Christmas project.
A View From the Garden :
A woman looks at spiritual parallels between flowers and people.
God Leaves The Light On : A light- hearted monologue looking at stewardship from Tom Bud-get's view point.  It's a parody of the American 'Motel-6' comercials.
Leave A Light On : The story of one man's search for meaning in life and his encounter with a pair of bumbling, not-so-bright church custodians. The pair are comparable to 'Dumb & Dumber', but they take the job of caring for the house of the Lord very seriously, as well as the task of 'leaving the light on' for the lost who may pass by .
Mine : A sketch about possessions. Watch the fast-forward life (from beginning to end) of a woman who loved her things more than anything else.
Welcome to Pauly's
: A small-town diner called Pauly's provides the setting where several lives regularly intertwine. A cast of colorful characters sort through the joys and struggles of every day life during the Christmas season. A variety of scenarios are taking place: a newly widowed man struggles with grief, a young pastor questions if he is really doing God's work, a woman becomes convicted about an immoral relationship, and the town gossip wants to be in the middle of it all.

Peggy Barnell and Diane Cornett

A King for Me : A stage play about a stage play. The Children’s Director becomes exasperated with one particular cast member while rehearsing for the church’s annual Christmas pageant - an ADHD problem-child, Evan. When things reach a breaking point, the traditional story is portrayed as seen through Evan’s eyes.

Peggy Barnell, Linda Coburn, Rich Gerber, Cindy Studebaker

With Arms Wide Open : The story of Jesus and the early church as seen through the eyes of the apostle Luke.

Marnie Barrell

King Jesus : An extension of Jesus' confrontation with Pontius Pilate, in the form of a courtroom drama. Explores the idea of what Jesus' kingship might have meant to those around him. Themes of truth, divided loyalty, authority.

Fran Barton

An Old-Fashioned Christmas : A mother wants to show her family the relevance of the old-style Christmas.
The Christmas Guest : A retelling in verse form of the Tolstoy story "Papa Panov's Special Day", in which Jesus visits a person 3 times on Christmas Day in the guise of 3 people with different needs.

Joey Bauer

Moses and the Burning Bush : A monologue on Moses' encounter with the burning bush, rather in the style of Bill Cosby.
Unlikely Super Heroes : Sidekick has always wanted to be a Superhero's assistant. He gets his chance with Fat Midget 24.

Lolita Beauboeuf

No Distractions : This short skit is about the morning routine of three sisters. Each is faced with similar situations and struggles on a daily basis. They each have their own way of coping.

Gwyneth Bedford

Proverbs 31 Woman! : When two mates meet in a pub for a sociable drink, one extolls the virtues of his wife. Obvious references to a well-known New Zealand TV commercial. An American version of this script is also available.
Robot Father : The Mad Professor just can't program enough features into his creation for it to take the place of a real dad.

T. James Belich

ReFusion: A Tale of the Oracle : A play in the mold of Tolkien's 'The Silmarillion'. The Oracle is intended to be a guide to the races of the world. But the Dragon wanted it for itself, and brought enmity between the races.
Rexque Futurus : King Arthur returns to life in the 20th Century in this full-length drama.

Jennie Bell

It Just Wasn't Enough : Why am I still empty after trying to find significance in temporal things?

April Bennett

Letting Go : The conversation that most people are to afraid to admit they have with God at some point in their life. Vague on details of pain once inflicted. Clear on the bitterness that has set in.

Debra Bertrand

Conversations in the Staff Lounge : Angels and shepherds discuss the events of Christmas as they relax in their various staff lounges.

Kenny Blade

Ranelli Manneli Meets Oscar : Oscar is retiring and selling his garage. An encounter with Ranelli Manneli helps him to realise there is a bigger purpose ahead.
It's Good To Be Stinky : Part 1 of the "Follow the Lights" series. The Lights begin life after the death of Larry's wife. Larry Light owns a "flea market" store, Light's House. This script deals with accountability and doing the right thing for the right reason.
It's Not My Fault : Jimmy has a very convoluted explanation for how come a shirt has a burn hole. Theme: The importance of personal responsibility.
Thumbs Up! : Lenny discovers that home is where God places you. Part 2 of the Follow the Lights series. (Can stand on its own, however.)

Mike Blumhorst

It Wasn't Me : A modern-day businessman realizes that he is responsible for the death of Jesus. Suitable for Lent.

Doug Boatright

Lazarus of Bethany : A monologue based on the experience of Lazarus being raised from the dead, and his relationship with Jesus. The main point of this monologue is the personal relationship that Lazarus has with Jesus, his salvation and eternal life.

Rick Borger

Families : Three first century characters independently talk about themselves. Each person has had some relationship with the Christmas story, and each one is profoundly affected when the Easter story takes place. Themes include family values and the passing on of godly traditions.

Mary Anne Brannon

Beyond The Blue : Months following her mother's death, Marianne is sorting through her mother's things. Her task is to get the house ready for a tenant, something she's dreaded.
The Inside Story
: A widowed mother and her two grown daughters are clearing out the attic in preparation for the mother's move to a smaller home. The task underscores the resentment the older daughter feels toward her sister.

Greg Brook

Choosing a Future : A couple visiting a retirement planner cannot agree on the best way to provide for their future.
Dennis the Menace : Dennis knows Christians are supposed to visit the sick, but has all the wrong approach when he meets Mrs Reid, an elderly lady who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.
Job : The story of Job, centred around a Monopoly game.
No Need of Friends : Tim invites Andy to a party, but it's only when he gets there that Andy realises he's the only guest.
Parable of the Merciless Teacher : The parable of the unforgiving servant, in a school setting.
Suspicion : Smithson has been the star player on the rugby team for years, but now Murphy is attracting the headlines. Smithson soon finds evidence Murphy is trying to take all the glory for himself, but is the evidence really there, or is Smithson imagining it all?
The Dalton Boys : In this Western spoof, a Stranger comes to the aid of a town menaced by the Dalton Boys. But his plans don't quite work out.
The Life Booster : The Mad Scientist is on the verge of his greatest invention yet: the Life Booster, which will extend his life eternally. However, his inventions don't always work out the way he expects them to.
The Undertaking : Neil has let his friend Jeff down but is sure he can make it up to him. However, Jeff dies unexpectedly, and what can Neil do then? He tries everything he can think of but is powerless to wipe the slate clean between themCharacters:  Neil: has let his best friend, Jeff, down and tries everything to make it up to him when he dies unexpectedly.
Those Who Live By The Polls : The mayor is up for re-election and doesn't want to do anything without first checking the polls to see what the voters think about it. But is he too busy checking the polls to perform his other duties, such as instituting the proposed Civil Defence earthquake plan? When an earthquake does strike, he discovers too late that you can't win on every poll.
Toyshop Evolution : When the toyshop closes at night, all the toys wake up. The Rabbit, who's convinced she's more intelligent than the rest, tells the others of an amazing discovery she's made: that toys have evolved, rather than being created. She can answer any objections the others make, so ... it must be true, mustn't it?

Alistair Brown

The System : Three people give three different perspectives on the immigration system, and the need to immigrate. The objective is to impart a sense of hopelessness in the entire system, and for the audience to wonder what the real solution is.
Voice of Reason : A husband tries to rationalise his adultery.

Loree Brown

Awesome Star : A retelling of the journey of the Magi to see the Christ-child.

Tom Bullock

Mates, Episode 1 - The One with the new flat mate : Mates is a series of sketches that are a spin off from the popular sitcom, FRIENDS. While not directly Christian based, they are designed to tackle moral issues that are related to Christianity. In this, the first episode of Mates, Tom discovers the importance of rules.
Mates, Episode 2 - The one with Simon the Superhero : Mates is a series of sketches that are a spin off from the popular sitcom, FRIENDS. While not directly Christian based, they are designed to tackle moral issues that are related to Christianity. In this, episode of Mates, Lucy-Ann and Tom realize that they do not need to be superheroes or super-powers to be happy and content.
Mates, Episode 3 - The One with the Girlfriend : MATES is a series of sketches that regularly appear in the MIX services at Preston Road Church (Yeovil, Somerset, England). They are a spin off from the popular sitcom, FRIENDS. While not directly Christian based, they are designed to tackle moral issues that are related to Christianity. In this episode, issues of faithfulness are explored. Tom';s girlfriend is unfaithful to him and "Parcel Farce" do not keep their promise to Lucy-Ann.
Mates, Episode 4 - The One With Too Many Toms : MATES is a series of sketches that regularly appear in the MIX services at Preston Road Church (Yeovil, Somerset, England). They are a spin off from the popular sitcom, FRIENDS. While not directly Christian based, they are designed to tackle moral issues that are related to Christianity. This episode of Mates is about issues of discrimination and inclusion. The flatmates are much happier when they are ALL included in a Chocolate Party.
Mates, Episode 5 - The One with the Chavs Next Door : MATES is a series of sketches that regularly appear in the MIX services (contemporary worship) at Preston Road Church (Yeovil, Somerset, England).  While not directly Christian based, they are designed to tackle moral issues that are related to Christianity.  This episode of Mates teaches its audience to 'Love thy neighbour'.
Mates, Episode 6 - The One with the Broken Friend Machine : MATES is a series of sketches that regularly appear in the MIX services (contemporary worship) at Preston Road Church (Yeovil, Somerset, England).  While not directly Christian based, they are designed to tackle moral issues that are related to Christianity.  In this episode of MATES, Tom learns the importance of developing friendship.
Mates, Episode 7 - Fully Rely on Sarah : Based on "F.R.O.G." (Fully Rely On God), this episode of MATES compares fully relying on God to relying on one of the flatmates.  Rory and Tom find that Sarah can be relied upon, even if it may not initially appear so.

Tracey Burroughs

Good Thing She Wasn't Pro-Choice : What Mary might have decided if she were a modern-day young woman.

Denise Busenitz

New Clothes, Same Old Lie : Peer pressure and doubt at examined in this retelling of the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale.
Temptation : A little thing like a slice of pie can prove a big temptation. Can Fred resist?
The Shepherds: How it Wasn't : How it might have been if the shepherds had been distracted from belief by the cares of the day.

Mike Cain

Maintenance to Mission : 3 friends are out tramping and come to a crossroad with a signpost. To the left is "Mission", to the right "It's always been". They have come from "Maintenance" and are heading to "More of the same". They all have packs on and tramping clothes. They arrive at the signpost and take off their packs to rest.

Andy Campbell

Faithfulness: Three short sketches illustrating how people are unfaithful to each other in everyday life. NOTE: The script can be performed in its entirety, or each scene can stand alone.
Goodness : A young man and his wife debate whether karma or God is the source of good.

Caroline Campen

Family in Reverse : A typical (?) family evening, except that the parents are played by children, and the children are played by adults.
Prodigal Son : The story of the prodigal son, done in light-hearted modern style.

Cherry Grove Baptist Church

Turning the Other Cheek : A bag lady finds a new friend when a tramp shows her the message of the cross.
World's Best Gift : In a radio interview, Mary explains why she poured the jar of ointment over Jesus' head.
What's An Ark? : A dramatisation of the Genesis story suitable for children's performance.

Annabelle J. Christianson

Happy Holidays : A short Monologue by an 18-year-old girl named Grace, who works in a department store. This is written for Christmas, but could be changed very easily. The main idea of the script is that we, as Christians, are free to say "Merry Christmas" and not "Happy Holidays" or "Season's Greetings" (or, if changed, that we, as Christians, have religious freedom to act out our faith, even if we might not always be able to say that out loud for everyone to hear).

Paul Clark

Alien : After Pete hears a sermon on "living as aliens in this world", an alien turns up who wants to take the scripture literally.
The Case of the Missing Case : Inspector Clueless is on the case, in this retelling of the parable of the ungrateful servant.
Waiting for Redman : A modernised interpretation of Jacob's meeting with Esau. An event that forced Jacob to face and wrestle with his demons before God and which I think finally led him to faith in God. We too may need to wrestle with God over those we need to be reconciled with and ask for forgiveness from.

Paul & Janet Clark, Graham & Sue Fisher, Steve & Sara Phillips

Ding Dong : The traditional Christmas carol is given a new twist in this satire on commercialism and the "family" celebration.

Nick Clarke

Don't Forget Jesus : A humorous Christmas sketch, in which the toy characters in a typical nativity scene prepare for this year's display.
More than a Baby: A light hearted sketch in which Joseph attempts to register the birth of Jesus, but finds problems explaining the circumstances.
Pentecost Rap : A short rap based on the events of Acts 2. A light-hearted sketch about preparing for the birth of Jesus, and taking the Christmas message seriously. This sketch is based on the television programme "The X Factor", in which various amateur singers perform, hoping to be selected for stardom.
The "Z" Factor : A light-hearted sketch about preparing for the birth of Jesus, and taking the Christmas message seriously. This sketch is based on the television programme "The X Factor", in which various amateur singers perform, hoping to be selected for stardom.

Mike Clayton

Christmas on Canvas : A traditional nativity play but played out against the backdrop of a group of older children going around an art gallery and the pictures “come to life” and so act out the Christmas story. Inspired by David Wagner's script “A Child Shall Lead Them”.

Chris Clement

Born Again : A monologue in which Nicodemus talks of his discussion with Christ about being born again. He realizes Jesus is the Son of God and that the world will change forever.
The Light of the World : The blind man recounts being given sight by Jesus.

Derek Conrad, Kara Kaufman, Kelsey Kaufman, Fran Rempel, Deb Rempel

The News About Noah : Retelling the story of Noah using a television news broadcast.

Heather Cooper

A King Is Born : A sequel to "Worthy is the Lamb". Hugh and Justina fell in love in "Worthy is the Lamb". In "A King is Born", they are married and expecting a child around Christmas time. The story is set in the historical context of the Baron's Revolt in England in the mid-1200s. Ranulph de Burgh's leadership in the revolt makes life dangerous for his unborn grandchild and heir, and Hugh and Justina are forced to flee their home at the same time as she is due to give birth. They gain a new understanding of the plight of Mary and Joseph as Mary gives birth to Jesus, and for God's faithful provision to those who trust Him.
A Purpose-driven Christmas Carol : A new take on the famous story by Charles Dickens, "A Christmas Carol". It keeps the flavour of the original, but looks at the story from the perspective of Rick Warren's "A Purpose-driven Life".
And He Shall Be Called : Life is difficult for Courtney and her mum. A surprise gift from her great-grandmother, telling of her experiences during World War II in bombed London, puts their difficulties into perspective, however.
From Darkness into Light : A sequel to "Tidings of Great Joy". David, Leanne, Jenna and Sarah all experienced first-hand the impact of the First Advent of the Lord in first century Palestine. They came back to 21st century Canada renewed and invigorated to live for Him. Or did they? Sarah has continued to be faithful, Leanne and Jenna are excited and serving God. But, David has slipped back into his old habits of being a workaholic and seems to have forgotten how much the first Christmas has meant to him. God is about to work another miracle in his life.
Good Shepherd, Smart Sheep : A father sheep tries to warn his lambs about the dangers of a wolf seen to have been prowling in the district.
Louisiana Bones ~ Walking with God: Louisiana Bones, adventurer and archaeologist, is searching for a lost treasure, when her arch enemy turns up. Their journey through the caves illustrates aspects of walking by faith.
The Gift of God's Silence : A person frustrated at God's apparent silence in the face of their prayers receives understanding from Biblical examples.
The Thief : The story of the two thieves crucified with Jesus. This is a multimedia production using film clips from "The Gospel of John" and mimes to music (Drimes) to Agnus Dei, The Thief, and Obsession.
Tidings of Great Joy : In this story, which has echoes of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", Sarah longs for a world where things between her family members would be all better. Her family have lost sight of what was important in life. But instead of finding a dream world, Sarah finds the Truth and the Life…… Someone who can help her family "get it all together again". A sequel can be found at From Darkness into Light
Worthy is the Lamb : Two medieval families have long been at war with each other. But Hugh, the son of one family, is tired of war. He declines to take his father's side, and after leaving the family home, in his travels meets and falls in love with Juliana, the daughter of the other family.

Ralph M. Cooper

The Gift : A nativity scene provides the focus and the catalyst for a series of events involving people who have suffered over the past year.

Cooper Family

The Interview : A woman applies for a job that appears to require almost superhuman capabilities. As the interview progresses, we realise it is what mothers do all their lives.

David Cornford

The Turramurra Passion : An interactive and slightly modern interpretation of the Passion Play tradition, based on The Message translation of Luke's Gospel. It is a contemporary and challenging work, that suits a younger audience, not one who wants to see a re-run of Stations of the Cross. It is a character based telling of the Easter story, rather than a historical one, and uses minimalistic sets and costumes, along with multi-media elements, to convey the story in a timeless way. There are 6 settings, inside and out, and the audience and the cast mingle in most scenes, so the audience participate in, rather than observe, the action.

John Cosper Jr

An Annoying Little Sin :Have you ever had an annoying little sin that just wouldn't go away? It's rather like having a big book that you use to whack yourself in the head.
Charlie's Christmas Wish
:A well-to-do family is condescending towards a homeless man - but in reality he has something more precious than they have.
In the Beginning : An audience participation skit on the creation story from Genesis.
Phone Chat : By the time a phone conversation has passed through four hands, the message gets pretty distorted.
Renewal : A reflection on the September 11 attack, involving a terrorist, a survivor and a Christian.
The P.T. Barnum Code : A barbed look at both the Da Vinci Code and some Christians' responses to it.
Touched by an Athiest : A parody of the TV show, Touched by an Angel, showing the hopelessness of living without God.
Wicked Ruler : The temptations of Jesus in the wilderness, with 3 characters representing the 3 temptations.
Unafraid : A young Somali woman is not afraid to stand up for her faith, even though it means death.

Debra Coughlin

College Stew : This is a murder mystery or another who dun it. As the four scenes are acted out, determine who attempted murder. Also determine who each character is in the Bible, because in truth this is an anology of a well known Bible story. Have fun.
Heartache : It is easy sometimes to wear a mask, but God knows the condition of our true heart. Scripture I Sam 16:7 &for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.

Melinda Cousins

Easter Sunday - Spice Girls : The original Spice Girls were the women who went to the garden tomb on the morning of Easter Sunday. This skit was written for a children's talk on Easter Sunday. Not all of the actors have speaking parts, but they all need to be enthusiastic in both dressing up outrageously and over-exaggerated miming!
Easter Sunday - Christmas Story : The characters come prepared for a Christmas play, only to discover they have got the date wrong.
Extreme Makeover : A series of clients visit a makeover clinic with various requirements. One, however, needs a makeover on the inside rather than the outside. This skit was written to introduce a five week sermon series on the book of James called "Extreme Makeover."
The Greatest Story Ever Told : This 15-20 minute drama aims to tell the basic storyline of the whole Bible, using two Narrators and four main actors who mime their parts.
Not So Silent Night : These three monologues were written to be used in a pre-Christmas service entitled "Not So Silent Night", which was part of a series called "Cracked Christmas Carols". We wanted to remind people that sometimes the pictures we have in our minds from Christmas carols and cards are a little bit too sanitized and pretty. Jesus came into the harsh realities of our world … which makes the incarnation that much more amazing to comprehend!

Susan Cowsar

How To Feed A Party Of 5000 : A TV chef is flummoxed when he discovers the ingredients he had been expecting for today's show are missing.

Meg Cullip

Expectations : A husband and wife visit with their friend Brooke and her new boyfriend. They all have expectations, which don't necessarily match.
The Levite : A timid Israelite approaches God with a request to become a Levite.

Anne E. Curtis

Anna : This is a dramatic and, in parts, humorous talk by Anna, the prophetess who saw Jesus as a baby.  Anna speaks to the crowd about her life and the future of Israel.  It provides a different, Christmas-oriented perspective, and is suitable for the week following Christmas. There is a short original, devotional song in the middle that can be omitted.  The song is not in the Bible but reflects what I believe was Anna's attitude and heart towards God. If you want to know how I sang certain areas, I can provide the notes.

Chris Darnell

The Manual : For Mark, a car manual is more important than the car itself. (Sometimes it is easy to get so carried away with some of the trappings in life that we forget the main thing. We get caught up in the style of our worship that we forget about Jesus.)

Lionel De Leon

The Word : A rock opera, telling the story of Jesus' life, death and resurrection, taken directly from the scriptures.

Ed & Zach Deforest

Jonah and the Whale : A very low-budget (and slightly warped) retelling of the story of Jonah.

Melissa Denny

Persecution of the Church : In the country of Vietnam, Christians are persecuted daily for their faith. This play focuses on a pastor and his wife who lead a secret church in their own home. Because of his faith, the pastor is imprisoned, and the drama follows their situation through letters to each other during the husband's jail time.

Neil Dodgson

A good day... : Two business people stand some distance from the crucifixion site, watching what is going on.
The Abortion Play: with a cast of thousands (well, all right then, eight). A drama illustrating the end result of liberalising abortion and euthanasia on demand.
The Death Drama : Death is final for all except the Christian.
The Drama with No Name : or "How to present the entire Bible in ten minutes flat and still have some breath left".

Katherine Dubois

The Temptation of Brenda in the Wilderness : Brenda has just come to the end of 40 days spent in the wilderness, trying to decide her mission in life. She is more modern woman than the Messiah, but Satan still comes off second best.
Author's note: The inspiration for the piece is Matthew 4:1-11. I thought to myself, "Now, how would I have reacted to those temptations?" And then pushed it from there.

Jennifer Duncan

It's Not About the Turkey : Three friends, aided by several prominent historical figures, discuss what they think Thanksgiving is all about.

Shauna Smith Duty

Attitude Airways : A bad-mannered airline passenger discovers that choices have consequences.

Ruth & Wright Eavenson

Not That Far : A Christmas play with choir music. Brad and Jenny are successful 20-somethings who were raised participating in church but believe they have 'moved on' in life. God uses a trip home for Christmas, the faith of a homeless mother, and a personal crisis to get their attention and begin to draw them back to Himself.

Don Ebberts

The Temptation Bowl : Jesus and Satan square off in the Temptation Bowl, via the broadcast by BSPN, the Biblical Sports Programming Network. A good one to use on Super Bowl Sunday.

Sandy Erb

Father, Forgive Us : The work of the greatest Missionary, as seen through the heart of His Father. Modern day setting.

Krista Esperat

The Way : This mime (or dance) is about a 'seeker'looking in all sorts of places for the way to true happiness. It is based on a techno song by 'Ah-ha'called "Take on Me".

Tim Evers

An Idiot's Prayer : A young male thinks that just by praying, he will get what he wants.

John Fewings

Away With The Manger : A newspaper reporter and photographer go to the manger to cover the birth of Jesus. As they arrange the scene, Jesus gets pushed to one side.
Elijah and the Raven : Elijah is sitting in a depressed state after his victory over the Baal priests, when a raven comes to minister to him.
Gideon and the Angel : Dramatisation of the story from the book of Judges. This scene is taken from a full-length musical, "Gideon", written by John Fewings (with musical assistance from Paul Carlile and Chris Wormald). Although part of a longer work, the sketch does stand on its own.
Ho-ho-flippin'-ho : Three department store Santas have very different appreciations of Christmas and their job.
Housewife's Prayer : With all its features, the "Housewife's Prayer" is a must-have for every woman. But can this door-to-door salesman make a sale?
It's Anybody's Guess : This sketch is loosely based on the "What's my line?" TV program. "The good shepherd who gives his life for the sheep" is being mimed, while the panel tries to guess his occupation.
Nativity Panto : A pantomime version of the nativity story, done in humorous verse.
Peace and Goodwill : A husband seeking peace and goodwill at Christmas becomes enraged with his wife and ends up committing domestic violence. Black humour.
Rama's Garden : Rama's friends creep into his garden at night to discover what is behind his new fence, but each discovers an incomplete part of the truth. Based on an Indian parable.
The Door : Two burglars attempt to open a door, with increasingly frustrated results.
The Fourth Gift : Joseph and Mary are visited by a fourth stranger from the East, who brings with him a most unusual gift.
The Richest Man : To avoid the consequences of a prophecy that the richest man in the kingdom will die that night, the King gives away all his money, with an unexpected result.
What If ... : What if the 3 wise men and the shepherds had had very different reactions to the signs of the birth of Jesus?
X Marks the Spot : A band of pirates miss out on buried treasure because they can't accept the cabin boy's explanation of how simple it is to find.

Giacinta Fidele

Reunion : A woman waits by the phone for a call from someone who has greatly hurt her in the past. Can she bring herself to forgive him?

Eric Fisher

A Cloud of Witnesses : Everyone has something to contribute to the Kingdom &besides excuses.
Mixed up Mission : A drama team struggles to throw together a drama about being on a mission from God.

Trevor Fletcher

Bruce's Flood : Two Australian kangaroos meet up and reminisce about Noah's Ark.
In The Same Country : When the angel announced the good news of Christ's birth, some people just didn't get it. In fact, it was only the least likely who did get it.
Lifeboat : Two lifeboat men have just returned from a rescue mission, and discuss their experience.
Matthew's Taxing Time : A humorous telling of the calling of Matthew, the disciple.
Prayer Sketches : Two short humorous sketches on prayer.
Plots and Plans : A shopper at a small market is invited to choose between wisdom and get-rich-quick schemes.
The Eye of the Needle : Reuben is trying, with much heaving and grunting, to push an overloaded camel through a narrow gate. The camel is an optional extra!
The Health Centre : A new health centre manager is doing the rounds with his assistant manager, Barry. There is some tension between them and it emerges that Barry has been passed over for the job of manager and the new man is been brought in over his head. Theme: Belonging, commitment - you can't play at being part of the family of God.
The Jerusalem Report : The events of Easter Sunday are reported by a television journalist, who interviews various Jerusalem inhabitants on their views of the claim that Jesus has arisen. One interviewee is definitely more authoritave than the rest.
The Meaning of Life : Why are we here? What's life all about? Two friends, Wayne and Stan are enjoying a drink and having the sort of conversation people have in pubs. Stan fancies himself as a bit of thinker whilst Wayne is a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic. Written for use as an introduction to a '40 days of purpose' series answering the question 'What on Earth am I here for?
The Old Wisdom Shop : Worldly wisdom proves an empty and often destructive thing; only God's wisdom lasts. 'Where is the wise man? Where is the scholar? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?'
The Shrewd Manager : A humorous telling of the parable of the shrewd manager.
The Wise Guys from the East : When it comes to Christmas, so many of us focus on the wrong things: the presents, the food, the shopping, etc. Imagine if the wise men treated the arrival of Jesus in the same way that we prepare for Christmas.

Peter France

I need to hear from you : A monologue in which a girl muses why she doesn't seem to hear from God. Designed to be accompanied by the Petra song, "I need to hear from you".

Charles B. French

Lazarus, Friend of Jesus : Imagine being friends with a simple carpenter, only to find out one day that this seemingly ordinary man was, in fact, the Messiah. Imagine learning that your friend is more than just a man: He can heal lepers, He can call crowds of thousands, He can move hearts with just a word, and He has made powerful enemies. What would it be like to be this man's friend as all this goes on? What would it be like to grow ill and need your friend's healing? You grow sicker, but your friend never arrives to help you. What would it be like to lay dying and have your friend, the one who could save you with a word, not show up? How would you feel? Angry? Betrayed? Would you still have faith?

Alden Frye

Accounts Payable : A husband and wife on holiday discover that they are faced with a bill they cannot pay; until a stranger offers to pay the whole cost.
Gallery : The Gallery owner is interested in quite different works from what the artist considers to be his best.
It's Really Not Our Problem! : Two passers-by spot a house fire, and debate whether they should get involved.
Mary & Joseph : A short vignette, of the time Mary tells Joseph the child she is carrying is not his.
Phone Home : An allegory on our relationship with Christ. A man phoning his father, explains how he's too busy to spend time with him.
The Announcement : The third script of an advent trilogy. The previous two are The Plan and Mary & Joseph. Two angels are excited to be part of the angelic choir.
The Plan : Two angels discuss the coming birth of Jesus. This is the first part of a trilogy of short scripts. The others are Mary & Joseph, and The Announcement.
The Shepherds : Life is boring for Caleb and Aram out watching sheep on the hillside. Until something stunning happens.
What Are Friends For : Raymond has a dream in which he is challenged by his friend as to why he never shared the Gospel with him. A third person delights in pointing out Raymond's deficiencies.w

Kristen Gatenby

Change Your Life : A satirical look at how life might look if Christians behaved exactly the same as everyone else… Key Words: Morality and Christian life; Christian witness; living holy in an unholy world.
Getting to Know Blankets Better : This drama is about the fear we often have of sharing the gospel with our friends. It uses humour to show that we have words of life to share, and there is nothing to be afraid of.
Hope for What : When we lose sight of God's purpose for our lives, it is easy to be swayed by what we see in the world. We can be depressed by how dim our lives look in comparison with the glamour of Hollywood, and the beautiful people. On the other hand, we can smothered by the huge amount of sadness and destruction in the world. Either way doesn't leave us with much hope. In this drama, Susan and Jane are left in a difficult spot when they see the state of humanity, without understanding the real situation.
Prayer Ward : A light-hearted look at some of the problems we can have when praying. It was originally developed for a women's conference on the topic of prayer. In this drama, a curious visitor is given a tour of an imaginary psychiatric unit for various disorders and problems. We meet the visitor and their psychiatrist guide as they enter the Proseuketic (pronounced Pros-yoo-ketic) ward, a place where people suffering various prayer-related problems are treated.
Someone Should Do Something About That : A husband and wife struggle with the burden of world events. What are "they" going to do about it?

Rick Gerber & Peggy Barnell

Journey of a Lifetime : A modern-day family on a visit to Israel trace the events of the Gospels from the Nativity to Easter.

Steve Gilham

Good to the Last Drop : A rather black humour look at the story of Ananias and Sapphira.

Tracy Lee Gimpel

The Wonderful Star : A simple play about four wise men who saw the star. One, Claudus, would not believe it would take them to the promised Messiah and missed out on the birth of Jesus. Particularly intended for those who are skeptical of the truth of Christ and the real meaning of Christmas.

Linda Goff

The Widow's Offering : A Humorous tale of vanity and sacrifice based on the parable of the widow's mite.

Nancy Golden

Welcome Skit : This skit addresses the issue that can occur in any church, but especially when a church's membership becomes very large. Although never intentional, it sometimes happens that visitors are not greeted with the warm welcome that we want for each person coming through our doors. The tragedy of it is that we may lose someone who is truly seeking, because of this problem. Some people don't want or need to be greeted, while for others it is the only way they will feel comfortable enough to return. Others are there for reasons we don't know about, and just coming through the doors was a very difficult step for them to take and they might really need encouragement and affirmation. Since we are all on different places on our spiritual journeys, it's hard to know if we are fulfilling those needs.

Melanie Gordon

Easter Celebration : Using a "split scene" technique, four social liberties that Americans have are contrasted with the lack of freedoms in some other nations, specifically: freedom of open corporate worship, freedom to own and possess a Bible, freedom of corporate prayer.
Gospel Tract : A couple of teens are on out on assignment to pass out gospel tracts. They plant the first “seed” and we get to see what happens to a discarded tract left on a park bench.

Ronn Gordon

The Goodbye : Sitting at a bus stop, a friendship is bonded. One is starting anew, one is a seasoned veteran with the bus routes. We find that at the end, this small meeting has made a difference, and even though one will no longer be there, they will be missed.

Kathy Graff

Are You Talking To Me, Lord? : A choir is singing in front of the congregation, "Holy, Holy, Holy" (Hymnal). God gets Jenny's attention and they engage in a conversation. Nobody else hears Him. He is so loud in her head, she thinks it's somebody in the choir interrupting her.
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner : Zacchaeus unexpectedly brings home visitors for dinner. His wife Lucy is not quite prepared for visitors. Especially one in particular.

Heather Graham

Psalm 139 : A dramatic reading in 4 parts.

Freddie Green

A Brand New Star : A very simple traditional Musical Nativity Play for children. Suitable for children 5-13 and special needs pupils.
Noah and the Rainbow Ark : Noah and his family are hard-working, honourable people, in contrast to the "wild people" of the valley. God is angry with these "wild people" who are spoiling the world by littering, fighting, stealing etc. Noah must build an ark to preserve each species of animal and to save his family and thus mankind. The "wild people" are sceptical and conflict occurs when they attempt to destroy the ark.

Jill Gresham

Hippy Wise Men : King Herod's meeting with the 3 Wise Men as they journey to find the new king. Done more in the style of "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure".

Warren Grieve

Honesty : This Series of Honesty Plays was designed for puppet use but can be adapted for use as straight drama. Each of these plays are part of the whole and can be performed over a number of weeks or throughout one session.. some are just short and humorous, others more serious in their approach.

Bob Grinsell

CSI Jerusalem : The cast from the TV program CSI examine the evidence of the crucifixion.

Kelly Gross

To Be Or Not To Be (Kind, that is!) : Two kings (one kind and the other mean) are constrasted, along with the consequences of how they rule.

Cindi Grovhoug

Thankfulness : A Reader's Theater script of readings on the topic of thankfulness, taken from the New Living Translation.

Dan Guilliot

Final Destination : This airline believes that you can go anywhere that they feel like telling you where to go. The underlying theme is that there is truth, even in a postmodern world that tries to convince us that everything is relative.
Karate Kid? : After watching a show on TV, Daniel tells Josh that he can break those boards just as easily as on TV. But Daniel is about to learn what it really takes to be a karate kid… practice.
The Last Play of the Game : The Comeaux High School Spartans are just seconds from winning the game against their rivals Lafayette Lions. With only 4 seconds left in the game, Kevin Hebert will kick the ball for a one point win. The announcers give the play by play action as it happens. The result is a parable reflecting God's love for those who fail.

Cindy Hagan

A Father's Love : A couple meets up with a carpenter who gets them thinking about what an important role their fathers have played in their lives up to that point. In a dramatic twist, it is discovered that the man they've met up with is no ordinary carpenter.

Sheila Hamil

Angels in White : A drama for christmas:- inspired by a short story from faith, folk and nativity (and of course the film "men in black")
Barabbas the Brigand - rap : A bible reading set to "rap" music. It can be done solo or with a small group, and accompanied by a keyboard's special effects.
: This is an attempt to write a pantomime with a difference. It was originally written for a staff of teachers to entertain their children.
Easter Shadow Dramas : These three short dramas - Palm Sunday; Good Friday and Easter Sunday - were written for a 'Kids Praise' activity morning at St Mary Magdalene, Longbenton, UK. A large white sheet and a strong light source is needed so that the children's shadows mime the actions, while the narrator reads out the poem.
Maximilian Kolbe : A narration of the true story of Maximilian Kolbe, a simple Polish priest who made a heroic sacrifice in the Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz.
Round the Back!! : All the innkeeper wants is a good night's sleep - but he's not going to get it.
The Fisherman and His Wife : A dramatisation of one of my favourite stories for a school assembly.
The Lord's Prayer for a Child
The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector : This updated version is set in a school assembly hall.
We Don't Speak the Lingo! : A different look at what happened in the upper room at Pentecost. (Acts 2)
What Christmas is Not! : The way commercialism has destroyed Christmas is depicted in a series of vignettes, interspersed with sung comments from the choir.

Bill Hamilton

The Spouse Centric Marriage - 1. Date Night : This humorous script is part 1 of a five-part series. It focuses on setting time aside for just the two of you. Additional part is Chuck's buddy Bubba. How this scene ends is determined by the audience.
The Spouse Centric Marriage - 2. Communication : Part 2 of a five-part series. Two people desperately want to share their day with the other, but neither finds the other willing to listen to them.
The Spouse Centric Marriage - 3. Conflict Resolution : Part 3 of a series on marriage issues. A disagreement has been simmering for several weeks between Emma and Chuck, without resolution.
The Spouse Centric Marriage - 5. Conflict Resolution : Part 5 of a series on marriage issues. Chuck and Emma are off to a relative's wedding. Will harmony prevail?

Christi Hamilton

Old Baggage: For years a woman has been carrying the grief of the death of a twin brother.
Outta Control: An envelope holds the key to bringing some control back into this mother's life.

Andre Harden

Money Can't Buy : A huge win in the lottery brings a new set of trappings for Bob, but his unhappy lifestyle doesn't change a bit. (This script is mostly mime, with just a couple of small speaking parts.)
Get Them Week : Four youth leaders meet to plan their evangelism drive, but find it hard to get on the same wave length.
Let's Hear About You : A guest on a TV chat show can't get a word in edgeways.

Brian Hardesty

Cirrhosis of the Giver : A Doctor explains a patient's diagnosis to his wife. Played like a corny and over dramatic soap opera. (If you have someone that can play the organ for the old time soap effect it adds to the humor.)

Bonnie Harrell

Second Chances : A play about purity. Two scenes going on simultaneously on opposite sides of the stage. Both scenes are conversations between two girls. In each scene one of the girls is trying to help the other girl from making the same mistakes she had done in her past.

Mark Harris

Trapped : A miner is trapped by a tunnel collapse. While waiting for rescue, he debates issues of life and death with himself. Based on a true story.
We're Waiting, Werner : The Israelites are crossing the Red Sea with the entire Egyptian army hot on their heels. One Israelite with thick glasses (Werner) has fallen behind and now is searching for something on the ground. Moses has sent one of his bravest men back to see what the hold up is.

Marc Harrison

I Am Not! : A husband returns home from work to find his wife angry with him.
My God is Bigger than Your God : The discussion between King Ahab and Jezebel following Elijah's victory on Mount Carmel.
Perfectionism : A wife's need to tidy the house threatens the start of a vacation.
Wherefore Art Thou? : The balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet draws different responses regarding romance from a husband and wife.

Peter Harrison

Do Not Worry : The piece is a visual representation of the major worries in our lives and how Jesus is able to deal with them. In His words "Do not worry."
Too late : Pete turns Jesus and his forgiveness down throughout his life, until it's too late.

Kathy Hart

A Light in the Attic : A modern day one-act Lenten play. Following a sermon about the Lenten season at church, the Taylor family has vowed to give up some of their possessions to the families at the local homeless shelter, instead of their usual fasting of cheese and French fries during the Lenten season. As the story unfolds, each family member makes a difficult decision about parting with something special.

Glenn A. Hascall

A Beary Twisted Tale : When Goldie stumbles across the home of three talking bears, she is surprised by what she finds inside. No deep message - just fun.
A Matter of Praise
: A Reader's Theater script dealing with the subject of praise, seeking to define it and make its practice more understandable. May find uses in both a praise service or as a special Thanksgiving reading.
A Mother's Day Monologue
: A monologue that shares the joys and heartaches of motherhood. Adoption, miscarriage and stillbirth are all touched upon in this dramatic, yet affirming script.
A Simple Pageantry
: A very basic traditional Christmas pageant for children complete with dialogue and songs - Dialogue is derived from Scripture.
An Angel's Longing
: A monologue that looks at Jesus' time on earth (Christmas to Easter) from the perspective of an angel who doesn't always understand what is happening to Jesus.
An Innkeeper Named Simon
: A monologue from the Inn Keeper's perspective with a twist. What if the Inn Keeper was the father of Judas?
Because of You
: A monologue from the perspective of a man in his 30s remembering a bride who was taken from him by illness. He is having a conversation with his wife at her graveside a year after her death.
Carol of the Common Man
: After a family is visited by carolers they begin to discuss how some of those carols came about. They are surprised to learn a little bit about The First Noel. Based on research regarding the carol.
Cheap Grace
: Roy calls to order a supply of grace and is bombarded by the company with information about how he could improve his life with other products. In the end he's simply frustrated because he comes to understand that the company is not the real source for amazing grace.
Christmas Shorts : Three short pieces on the theme preparing for the holidays. These can be used as stand alone pieces or as fillers between scenes of a larger dramatic piece.
Confessing Other People's Sins : A hairdresser named Carol is working on Lorraine's hair, a conversation begins, but soon Carol gets quiet as Lorraine begins to reveal the secrets of the people in their little town. (For a sequel, see "Phar-a-non".)
Conspiracy Theory : A wife accidentally breaks her husbands toe in a nasty bowling incident, but instead of apologizing she finds ways to convince herself that it really wasn't her fault.
CSI : Fairy Tale Division : An unusual twist to a well loved classic fairy tale. This time around Little Red Riding Hood meets CSI. A slightly different look at a classic.
Dark Threads : A short monologue from the perspective of Job and the difficulties he faced. NOTE: An audio intro is attached that would make this useable for a response to Hurricane Katrina.
Deceptive Tendencies - the 20/20 Program : News magazine programs are very popular these days. We took a popular news program and placed it placed roughly 2000 years BC. The story follows the trail of deception in the story of Jacob and Esau.
Declaration of Dependence : A Reader's Theater regarding a declaration of our dependence on Jesus Christ.
Did You See What She Just Did? : A couple with a child sees a friend of their child (boy or girl) steal a variety of small toys from their child). This scene becomes a mirror for the dad who has a hard time accepting what he sees.
Dining Out : A drama to be performed at a Valentine's banquet for married adults. Describing what it really is like for couples who are also parents of small children and how "this too shall pass."
Dishonest Lonny : A citizen of Spartan visits with a bumbling Don Duckshearer about something that he wants to keep a secret. After a few false starts Don finds the source of the problem but forgets as Lonny becomes increasingly frustrated by a failure to communicate. An over-the-top spoof of old time detective shows that makes the point , "always be honest".
Don't You See Me : Two ladies talk about a single young woman named Tasha who is holding her infant daughter. She tries to act as though she doesn't hear what they are saying, but their words hurt her deeply. The women remain blissfully ignorant of their own self-righteousness.
Dragnet/Fugitive : A spoof based on three different television shows designed to tell the story of Jonah in a humorous way.
Duckshearer: Private Eye : A citizen of Spartan visits a bumbling hard boiled Don Duckshearer about something that she is missing. After a few false starts Don finds the source of what she is missing and helps set Mary Anne back to a peace that passes understanding. A spoof of old time detective shows.
Exasperating Daryl : Daryl and John are spending an afternoon fishing together, but their goals seem to be different. Daryl feels superior to John who is older and seems to have less "things". In the end Daryl isn't quite as sure that he's as rich as he thought.
False Expectations : An easy to perform sketch for Valentine's Day that demonstrates (in over-the-top fashion) how much we can misread another person and come to have false expectations about someone you date. May be a reminder to married couples about their own false expectations in marriage.
Financial Independence : A script based on Proverbs 28:20. An infomercial is being played live to introduce a new way to gain financial independence. Charlotte Young visits with guest Highly Successful and we learn more than we wanted from Highly.
Gino's Gutter Gaffe : The Portalini family is having trouble with a son who does not seem to willing to obey. This script is designed to allow you to pull the cast from the crowd. The only part that needs to be planned ahead is the Narrator.
Glorious Song of Old : This is the dramatized story of the Christmas Carol, "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear," from its beginnings as part of a Christmas sermon to the trenches of World War II. The reasoning behind this joyous carol may come as a surprise to many.
Gratitude Games : A televised broadcast of the Gratitude Games pits contestants against each other as they vie for top spot in the overall demonstration of gratitude. When a grandma and her granddaughter stumble onto the field by accident - everyone learns something about being thankful.
Hank in Wacky-land : A cracked fairy narrative that looks at a strange blending of Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. Meant only for humor - there is no grand moral lesson, just fun and nonsense.
Hinderfella : The real son of a moderately wealthy family feels slighted when the family adopts two more children. His adopted brothers and sisters have learned the idea of being thankful, now they must help Hinderfella begin to understand how much he has to be thankful for. Setting and circumstances are altered in this revised look at a fairy-tale classic.
If Only In My Dreams : This Christmas many will struggle with the absence of a son or daughter. In this story one family learns that the experience is not unique -- a special Christmas song was written a few decades ago that explains how their adult child may feel while in the clutches of war during Christmas.
I've Fallen and I can't Get Up : Several people see a man who has fallen into the pit. Each provides their own answers to his problems but only One will ultimately help him out. Based on an item you may have read entitled "The Pit" (author Unknown).
Justice for Carmen : A retelling of the parable of the widow and the Judge found in Luke 18:1-8.
Larry and the Librarian : Larry enters a library and begins asking questions about a book that the up-tight librarian has never heard of. The longer Larry describes the book he is interested in the more she finds that she is also interested. Soon, all library guests have just got to have that book.
Lawbreakers : An Oral Interpretation of Drama (O.I.D) or Readers Theatre script. An interpretative drama that demonstrates God's love in an effective and moving way. May have uses for Easter.
M&M's Bed & Breakfast : A modern day look at the lives of Mary and Martha, set in a quaint bed and breakfast establishment in the 21st century.
Mary - Resurrection Reflection : A reflection by Mary on the events leading up to Easter, a year later.
New Life for Old Bones : In this monologue, Ezekiel tells a little about life in Babylon and a lot about the Valley of Dry Bones.
No-fret-ium : A commercial that indicates a prescription of No-Fret-ium may be just what the Great Physician ordered.
Noah : Mission Flotation : The story of Noah as told through the medium of a news magazine television show. Could easily be used for a puppet team.
Northside Gratitude : A group of orphan children discuss why they should be thankful and learn a lesson from a new boy who has hope in a Father he's never seen.
Not Getting What You Don't Want : Gilbert only wants to talk about his disappointments. He believes Charles is agreeing with him, but is Gilbert really listening to what Charles is saying. A lesson in Thanksgiving and contentment.
One Christmas in Israel : A couple has decided to spend Christmas in Israel. The reality of Christmas day in the country of Jesus' birth is far different than they expected. Based on a true story.
Operation Tall Justice : Operation Tall Justice is put into place after a threat of terrorism. What will be the final response?
Paul Nochio : A take-off of a familiar tale. In this case the person who lies gets a stuffy nose.
Phar-a-non : A follow up to "Confessing Other People's Sins". Four people are gathered at a Phar-A-Non (pronounced fair-uh-non) support group meeting to help each other overcome difficulties associated with being self-righteous.
Road to Nowhere : An older couple is out for an afternoon drive in this script that lends itself to Reader's Theater. The wife provides comic relief as the husband learns the value of a map. Theme: Direction.
Prodigal Bus Boy : A modern day retelling of the parable of the Prodigal Son.
Redeeming the Day : Stella answers a phone call from her friend Joan. It's halloween night and Stella has decided not to participate in any halloween events. She is challenged to look at the day from a new perspective.
Sara's Easter Gift : A very sick girl teaches her classmates about God's best gift.
Services Rendered : Rick is upset that a door-to-door salesman would suggest that he allow him to bring someone over to the house who would swear in front of his family at no charge. But Rick discovers he has been using this service for a long time.
Stormy's Forecast : A severe weather update has just been issued; Stormy Kendall is a meteorologist who doesn’t seem willing to take his responsibility seriously. Designed to be a springboard to discuss responsibility.
Super Secret Sisters : The Super Secret Sisters are meeting in a clubhouse. A prospective member is introduced and Clarice is very much opposed to allowing Cindy to become part of the club. A discussion on the rules of the club allow the entire club to come to an understanding of forgiveness.
Supermom : A woman admits to being unable to cope with life as a Super Mom and in the process discovers what she must do to be an effective mom. Going it alone is no longer an option.
Thanksgiving Nic Nacs : Several characters used for decoration at Thanksgiving are finding themselves very ungrateful for their place in life. In a humorous way they learn that they have much to re-learn about being grateful. Suitable for either live cast or puppets.
Thanksgiving for Silas : A group of kids attend an annual community thanksgiving dinner - none of them want to be there. They speculate on what it was like to have been a part of the first community thanksgiving meal in their town. The discovery of a journal tells them the story of a boy named Silas that helped everyone acquire an attitude of gratitude.
THANKS-ME : THANKS-ME, a learning machine, helps a class of children to understand the origins and meaning of Thanksgiving.
The Amazing Knitting Cat : Get the real story on what happened after the kittens lost their mittens and the ensuing difficulties that began when one kitten decided to remove his mittens for a game of tetherball. A monologue from one of the family members who owned the amazing knitting cat.
The Boy Who Would Not Stock : A stock boy refuses to go by his employee manual. He operates on the assumption that he knows the best way to do his job. Even after a confrontation with his boss he only agrees to think about what he is really supposed to do. A parallel to the way we sometimes view God's Word.
The Caiaphas Conspiracy : Two members of the Sanhedrin are gathered to fabricate a story to explain where the body of Jesus was.
The Chat Room : Two users in a chat room are discussing the latest on-line petitions to help restore morality to the culture. On-line addiction is alluded to as is the need to interact with real people. Encourages the engaging of culture in more personal ways.
The Court for People : Jim Greene takes his case to the Court For People. He has been excluded from the Celestial Retirement Village and seeks to have his case overturned.
The Day Perception Met Reality : One morning Judy meets three sets of parents, but which set is her real parents and why hadn't she noticed them before? A lesson in gratitude and contentment.
The Fire and the Flood : The 17th century brought extreme upheaval to the people of Scotland. The Stuart kings imposed what they believed to be their divine right in both matters of state as well as the church. Thousands of people signed the National Covenant affirming that Jesus Christ was the head of all Christian people - not the state. Hundreds of these "Covenanters" maintained their Divine allegiance. In doing so, they forfeited their life. This drama brings to life the story of two of Scotland's "Covenanters", Margaret Wilson and Margaret MacLachlan, and contrasts their story with a modern day high school or university student Greg, who finds it hard to share his faith.
The Gift : An Oral Interpretation of Drama (O.I.D.) that brings the Christmas story to life in a new way. The use of vocal interpretation helps make this type of drama unique. Can be used as a Reader's Theater script.
The Great Veggie Heist : An easy to produce sketch that invites members of the audience to help perform without preparation. This story demonstrates the difference between mercy and grace, and shows why they are both needed. Presented in a humorous way. Set in the 1800's with allusions to present day society. All actors hold scripts. (An almost-readers-theater-script).
The Next Great Script : Three screenwriters are discussing what to do for their next project, several ideas are rejected until Kim brings up an idea that may just change Joe's future. An interesting twist to the Easter story.
The Petronius Pronouncement : A monologue looking at the crucifixion from the perspective of a Roman Centurion.
The Pottery, Pliable : A combination Mime/Drama. The mime players represent disobedient clay in the workshop of the Master Potter as narration and music sew the scene together in this visual demonstration of what it means to have clay honor the Potter's wisdom by their obedience.
The Procedure : A monologue that follows the musings of a nurse only recently hired at an abortion clinic and why she decides that she can't stay.
The Weather Outside : A blizzard causes one family to really consider what it means to be 'family' at Christmas time - even when all you have to eat is Twinkies and Root Beer.
Things That Make You Go "hmmm!" : A script that follows an all-too-familiar scenario; a man is reading a newspaper when his wife is trying to talk to him. Sure, there's talking, but is he really listening?
Three Hearts and a Sweatsuit : An easy to produce Mother's Day or Mother/Daughter event. This drama presents the hearts of three generations and how, in some ways, the more things change the more they stay the same in regards to Mother/Daughter relationships.
Three Month Hope : This drama takes a look at the one-year anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks from the perspective of a mother whose child was conceived just before the World Trade Center attacks. She remembers the past and has a renewed reason to hope for a bright future. Suitable for Patriot's Day or other 9-11 remembrances.
Tick Tock
: An older man is left to contemplate his first Christmas following the death of his lifelong spouse. Discover the difficulties he faces in coming to terms with his loneliness.
UHK : A monolgue that takes a look at an institute of higher education that we all must attend - whether we want to or not. This dramatic reading invites others to identify with the need for friendship at U.H.K. (University of Hard Knocks).
When the Memory Fades : An unusual Valentine's script that looks at Valentines Day from the perspective of Linda who visits her husband, Harold in a nursing home. Harold doesn't recognize her, but she sticks with her vows to love, honor and cherish. In the end we are all faced with the reality of the high cost of love and the satisfaction that is claimed in that commitment.
Undeserved Freedom : A convicted criminal asks a guard to tell him what he sees when Jesus is being taken to 'the place of the skull' for crucifixion. You only see Barabbas. The guard is off stage.
Wharf Rat Envy : What would happen if the crew of the Enterprise were placed in a new setting - something like a bowling alley? This humorous out-of-setting experience teaches a lesson in envy. This script has possibilities for a puppet team.
Worldwide Flood : A humorous monologue telling the story of the flood from the perspective of Noah - who wasn't at all sure he was up to the task.
You're Not Too Late : This script can provide a humorous way to encourage couples to register for a church sponsored marriage retreat using famous and unfamiliar characters from Wonderland. Could also be modified to be a Valentine's Day script.

Jim Hatherly

A Place For Everyone : Isaac, chief steward in a Pharisee's house where Jesus is invited to dine, is disturbed by the lack of etiquette displayed by Jesus.
At The Bench : A widow keeps coming back before the judge until he very reluctantly gives her the justice she seeks.
At The Furnace : Two furnace workers in hell discuss the latest arrival, the rich man who refused to acknowledge Lazarus in the parable told by Jesus.
By Night : Nicodemus has been invited, at some risk to all concerned, to meet with the disciples for the first time. He has heard rumours of the resurrection, but it is a tense time for followers of Jesus. Though their backgrounds are very dissimilar, Nicodemus and the disciples have their profound encounters with Jesus in common.
Consider the Birds
- a Thanksgiving drama : Sydney is worried at the prospect of losing his job, and can't face the thought of a Thanksgiving service.
Double Blessing
: A meeting between the synagogue leader whose daughter was healed by Jesus, and the woman healed of a haemorrhage.
: An anonymous disciple and witness to the first Pentecost tells their story.
Sheep and Goats
: A monologue based on Matthew 25:31-46, in which the narrator ponders what qualifies a person to be a "sheep" as opposed to a "goat".

Lucy Hawkins

Come Home Son : The story of the Prodigal Son, in a version suitable for puppets, mainly aimed at kids up to 10.
Forgiveness : Tom cannot forgive Mike for losing his old football, even though Mike forgave him for the same mistake. A puppet play for kids up to about 10.

Alison Hay

The Loss of a Dream : The events leading up to Good Friday, told by John and Peter, interspersed with video clips and songs.

Brendan Hayes

The Barber : Jesus and Satan vie for the soul of a Barber in his shop.

Richard Heap

Are We Nearly There Yet : A family sets off on an outing to try and locate the perfect Christmas.

Shannon Hearne

Stranger Danger : A father and mother discuss how to teach their child about being wary of strangers. (This short sermon starter was written as the preamble to a message on 2nd chapter of Ephesians. The idea was to compare the world's fear of strangers with setting our mind on the love of God and the creation of that environment in the church.)

Larry Heather & Helen Hooker

The Tree of Light : A Messianic Musical in two acts. Once upon a time in the land of Israel, the families of Shimon and Hannah preprared to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Hannukkah. This is the account of Shimon's search for wisdom, that would create ripples in the history of the world.

Becky Heffner

Louisiana Bones - Ultimate Journey : Louisiana Bones, adventurer and archaeologist, is searching for the "glorious riches" written about in her grandfather's journal. With student and friend Katie by her side, Louisiana goes on a journey that requires physical, emotional, and spiritual strength. Note: This script was written for a women's conference with the theme "Strength for Life's Struggles" based on the scripture Ephesians 3:14-19. The conference seminars were divided into a woman's various areas of life: Physical (domestic violence, self-defense), Emotional (relationships, communication), and Spiritual (how Christ can make a difference in these areas).

Don Heller

Easter Morning : Use this as a dramatic reading for the very beginning of worship on Easter morning. If there has been a good Holy Week schedule with a somber Good Friday service with folks meditating on the cross, the grave and the events of Friday then this leads into Easter where they are at…. We have used this effectively at Bethel Lutheran Church in Ericksdahl, Texas.

Dean Herring

Footy : Blood, Sweat, Liniment and Church Unity. (Note for American readers: "Footy" is a New Zealand and Australian slang term for Rugby Football. Substitute your own football code.)
Forgiveness - dwarf style : Who would you rather live with? Grumpy, Angry, Snivvelly, Resentful, Frustrated and Sulky!..Or & Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Bashful, Dopey, Grumpy and Doc.

James Houston

Above All : An Easter dance/drama/mime, designed to accompany the Rebecca St James song "Above All", from her album, "Worship God".

James Houston and Chris Mooney

I've Come to Apply for the Home Mission Job... : 5 characters have very different ideas of what home mission is.

Gary Hubbard

Watch This! : One young kid teaches another about the truth of creation.

Michael Humphrey

And the Animals Talked : Animals in a Bethlehem manger get a major surprise when two humans are thrust into their midst.
Brain Cramps
: This character claims to get "brain cramps" when he reads the Bible. But it doesn't happen any other time.
Common Ground
: Discovering the Bible and the power of prayer transforms the lives of people from all walks of life.
Courage Beyond Measure
: A readers theatre meditation on the courage of those who lost their lives helping when the World Trade Centre collapsed.
House Building 101
: The two builders of the house on the sand and the house on the rock get together.
Maxomatix : During a church plea for help at a work day, a salesman tries to convince the church to purchase a robot which will perform all the work for them.
Rockin' Away the Years : Three residents of an old people's rest home lament that Christmas is not what it used to be. Then they decide to do something about it.
The Little Drummer Boy : A dramatised version of the popular carol.

Cliff Hunse

The Prayer Restaurant : The Prayer Restaurant is the latest craze in town. It has super specials - but you can only pray for yourself.

Richard Huxley

Sanctuary : A three act drama about commitment in a time of tribulation. In all the turmoil, a group has formed to help Christians in need. Known as the Sanctuary Group, they are sought by those in dire need. The group has tried to lend a healing hand by bringing in the lost and needy. Unfortunately, the Sanctuary Group is constantly moving around to protect themselves from capture, making it hard for others, even Christians, to find them. Many have perished trying to find the Sanctuary Group, while the members themselves are also in grave danger.

David Ian

Sacred Writings Clearing House : A book clearing house must unload all of its pop religious texts in order to make room for the new beliefs and their "revelation literature".

Frank Irace

Behind the Wall : Violence in the family is portrayed in this short skit. Note: This script is intended to go with the Tracy Chapman song "Behind the Wall" from her album entitled Tracy Chapman.
: What if mankind were created with pouches as part of our anatomy. As we went through the day these pouches either increased or decreased in weight depending on the people we met and the circumstances that came our way. If this were so would you be someone who added a load to your fellow man, or would you be someone who helped to ease the burden?
Quest for Love
: The crew of the Enterprise have been searching the universe for 200 years to find love - without success up to now.
What Do They Call Us?
: Five babies discuss life on the outside from their mothers' wombs, unaware they are waiting to be aborted.

Susan Irvine

Firm Foundations : An elderly lady opens the family album, which she has not looked at in years, and as she remembers we see flashbacks to episodes in her own life and that of her sister. Each sister has high ambitions for a life with a solid foundation, but, as the old lady reflects, each life in its own way has ended in failure.
Happy to Give : When Marty, a successful businessman, sees his friend, Pete, collecting in the street he is cynical that anyone will give money out of genuine concern. He bets Pete $50 that no one will and we watch as several people show their real motives for giving. But Marty loses the bet in an unexpected twist.
If I've Told You Once : As a daughter tries on her wedding dress, she confesses to her mother her doubts about marriage. Her mother, who has always been painfully sacrificial to her husband and family, counsels her daughter on the duty of sacrifice in a happy marriage.
Just Do It! : The flamboyant Ms Hanky, counsellor for the Just-do-it sponsored student support scheme, meets 3 different students and counsels them that there is no right and wrong. Following your feelings is all that matters.
The Case for Christ : Is Jesus a blatant liar, a mad man or was he telling the truth?  The jury must decide but there are those who regard it as an open and shut case, without even considering the evidence.
Worry Works Wonders : Albie A. Worrywart, financial advisor is here today to help you with all your financial worries. His motto: 'Worry works wonders'. At his invitation, various worried people come up to the microphone to be advised on the advantages of worrying and signing up for his financial package.

James Jack

A Taxing Question : Two friends discuss the pros and cons of paying taxes.
Why Me? : A man who has suffered great loss asks "why me?".

James Jack and Cameron Smith

A Christmas Musical : A humorous retelling of the Christmas story in a musical format, told through the rewriting a collection of secular Christmas songs to have a Christian message.
A Pastor's Heart
: Three pastors each have a different problem in the way they relate to their congregations.

Andy Jackman

Awaiting Orders : Two soldiers watch the final moments of Good Friday.
Return to Sender : Each new life is a gift of grace, even for those babies born into a world of troubles. Two heavenly "despatchers" discuss why babies are so different.

Kurt Jarvis

The Passover Meal : The famous painting of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci is brought to life.

Andrew Jefferson & Christina Wilson

Compromise Your Integrity! : A husband and wife are tempted with glamorous prizes to compromise their integrity in a TV game show.

Teresa Jensen

The Sin Chair : The primary message to this mime is that temptation can get you stuck in (or in this case ON) sin. They only way to get "unstuck" is through the Word and living the teachings of Jesus Christ. This is a mime with great flexibility in the cast size.

Mike Jessup

Making Room : Susan and Tom are descended upon by unexpected relatives at Christmas. On top of that, they have to cope with a strangely changed mother. The resulting chaos causes them to question what the season is all about.
The Rest of the Story : Our modern-day heroes all come to a sticky end. Jesus is the only true super-hero.

Randall Johnson

Hannah : A monologue based on 1 Samuel 1, relating what true prayer and dependence on God looks like.
Sarai : Abram's wife shows how not to pray or depend on God.
Which Way to Mansion Street? : A woman gets useless directions rather than clear guidance when she tries to find her way to Mansion Street.

Warren Judkins

A Day in the Temple : Two temple guards discuss the signifance of the arrival of Mary and Joseph to present their baby.
Evangelisticman : After several setbacks, our evangelistic superhero begins to modify his approach.
God the Matchmaker : Adam and Eve had it easy. But finding a partner these days can be very difficult.
Peter in Prison : A humorous telling of the story of Peter's escape from prison.
Recipe for a Resurrection : The disciples take a lot of convincing that Jesus really has risen.
Shaun and Barny - a Sheep's Christmas : Two sheep discuss the announcement by the angels of the Christ-child's advent.
The King's Invitation : Jesus' parable of the King's invitation to a feast, declined by all those first invited (Matthew 22).

Valerie Keefe

Bloom Where You Are Planted : Mrs Bloomingardner is so busy with all her activities her garden suffers terribly.
The Great Exchange : A department store clerk exchanges parcels for customers dissatisfied with their life. She doesn't realise there is a free parcel for her, too.

Johannes Kelder

Bethlehem Refuge : A one act Christmas sketch set in the pub connected to the inn in Bethlehem on the night that Jesus was born. The dialogue explores the effects of the mysterious birth of a "special child" on the four characters, only two of whom actually see it.

Marjorie Kennedy

Coming to the Feast of the King : People invited to a feast of the King find they cannot enter until they leave their baggage at the cross-shaped doorway. An allegory on John 4:16 ("I am the way, the truth and the life".)
Have You Seen Christmas? : A young boy searching for Christmas has difficulty finding anyone who can tell him where to find it.
Is It Really Christmas? : Five trees discuss whether they will be chosen by children for Christmas decorations. When one is left behind, an angel shows how it can display the true gifts of Christmas.
Tarore : A true story from New Zealand history, in which two warring Maori tribes of the mid-1800s are reconciled through the death of Tarore and the book she carried.
The Water of Life : A group of guards are more concerned with protecting a water tank than sharing its contents with those who need it.

John Kenneson & John Wayne Samples

Christmas Eve Reflections : Not your basic warm-and-fuzzy Christmas Eve service. A trio of choral readers recite the scriptures while the innkeeper and a shepherd reunion cast a different twist on the traditional approach. This can easily take 20-30 minutest to perform. Note: Response to this piece has been mixed; some people prefer to not challenge, or be challenged, on Christmas Eve.

Reg Kenny

The Innkeeper : A script to use at a Christmas banquet after the meal. The style is light and humorous. An Innkeeper walks among his guests, commenting on the busyness of the season, and the nation's hopes for a Messiah (but missing the point of Mary and Joseph's arrival).

Neil Kiley

Journey into Oblivion : Based on ideas from the science fiction comedies 'Red Dwarf' and 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'. Written in three short acts, this play has the objective of presenting the gospel to children around 10-16 years in the form of futuristic fable.  Each scene is sketch-length, around 5 minutes, and designed to form a part of a wider programme - so there can be breaks of up to half an hour in between scenes or it can be presented as a whole.

Simon & Sue Kingham

Chicken Sketch : Two chickens discuss whether to stay cooped up or to aspire to life as a free-range chicken. Aim: to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone. (A little reminiscent of the famous Morecambe & Wise chicken sketch.)
Christmas Cookery
: A TV chef demonstrates how to create the perfect(!) Christmas.
Departure Lounge
: While waiting in what appears to be an airport departure lounge, three people just killed in an accident discuss their fate and likely destination.
Perfect Partner
: An amusing look at two guys discussing the search for the 'perfect' partner.

Will Klotz

The Script : A little bit after the style of 'Waiting for Godot', two characters discuss the nature of reality and the point and purpose of their lives. Are they real, or just scripted characters in someone else's play.

Dorothy Suhling Kraljev

And Now He's Gone : Set in the time between crucifixion and resurrection, some of the principal characters of Easter reflect on what the death of Jesus has meant to them.
Boundary Stones
: Stones were used to mark the boundaries of people's farms. God had given each family a farm when the land was conquered in Joshua's day. Some people moved stones to get some of their neighbor's land because they were not satisfied with what God had given them.

Terence Kuch

Came Darkness: The Curse of Job : John Donne delivers a Lenten sermon to King James and his court on a text from Job. Donne introduces and comments on the dialogue between Job and his 'friends' (accusers). Gradually, Donne is drawn into the dialogue himself, and confides his own fears. God speaks, and Job is reconciled. Eight years later, Donne delivers his last sermon, and he also is reconciled, after a fashion.
The Play of Anne : This vibrant play, based on historical characters and events, brings vividly to life the struggles of the early English Reformation under Henry VIII, where a wavering king, passionate Calvinists, and adherents of the Pope vie not only for supremacy in the church, but for the success or fall of the Tudor line, and life or death for themselves. The heroine is Anne Askew, a poor knight's daughter, accused of not believing in the miracle of the Mass, and put on trial for her life by the Church. But the secular forces are also interested in Anne, not for her heresy (which they care nothing about) but because she may incriminate the Queen, their enemy. In the midst of the trial King Henry himself unexpectedly appears, ready and eager to interrogate Anne personally (as he did, historically, in several heresy trials). The outcome turns on Anne's determination to defend her conscience against both Church and State, and against the extreme Protestants who see her as a tool in their own power struggle.

Christin Kuck

A Surprise Package : What if you received a gift on your doorstep, but were to afraid to open for fear it might be something really nice. If it turns out to be something you really like, God might ask you to share it with someone else. Maybe it's better not knowing.
Am I the One?
: It is the time of the Passover, and the apostles are ready to celebrate. They are appalled when Jesus announces one of them will betray and one will deny.  Three apostles give a short monologue relating their past lives and how they became followers of Christ. Each apostle wonders if he will be the one to betray Jesus. The fourth character in this drama is a woman of modern era. She too relates the change Christ made in her life, and her fear that she may be tempted back to her old life.
Nativity 2000
: What if Jesus were born today. How would he be received? Christ's birth through the eyes of a modern day bed-and-breakfast owner.
No Respecter of Persons
: Two men meet by "accident" on a lonely road one evening. Joe Dogooder learns a lesson from Ima Cheater.
Order in the Court : Gus has been caught with too many fish over the limit. He thinks he has an "ace in the hole" because he knows the judge. A look at grace and mercy.
Stumbling Stone : The paradoxical birth of Christ has been a stumbling stone to people for centuries. The Ruler of the universe coming to earth in the form of a helpless baby has to be explained away in order to make room for our own human comprehension. But at what cost?
The Ambiguity Zone : A humorous look at the story of Jonah, based on the TV program "The Twilight Zone". When we find ourselves in a fix, prayer is the first line of defense.
The Calling :  This skit is based on the social issue of female clergy. This sketch is not designed to make a statement one way or the other regarding women in the ministry. It is a view of a particular struggle which has occurred within the life of the church.
The 70s Skit : Daughter's new fashion find brings a blast from the past! The more things change the more they remain the same.
The Thanksgiving Turkey is Out There : Mulder is convinced that the thanksgiving turkey reveals another case of alien invasion.
The Wizard of Odd : The Wizard is going away on a trip and has some talents he'd like to pass on to his managers. Will they use their talents wisely?
The World According to Mrs Brown : Ralph Lindstrum works too hard. It takes the unique outlook of the cleaning woman to help him get his priorities straight. Theme: Ignoring the things in life that are the most important. Good Father's Day Sketch.

Daniel & Christin Kuck

The Danger of Riches : Sometimes when God gives us a blessing, we come to expect the blessing all the time, and then forget who gave it to us.
The Day After Christmas : What is Christmas like for the homeless? Selflessness can be found there, too.

Fred Lane

A Great Gift for Dad :  It's the weekend of Father's Day, and 2 sisters are going over the normal Father's Day stories.  This year, things are different because they both are leaving is getting married and the other is going to college.  This year all dad wants is their presence.
A Higher Calling : Two MickeyD's workers talk about their jobs.  The problem is their understanding of what their purpose in life is.
A Perfect Guy : Two girls in the audience at a taping of "Home Improvement" discuss their own experiences with having and not having the perfect guy.
A Servant's Memory : A monologue based on the experience of a female servant who was outside the trial of Jesus.
An Old Bottle : Woman with daughter finds an old bottle in the gutter. A second woman retrieves the strange bottle from the gutter, which turns out to be a genie's bottle. She gets to make one wish, and receives a surprise answer.
An Old Shovel : At a bridal shower, a grandmother's strange gift is the best gift of all.
And Then There Was One : A story of betrayal: 2 best friends talking at school about guys they are dating, are approached by a third who reveals that she has heard a secret about one of these girls. One of the best friends, who was the only one the other had told a secret to, has told this secret to someone else, who in turn has spread it around the school.
Bad Report : Sean's report card was very bad, and his mother is at her wits end dealing with him and tells a friend that she wishes she was childless...her friend reveals that she lost a child and would give anything to have him back.
Can't Buy Me Love : Two girlfriends are comparing notes on their boyfriends. One is a freshman in college, and her boyfriend/fiancee is an upperclassman and is always broke...she has to pay for everything. The other is a high school senior, and has a boyfriend that always buys things for her because she is worth it. They both realize that their situations are similar, in that neither is happy because of money.
Can't Touch This : A dramatization of the thoughts we have as we anticipate reaching out in relationship to someone.
Doctor's Orders : A person on a routine doctor's visit discovers that this doctor is different than any other doctor she has ever seen. This doctor, who is never seen, examines for emotions and prescribes a unique remedy.
False Alarm : Two women work associates hear an explosion that puts them in a panic because they fear a terrorist attack It turns out to be a false alarm, but the experience causes them to talk about their abilities to be "heroes".
FedEx : A single woman, who is never satisfied with the men in her life, mail orders a guy.
Fun and Games : Kate has just got a job teaching in the school system, and has invited Amy, her friend, to help her set up her classroom. When they go into the classroom, Amy realizes that this is the same classroom she had for homeroom in the 9th grade. Further, she remembers that it was here that she and her friends taunted a lonely boy, who later committed suicide.
Grandad's Box : Two girls, Dawn and Angela, are cousins whose grandfather just died.  Dawn is mainly interested in finding our what is in the box; Angela is mainly interested concerned with her family.
Just A Couple of Questions, Mr Terminator : A reporter stages an impromptu interview with the Terminator, who is finishing the filming of the second Terminator movie, Judgement Day. In this case, the Terminator is not an actor, but plays himself in the movie, and appears to be thoroughly beat up. The interviewer obviously doesn't know the action movie genre well. The interview reveals the real vulnerability of the cyborg terminator.
Love Machine : A young Lady is drawn to a unique 'love meter' machine, and is surprised by the card responses she gets from the machine.
May the Foot be With You : An aspiring jedi ant named Louise Groundwalker has arrived at the home of Yogurt, a jedi master ant, wise in the ways of the "Foot". During their discussion, you discover that they are talking about humans, but all they know about humans is their feet.
Mistaken Identity : After a drama rehearsal, 2 young ladies talk about a young man that one suspects is a drug user. They both find out that they had heard wrongly about him: he helped in a drug ministry.
Peter's Confession : A young woman, who was a slave in the household of Cornelius, heard the incredible story of Peter and of a man called Jesus. She pondered the decision she would make about Jesus.
Red Dress : Brenda and Carmen are two very good friends who have known each other for several years.  Both girls are planning to go to a school club dinner at a very nice restaurant.  Act 1 is set in Brenda's bedroom and Carmen finds and asks to wear Brenda's red dress. Act 2 is on the phone and Brenda reneges on the agreement on the day of the dinner.
Rosie : Rosie is a 'bag Lady'in a big city. She has had a rough life, and owns only what she has in her cart. This drama is meant to be used with 2 movie clips from Home Alone II.
Stargazing : Two girls in the back yard at night using a telescope. One is an amateur astronomer, the other a friend. While they talk about the sky, the astronomer wonders about the reality of God and ultimately does he care?
Super Chaplain : A humorous look at the life in the ER from the eyes of a chaplain who is dreaming.
The Anointing : A present day news cast that revisits the story of Mary kissing the feet of Jesus.
The Decision : Two girls, Deana and Amy, are discussing the Monica Lewinski interview by Barbara Walters. Deana is a rules-oriented person, and Amy is a personal rights advocate.
The Interview : An average man seeks membership in an aristocratic church and is forced to undergo a humiliating interview.
The Map : Two girls, on a trip to the beach, discover that the map they have is useless. They decide to return and get a map that is more accurate.
The Parable of the Caring American : In a modern day adaptation of the parable of the Good Samaritan, 'Barb', a business woman, receives news of the destruction of her office while she is on the road.  She stops to cry in a rest stop and she is encountered by three people, each with different reactions. The last person is the 'Caring American.'
The Rest Room : A mother locks herself in the rest room and refuses to come out until her family agrees to do their share of the work around the house.
The Return of Wormwood : Wormwood is an apprentice demon who is being tutored thru letters by her uncle, who is an older and wiser demon. Her latest challenge has been preventing people from going to church.
Therapy : A young woman in a wheelchair is in for physical therapy. Although she will never get full use of her legs, she has a very positive outlook.  The therapist is having a rough time in her life, and gets therapy from her patient.
Waiting for Rescue : Two girls have gone into a cave, become lost and they are hoping for rescue.

Bruce Lang

Airplane : When a group of teenagers start back home from camp, one goes missing. Echoes of the story of Jesus as a young boy, when he is found to be missing from the travel party returning from Jerusalem.

Josh Langner

All For Me : A scribe realizes the shocking truth of Jesus.
Truth of Life Zone - Three-in-One : The Body, Mind and Spirit of little Jimmy Baker are in constant dialogue (and often disagreement) as Jimmy awakes to start his new day.

Nadine Laughlin

A Thousand Horses : Anne has been overly protective of her handicapped son to the detriment of her marriage. She herself has reached the breaking point when she finds help from an unexpected source.
Family Secrets : Sixteen-year-old Toni struggles with depression which her successful, self-reliant family refuses to acknowledge. When she rejects everything she's been taught, her mother, father, and older brother are forced to examine their own lives. A long-hidden secret surfaces. Will this drive the family apart?
Life Sentence : Life Sentence gives insight into the isolated world of three very different women in prison serving life sentences.
The Stargazers : Catherine decides to arrange her own marriage of convenience to Richard, a widower who has vowed never to remarry. Audrey falls in love with Rob, who has commitment issues. Friendship, love, marriage, loss, and betrayal are touched on in the relationship of four friends. How much do past events affect our present lives? Can the redemptive power of love break the chains that bind us?

Gabi Lautenbach

Green at Christmas : Zog, an alien, comes to earth at Christmas, and has difficulty discovering what the season is about. This play is designed to work around a church choir performance.

Shannon Le Grand

Christmas Reunion : The mid-west town of Walden is preparing for its annual Christmas festival, when festivities are disrupted by a sudden snow storm. While sitting out the storm, a group of former friends who have returned for a high school reunion discover what has happened in the intervening years.

J'son M. Lee

A Raging "C" : Yolanda's life is out of control, but her mother - who has been there before - understands, and finds a way of reconciliation.
Grandmamma : Grandmamma reminisces about the way her two sons turned out. One committed suicide, and the other is dying of AIDS.
Li'l David : The story of David and Goliath, in urban teen American street talk.
Perfection : The concern of a mother turtle for her babies plays out this version of the parable of the lost sheep.

Terri Lee

Beyond the Grave : The story opens with three student victims in a Christian School bombing. It attempts to show God's hand at work in all situations and circumstances, and visits Christian role models from the past.
Jefferey the Mailman : Jeffery is walking down the street, delivering mail to houses on Christmas Eve, whistling Frosty the Snowman, and he bumps into a few kids going to church & A 25-30 min. Christmas play that has adapted familiar secular Christmas songs and incorporated them into a Christian Christmas musical. This is a light hearted play, and since most of the tunes are familiar, it was easy to learn.

Dick Lentz

It's Not Too Late : 'It's Not Too Late' is a Christian musical-drama based on the Columbine tragedy. It takes place during a typical day in a high school. It tells the story of Katie Smith, a new student in school, as she struggles to fit it, to make a friend or two, and learn some things about life in the process.

Noah Christopher Leon

The Fabulous Adventures of Fred the Missionary : Two secret service agents come into contact with a missionary and learn about his boss, Jesus. Instead of torture, they come to realise the missionarys' love of Jesus. Comedy.

Sheila Liljeqvist

Flatline : A young man is in hospital following a brain haemorrhage. On the verge of death, he discovers that his neglect of his Christian walk has imperilled his salvation.
Just One Question : Stephanie and Adam are interrupted in the middle of inappropriate dating behaviour by a mysterious woman, who gives Stephanie much food for thought.
Requiem : A slightly surrealistic play in which four women endlessly question why they died.

Ray Lombardi

Bethlehem Buddies : The INN is a usually a crazy place to work, but things get really zany when the everyone comes to town to pay their taxes. Mordecai, the innkeeper, tries to keep control but we know the workers are really the ones running the place - so when Mary and Joseph show up at the inn, the workers put their heads together and do something really great for GOD!
Bring it on
: A musical about school bullying, and being victorious against tough obstacles.
Let's Party : Moses, Esther, Ruth, David and Isaiah have been asked to organise the arrangements for the millenium's big event, the birth of Jesus.
No Church in Churchville : Division has come to town. . . and is he ever a devil! Division has arrived in Churchville, and is bent on breaking up the last church over the use of a contemporary hymnal.  But there are a group of kids who are just as determined to keep their church together, and devise a plot that will bring the arguing factions back together! Our 5 heroes see the problem and set out to help the new, young minister keep his church together.
Manger Mania : This is the story of Christmas. . . told in a unique fashion! You've seen them all over the place. . . you know, all those NATIVITY SCENES! This is the story of Christmas as told through the perspective of each of the pieces of the nativity. . . in this musical you'll meet some of the animals who were displaced by the birth of Christ, and the Innkeeper who hesitantly gave up the manger for the weary parents. You'll meet three "cool eastern guys" who outwit the nasty Herod. . . it's a Christmas party like you've never seen before!
Manger Menagerie : The story of 7 animals (three sheep, a donkey, a rooster, a chicken, and a cow) who, the day that Mary and Joseph come to the Inn, are arguing about the overcrowded conditions in their barnyard. Then Mary and Joseph show up, and the animals form an "alliance" to find out why these humans have invaded their already limited space.
The Christmas Cruise : Imagine four young kids stuck out in the middle of the Caribbean on a cruise with parents on CHRISTMAS EVE. . . with nothing but a bunch of silver-haired folks around! It would spell disaster if these four kids didn't put their minds together and determine to celebrate Christmas anyway!This easy-to-perform musical features one solo for a girl's medium-range voice, and 5 great choir tunes, along with a script that focuses on the real meaning of Christmas.
The Manger Masterpiece : In this fun musical you'll meet Bernardo Da Vinci, artist-in-residence to Caesar Augustus. . . who has been commissioned to do a landscape scene on the slopes of Bethlehem. He encounters an innkeeper and his wife, Mary & Joseph, some shepherds, the wisemen. . . and this provides him the inspiration to create a "Manger Masterpiece!" Featuring seven songs and a simple script.
The Mysterious Christmas Card : Just what everyone wants. . . a good mystery! That's what a group of young friends find when a mysterious Christmas card arrives at the mailbox of one of the children - a card that would lead them on an adventure to the Post Office, the home of an elderly widow, and a church dinner for the homeless. In the musical the children truly learn the real meaning of Christmas!
Up, Up and Away! : Flavius, an overweight, not-to-bright centurion, is on a quest - a quest to find the risen Christ! Rumors have it that he's been seen all around the city. . . so Flavius enlists the help of some of Jerusalem's street "urchins" to help him find Jesus before he goes back to heaven! Along the way the children learn about the real reason Christ came, and also a thing or two about disabilities. This fun musical features two solos, and and great accompaniment trax. Good for right AFTER Easter!

Dan Lozer

An Answer to... : The initial narrator wonders where Jesus would buy gifts.The final answer is that Jesus gives those who act in His Name as the gift. A reader's theatre script.
Bossie, the Cow at the Manger : A "tell me a story" scene for young children. How Bossie the cow at the manger relents to allow the baby Jesus to stay.

Andy Lund

A Token of Commitment : A Monty Python-esque skit in which a young man goes to a jeweller looking for a gift for his girlfriend.
Advent Sketch : Simon and Andy discuss whether Advent is relevant to today.
An Idol Moment : How Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego survived the fiery furnace.
Apres Gospel : How to dismiss the relevance of the Gospel.
Christmas Perspectives : A set of 3 sketches shedding different perspectives on nativity accounts. These 3 quite different sketches are designed to be performed in a Christmas service or at a cabaret type event.
Drill Lesson : The parable of the sower and the seed presented by an Army sergeant.
Eclipse : A comparison of the eclipse of the sun with the advent of Jesus.
Exercise : Being a fitness freak is one thing - but where does it lead to?
Kermunikayshun : Just think how more effective God would have been if He had had the benefit of modern communication tools!
Gotta Have It : Customers fight over the latest Christmas fads in this satire. Points up how consumerism has taken over.
Great Graffiti - Shame about the Message : A companion script to "Speak up and get on", and "Signed, Sealed and Delivered". Daniel is brought in to interpret the writing on the wall at Belshazzar's feast.
Harvesting for Beginners : A spoof lecture on agriculture provides a satire on the parable of the harvest.
In Need of a Counsellor : Joseph cannot accept Mary's amazing story of the angel's visit and subsequent pregnancy, so they go to a counsellor for help.
It Has Been Known : God threatens to go on strike, but relents on condition Trevor the Vicar can find 12 righteous people.
Joseph (This is Your Life) : A "This is Your Life" treatment of the life of Joseph.
Kings' Evidence : A short reader's theatre script featuring the four magi and their reaction to the baby Jesus.
Nicodemus, This is Your Life : Nicodemus finds it hard to get a word in edgeways, even though he's the guest of honour in This Is Your Life.
Martian Sketch : A journalist from Mars is not impressed with the development of life on planet Earth.
Mix 'n Match : Pete's covering all his spiritual bases by following a different religion each day of the week.
One Tube : A satirical parable on divisions within the church.
Prayer Clinic : Andy calls a telephone help line to get some assistance with learning to pray.
Prayer Life : Esther's morning prayers don't quite get off the ground.
No Problems : For Andy, becoming a Christian means the end of all his problems.
One Foot In The Future : Come on! You say Abraham was 99 when God told him he would have a son? Are you sure you are considering his needs as an aged person?
Paul and the Psychiatrist : The Apostle Paul has been requested to see a psychiatrist.
Peter : Peter is interviewed by a radio host shortly after his early encounters with Jesus.
Piano Player : A parable based on I Corinthians 13, in which the songwriter restores a battered and disused piano.
Sale or Return : A dissatisfied customer tries to get his money back because the Christmas feeling didn't last.
Shepherd's Delight : The shepherd's given the news of Jesus' birth are invited to tell their story in a TV current affairs show.
Shuttle : Discussion on the space shuttle provides a parable on the subject of doubt.
Signed, Sealed and Delivered : This is a companion script to "Speak up and get on". King Darius has been tricked into making a decree that his subjects should not worship anyone but himself. Now his agonising at how he has been tricked into throwing Daniel into the lion's den.
Sonia & Tracey's Christmas : A hard day's shopping leaves Tracey with a question at the end.
Speak Up and Get On : Daniel and his 3 friends convince a Babylonian court official to let them eat different food from the other candidates for King Nebuchadnezzar's service.
Super Human Strength : A boxing ring parable on the difference the Holy Spirit makes in a believer's life.
That's Faith : Introductory drama to a service on Faith.
That's Original : Modern family life has a strong parallel to events in the Garden of Eden.
The Big Match : The contest between Jesus and Satan is presented as a boxing match.
The Book : Andy's book on death languishes for lack of a vital ingredient!
The Counsellor : Joseph and Mary go to a counsellor because of their disagreement over the cause of her pregnancy.
The Durrington Parables : A series of interconnected parables, with a call to Christians to have a heart of compassion for the people of the place where they live, just as Jesus was moved to tears over his beloved Jerusalem.
The Importance of the Bible : Two quick skits on the importance of the Bible - and ways to misuse it.
The Language of Zion : Andy considers a change of speaking style is important now that he's a Christian.
The Lord's Prayer : A person praying the Lord's prayer in their daily ritual gets more than they bargained for.
The Man Born Blind : The story from Luke's gospel.
The Parable of the Lost Daughter : The parable of the lost child set in the Wild West (with a slight change of gender).
The Price of Labour : A retelling of the parable of the vineyard owner who hires labourers at differing times of day.
The Woman of Samaria : The woman met by Jesus is interviewed by a radio presenter.
The Wrong Way to Read the Bible : Neil gets some poor advice on how to approach reading the Bible.
The X-iles : Inhabitants of the planet Zabdi, threatened with their planet being annihilated, look for a new, peaceful world to which they can migrate. They get a misleading impression that Earth is the right place when they hear a broadcast of a Christmas carol.
Who Wants To Be A Millennium Heir? : A TV game show in which the contestant has to make some eternal decisions.

Andy Lund & Pete Smithies

Bertie from Bethsaida : The lad who's lunch was used by Jesus to feed the 5000 tells his story.
Big Day
: Andy reckons he's now achieved his qualification for heaven.
: Andy and Pete find it hard to believe an acquaintance really has been changed by meeting Jesus.
In Whose Hands? : How do we get guidance for those hard-to-make decisions? It's not easy!

Elizabeth Lyulkin

A Different Kind of Love : The story of Sister Faustina Kowalska, a simple Polish girl who had an influence well beyond the walls of her convent, and was eventually declared a saint.

Hannah M.

Shaylen : Loneliness and the difficulty of breaking into cliques is explored in this play for teens.

Ann McBroom

The Three Churches : Is your church struggling with issues of how it should change and grow? Three churches argue their strengths and weaknesses. We put this play on to trigger discussion, not to suggest answers. Christina represents my own church - we are not aspiring to mega-growth, but also do not want to die.

Darryl McCollum

Blessed Are They : Doubting Thomas tells his story in this monologue.

Robin & Delwyn McKenzie

Choices : "Choices" tells the story of a group of early teens who are influenced by a few of their number to make some dumb decisions. One of them learns to stand up for what is right through the wise words of a friend's grandmother using 3 enacted biblical examples.
Father's Heart : 'Father's Heart' is a story of relationships between people: there are people who oppress others, those who are hurt by them; there are those who are indifferent to the suffering they see, and there are others who care. Primarily it is the story of two very different sisters and the Father who loves them equally. The younger of two daughters is sick of working in her father's orchard business and leaves her father and sister to make a name for herself in the city. Her father sets out to find her, doesn't succeed, but finds and forgives a private investigator who has wronged him. He also rescues someone from the merciless private investigator. Later, when his daughter is mugged, she is aided by the same rescued someone who has learned to 'pass on grace.' On returning home she finds her father ever-loving. You'll have no trouble recognizing the main story as that of 'the Prodigal Son'. You will also likely recognize 'a good Samaritan' among the characters. Besides these two well-known parables, there are five others that crop up at other points in the play.
Hey Joe : A musical telling the story of Jonah and his voyage to Ninevah. Suitable for school performance.
Nick of Time : Three teenagers interested in time travel inadvertently bring the historical St Nicholas, bishop of Myra, to the 21st century. Nick is disappointed to find out that people have made him into the center of the event and corrupted the true message of Christmas. The kids try to take Nick back to his own time and place, but end up in Palestine more than 300 years too early. There they meet a group of travelers who turn out to be wise men from the east. Trying again, they end up in Bethlehem on the eve of the first Christmas. Back in the 21st century, the kids briefly recap the return of Nick to his home and their own return to the present. They also discuss some of their discoveries.
Papa Martyn's Christmas : Tolstoy 's classic tale about a shoemaker who dreams that Jesus is going to visit him the following day. He spends the day watching and waiting amid a few interruptions from people needing his help. At the end of the day he is feeling sad that Jesus didn 't come to visit, but hears the Lord telling him that he came in each of those helped, and commending him: 'What you did for others, you did for me.'
The Selfish Giant : In its original form, Oscar Wilde's The Selfish Giant has strongly Christian themes. Sadly, many modern editions abridge the story, missing the point that true repentance comes when we meet Christ, and that the Lord rewards love shown to "the least of these." This present adaptation for stage is close to the original storyline and develops these Christian themes through song and dialogue, as well as retaining interwoven imagery of the cycle of the seasons. (Author: Oscar Wilde, adapted by Robin & Delwyn McKenzie)

Cleveland O. McLeish

Rejected : John comes from a dysfunctional family, all of whom have known a lot of emotional pain. His pain leads him into making a series of bad choices.
The Room : After his death, Joe stands before the Judge of the Universe. Forced to review his life, he is found wanting. The ending, though sad, lays the foundation for an altar call for both Christians and non-Christians who don't want to share Joe's fate. (Author's note: I also want to highlight that getting saved is not just about avoiding Hell, but having a true and fulfilling relationship with our Creator and Saviour, not just in our earthly life…but for all eternity.)
The Trial : Christian is standing trial in the Court of Eternity. He represents the entire Christian Community. The Prosecution will seek to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Christians are unredeemable and that God should end the world now.
Valley of Dry Bones : A dramatic telling of the Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones. Could be done as a Readers Theatre.

Mike McMillan

The Ready Room: The four archangels watch the events of human (Biblical) history unfold from their 'Ready Room', and from time to time are called to play a part. But they struggle to understand the fullness of the plan of God.

John McNeil

A Christmas Odyssey : A Christmas play looking towards Easter. Involves all levels of Sunday School.
A Devil of a Date
: Four very un-angelic characters set out to destroy the dates of some human couples.
A Fair Cop
: A police officer wants to "plant" evidence to incriminate a person he is convinced to be guilty of drug-dealing.
A Will To Give?
: A self-made businessman disputes that we need to be giving people.
Alice in Space
: The great-great-great grandaughter of the original Alice is migrating with her parents to a new planet when their spaceship is pulled towards a Black Hole.
Anunciation 2000
: A powerful drama that considers what probably would have happened if the Anunciation by the angel Gabriel to Mary - that she was to bear the baby Jesus - had been made in the year 2000.
Breaking The Chains : The Devil binds us with chains we forge for ourselves. Jesus can free us, but at a cost.
Building A Wall
: A skit based on Corinthians 13.
Christmas Quality Control
: A play for the week after Christmas. Santa does some market research.
Circle of Love : Uncle Henare was rescued from the gutter as a street kid. Now he devotes his life to helping kids who are not making it....including his own daughter.
Clayton Friend : A brother and sister are faced with the problem of how to react to a friend who has it all. Why shouldn't they have a piece of the action, too?
Credo : A personal interpretation of the Apostles Creed.
Cryonics : Cryonics offers the hope that people can be frozen and then brought back to life at some time in the future. But what might be the result when the first cryogenically preserved person is revived?
Father McEvoy's Crib : Father McEvoy, a humble parish priest, discovers a live baby in the Christmas crib he is preparing.
Four Horsemen : A mime/dance, based on Revelation 6:1-11, Matthew 24:1-14, and "Mars", the 1st movement from "The Planets", by Gustav Holst.
Fourth World Airways : A humorous look at international travel.
Get A Life! : Guests in a TV gameshow can choose what kind of lifestyle they would like, from education to the car they drive. But there is a cost. (A takeoff of the British gameshow "Moment of Truth".)
Get Wise! : No one acts too wisely in this play, in which events turn full circle.
Getting the Message : The parable of the Sower and the Seed in modern setting among the branch offices of a large corporation.
Honeymoon Hotel : The behaviour of couples and staff at a honeymoon hotel reveals different expectations of marriage.
Hotline : A tongue-in-cheek look at the Intercessions in the liturgical church.
I Am The Way : Richard wants to live life his way, regardless of the harm he is bringing on himself. God appears to him in different guises to try and turn him to a better path.
IALAC : When people put us down, they tear pieces off our IALAC (I Am Lovable And Capable) badge.
Joe and the Night Visitor : A Christmas play for those who don't believe in Christmas (or who have lost what it's about). Joe Davidson is a driven, self-made man. He was born into a poor family, but with hard work has made a name for himself as a property developer. A small, dilapidated house in Linwood has been both his inspiration and his obsession. The house once belonged to his parents, but was taken over by the bank after his father lost his job. Later, as a young married couple, Joe and his wife Miriam rented the house, which had become run down, but was all they could afford. One Christmas, Miriam caught a bad chill in a sudden storm. In their damp and unheated home, she developed pneumonia and never recovered. She died giving birth to the child, a boy, Joshua. Joe has never forgotten the house. In his continuing bitterness at Miriam's death, he has become obsessed with a determination to buy the property, pull the house down and build a new apartment block. But the property is now owned by the City Mission, which uses it as a community drop-in centre. The conflict comes to a head when on the anniversary of Miriam's death, Joe receives an unusual night visitor.
Just Do It : How can a loving God allow such suffering in the world? A high-powered business executive argues that there can't be a God, or He would not stand back and just watch it happen.
Lead Us Not.... : The ways in which temptation can overcome us are portrayed in this mime.
Life for 4 Voices : A slice-of-life drama contrasting the Christian and secular communities.
Like Mummy and Daddy : Two children playing "Mothers and Fathers" conclude their tea party by acting the same way as their parents.
Mind Over Matrix : A multimedia presentation based on the film, The Matrix, which asks questions about the nature of reality. References to the encounter of Jesus and Nicodemus.
Mission In-prayerable : A quick advertisement for a workshop on prayer, with a Mission Impossible theme.
Mission Possible : A tongue-in-cheek adventure on mission. A take-off of the TV "Mission Impossible" style.
Monkey Faith : An orphan monkey learns about faith.
Next Day in the Garden of Good and Evil : An Easter sequel to the Christmas play, "The Garden".
Paid in Full : A sacrifice of love brings an end to a long-standing feud between two families.
Recharge Those Batteries! : A businessman tries various methods to reduce stress, all with unfortunate results.
Seven Words: A multi-media presentation based on the seven sayings of Jesus on the Cross.
Sex For Dummies : A husband whose sexual relationship with his wife has been less than satisfactory tries to improve it by following a plan outlined in a book.
Taking Offence : Two neighbours at loggerheads with each other try mediation to settle their quarrel.
Recycled Lives : Darryl, a man with very low self-worth, goes to a dealer in second-hand lives to see what he can get in exchange for his failures.
Search for the Hero : What's life really like for the middle-aged super-hero with family responsibilities?
Song for Sunday Morning : A meditation on the reaction of Mary in the garden on Easter morning.
Song of Mary : The inside story of Christmas, told by Mary to doctor and historian Luke.
Sowing in Tears : A successful business is angry when he discovers his wife is giving away his money. An allegory based on the parable of the Rich Young Ruler.
Steamed Up : In this mime, a husband and wife who are at odds with each other find romance rekindled as they do the ironing.
Suffer The Child : A mother caught up in the loss of both her husband and child copes with her grief by denying that both have happened.
Sunday Morning Coming Down : The ideal (?) start to the Day of Rest, and the reality for many households, are contrasted in this tongue-in-cheek script.
The Circus of Life : A satire on the rat race.
The Cross Beyond Time : A look at the Easter events from a cosmic perspective.
The Day God Died : A full-scale Easter passion play, beginning with the Palm Sunday entry into Jerusalem, and continuing to the resurrection of Jesus. This has been written for an outdoor production, but can easily be adapted for the theatre/church. The script is designed to allow scenes to take place in multiple places around the set.
The Garden : A Christmas play for all-year-round. This parable, in which the animals destroy their park through disobedience to the Gardener, attempts to put the need for the Christ-child into context of the Fall and need for redemption.
The Gleeman : Echoes of the Pied Piper in this full-length play - a classic "good versus evil" drama.
The Key : When we take the Father's name for our own as children of God, that becomes the key to our identity and inheritance. But as this parable shows, by misusing God's name, we rob ourselves.
The Killing of Christmas : Consumerism strikes back.
The Ladder : The hopelessness of modern man is considered in this surrealistic play.
The Light of the World : A multi-media presentation proclaiming Jesus as the light of the world, and that through him, Christians are to also be a light to the world.
The Long Silence : At the end of time, the people of the world bring their complaints before God.
The Name of the Father:A poem/song/parable/dance/mime on the 3rd commandment, 'You shall not take the name of the Lord in vain.'
The Pensioner and the Mission : Christmas is a lonely time for many. The pensioner goes to the City Mission to share in the community Christmas dinner, but even the hard work of the Mission staff to provide a happy occasion cannot disguise his loneliness.
The Prodigal Father : Once upon a time a father ran away from his two sons. There were tragic consequences, but there is hope at the end. This can be done as a monologue, or a mime with narration.
The Rise and Fall of Sir Jaspar Hardmaster : A script done in the style of a silent movie melodrama. In which our heroine is saved from the clutches of a wicked landlord with the help of a ministry which aims to give resources to the poor.
The Road to the Cross : A multimedia presentation which traces the events of Good Friday, from the trial of Jesus to the crucifixion. It is based on the Stations of the Cross, but aims to show that the events of Easter have relationship to today's world. The scenes alternate between scenes filmed/video'd on site in various locations around the city and hills, and live action on stage, using some of the same personnel.
The Shelter : The reactions of three survivors of a nuclear attack - sheltering in a fallout shelter - to the disaster which has just entered their lives.
The Story of Jesus : A harmony of the Gospels, in simple English suitable for new readers, compiled by John McNeil. "The Story of Jesus" contains material from all four Gospels. Everything in the Gospels is included; however, where verses from two different Gospels are virtually identical, only one has been chosen. Where two verses contain similar material, but from different viewpoints, they are harmonised as best as possible.
The Two Healings : Based on Luke 8:40-56.
The Writer : An allegory based on John 1:1-12. A narrative poem/dance drama. Also suitable for Easter.
Three Little Missionaries : The Three Little Missionaries discover the Big Bad Wolf is still alive and kicking. A play combining puppets with live actors.
Three Wise Dudes - The Easter Encounter : Based on the Christmas play "Three Wise Dudes", by John McNeil. This Easter version traces the journey of Three other Dudes who did not make it to the Nativity in time to see the baby Jesus. Instead, they arrived some 33 years later. Many parts are suitable for younger children.
Three Wise Dudes : If Jesus were born today, where would we find him?
Traders of the Lost Ark : Five 4-min pieces relating the 10 Commandments to modern life.
Venting Feelings : A ventriloquist is forced to face issues of dealing with truth, and his unsatisfactory relationship with his wife.
Waiting in Line : A skit on unemployment, with echoes of Luke 17: 11-19.
Weaving a Web : A woman in an unsatisfactory marriage looks for love on the Internet.
Which Way? : How does a mission-field hopeful choose?

Helen McNeil

Mr Festival : Jesus' miracle of turning the water into wine, as seen by the Master of Ceremonies at the marriage feast.
The Soldier at the Cross : A Roman soldier on duty at the crucifixion thinks back on the events he experienced during the first Easter.

A.D. Mariano

The Good Samaritan Explained : Jo compares the loneliness of a new kid at school with the man beaten by thieves.
The Lord's Prayer Explained : Jo explains to Matt the meaning of the Lord's Prayer.

Ray Markham

Definitely Daft : At the local bar, a member of the guard posted at the tomb of Jesus tells a friend his story of what happened.
Poirot and the Mystery of the Missing Body : Hercule Poirot, the famous Belgian detective, investigates the resurrection.

David Marriott

The Persecutor : Based on the autobiography of Sergei Kourdakov, a Russian Secret Police member who persecuted Christians.

Marshall Marsden

Judas Iscariot : A narration in which Judas explains why he handed Jesus over to the authorities.

Peter Marshall

The Local News : The resurrection of the Lord and two different reactions brought about by it.
Wise and Foolish Builders : Less of a modernization, a slight satire - more of a dramatization of the parable of the wise and foolish builders.
Women Unlimited : Monty Python-style version of Jesus and the woman at the well.

Paul & Daia Martinez, & Casey & Chrystal Sanders

The Dangling Conversation : (In memory of Dr. Seuss) This is a very fast paced, high energy skit about the difficulty of communication. A wife wants to talk to her husband, but he is evasive, and various "Cat in the Hat" style characters keep popping up to intervene.

E.C. Mason

Change Indigestion : Change is too stressful for some. This office worker can't even handle the change a vacation represents, let alone the changes he finds on his return.

Betty Jo Mathis

Full or Thankful : A Thanksgiving lesson in contrasts. See Thanksgiving through the eyes of a hurried, harried family - then through the eyes of a poor but grateful man.

Scott Mathis

The Banished Husband : An allegory on our relationship with Jesus.Tom and Kathy have just married. While Tom is thinking of the honeymoon, Kathy has a very different view of how the relationship should be conducted.

Edgar Mayer

Let's Have a Party : Interaction between live people and puppet - asking why Holy Communion can't be a more joyful occasion.
My Prayers Are Not Working : Interaction with live persons and puppet - in which Pastor asks why his prayers are not working.
Seeing God : Interaction between live person and puppet, on the theme, how can we see God at Christmas?
The Rich Fool : Interaction between live person and puppet - in which Pastor is dissatisfied with his worldly goods.

Mike Merrill

No Strings Attached : A silent skit which mimes a marionette play. The Puppeteer represents Satan, or the world's influential control. This script uses two dancers to represent humanity, and a clown to represent Jesus Christ, and His power to overcome.

Lachlan Meurer

Incapable : Four close friends are separated on the cusp of High School. They vow to remain friends no matter where they live and to meet up again after school. Fifteen years later the four of them reunite by chance on a plane on a trip to Los Angeles. During a stop over in Hawaii each of them reveal how life hasn't really been what they had expected or hoped it to be. Note: This play was written for an audience of 16+ as it deals with some pretty big issues. Ultimately it looks at how God is the only one in life who always cares. It also deals with cultural relevance, virginity and bisexuality (all in a Christian context), but keep your audience in mind when performing this. Basically nothing that isn't addressed in any school playground (or classroom) today. It's challenging, funny and hopefully touching.
The Chat Room : Three friends of Bob chat to him in an internet chat room about his life and why bad things have been happening to him. When the mysterious papabear enters they all react differently to his perception of the situation. This short play is a look at different views of suffering in the world in the context of today's internet technology.

Jarrod Midkiff

The Christmas Star : Christmas means Christmas Lights, and Christmas Lights means big money for CLI. So what happens when one little girl brings Jesus into the picture? This drama is funny, with characters such as "Moodolf the Bucktooth Heifer" and "Barry, Burley, and Bo", but is very serious about reaching out to the lost, and reminding us all of what Christmas is really about.

Joanne Miller

A Good Deal : The George Churns & Gracie Kallen show, on which Gracie buys a car at the mall. The 'salesman' tells her it's a car show with only one car left and she needs to pay cash to get this great deal. Gracie hears a police siren at the end of the sketch.
A Time To Die
: Two sisters in the back yard of family home reminisce about their childhood and talk about the future. One of them is terminally ill and very afraid of dying.
Adam & Eve On The Yesterday Show
: Adam & Eve talk about their mistake and its consequences with a talk show host.  The fact that God still loved them is the thing that overwhelms them.
Am I Late? : A man is always late for his meetings so a co-worker gives him the gift of a new alarm clock, which he fails to open - so he is late for the next day's meeting again. As 2 of his co-workers find out, he keeps a lot of his gifts unopened and unused because he likes the way they look all wrapped up.
Angels Among Us
: A man is questioning his own faith or lack thereof concerning Christmas. Two angels come to his door in the guise of Mary & Joseph. She is in labor and needs shelter from the storm raging outside.
Are We Lost?
: Two hikers with backpacks are lost in the woods, except only one knows it at first.  The second hiker believes he is in good hands following his friend.  As he realizes  they are hopelessly lost  a third hiker appears.  They are thrilled that someone can help them find their way to civilization.  Soon they come to understand that the third hiker is no help at all.
Avoid, Ignore or Quit
: A man interacts with a narrator, his wife and co-worker in a few vignettes that show how passive he is in living his life. He is confronted with immaturity in conflict, laziness and giving up.
Best Friend : Monologue by a woman who had an illegitimate baby. Today is the birthday.  She is celebrating the day with her best friend: a bottle.
Bills, Bills, Bills : Jo and Lisa are submerged in bills. A fairy godfather grants them a wish for more money, but it comes at a price.
Blessing in Disguise
: A monologue in which a daughter is on the cell phone to her mother. Through a series of mishaps, she has missed her plane to get home for Thanksgiving, and she begins to question why God didn't answer her prayer to catch her plane. Finally her father gets on the phone and he is crying. He wasn't aware that she had missed her flight. He just saw a special report on TV that her flight had crashed with no survivors.
Christmas Past
: The Nativity story told from the Innkeeper's perspective. The Innkeeper and his wife are about to lose their inn to their less than scrupulous cousin. Due to the wife's recent and serious illness the innkeeper was forced to borrow from his cousin. Now that his wife is well again business is resuming but not fast enough to keep the cousin from claiming ownership of the inn. The couple decides to pray for a miracle but not to let the children in on what is going on. All the while the children have overheard the conversation and vow to help all they can. Their son learns that there is to be a census that will bring many customers to the inn. Surely, he thinks, that will help to earn the money they need to pay their cousin.
: A man's wife comes home to find him lying on the couch completely wrapped in a blanket (his cocoon).  He has had a  horrible day and has decided to withdraw from the world rather than face any more failure.  The more she tries to help the worse it gets.
Dinner Time
: A narrator tells a story which is acted out by a man and his wife.  They progress from newlyweds to a couple with young children to empty nesters.  Each stage is illustrated by the dinner table, which changes from romantic to chaotic to sublime.
Double Date
: Two sisters scheme how to attract a guy they each like - unfortunately, it's the same one.
Easy Does It : A man & his boss discuss how to handle certain employees when giving out Performance Appraisals.  One employee in particular needs to be handled with kid gloves.  The boss gives some tips, which are not understood by the man and he proceeds to 'gently destroy the employee's sense of self worth.
Even Me : A monologue about the night Mary Magdalene poured a jar of costly perfume on Jesus' feet.  Mary describes the pain and humiliation of that night and how Jesus turned it into hope, freedom and forgiveness for her.
Feeling the Heat : Simon Peter tells why he denied Jesus in the courtyard of the High Priest.
Friend or Foe : Two male co-workers in a conversation at work.  One of the men was promoted over the other, who was in line for the promotion.  Honesty gives way to cooperation.
Good News & Bad News : Mother goes to speak with her son's teacher at the teacher's request.  Teacher thinks child is 'out to get him' when, in reality, the child loves the teacher.
Handling Him : A young couple discusses discipline; only it applies to her grandfather who is living with them, which is not evident until the end.
Happy Thanksgiving : A daughter and her husband are preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving with her parents.  The daughter has also invited her Uncle Charlie, her mother's brother.  Her mother is not aware of this invitation.  The mother and her brother have not spoken for 7 years.  The daughter is hoping to bring about a reconciliation, however she has been unable to reach her uncle by phone to confirm that he will come.  The parents arrive and the daughter reveals that she wants to do something the family used to do.  Each person draws a name of someone else who is present and says something nice about that person.  Just as they are about to begin the doorbell rings and Uncle Charlie arrives.  There is a reconciliation, and then they all draw names again.
Help Please : (This sketch is intended to be used as showing the Holy Spirit as the helper.)  A man is trying to rearrange some furniture in his house and his friend drops by.  The friend offers to help but the man keeps telling him he doesn't need any help as he strains to move his couch and set up some stereo equipment.  At the end the man's wife calls to tell him she has changed her mind, please leave the couch where it is.
I Remember : A young wife puts up decorations for Father's Day.  Each one holds a memory for her of her own father.  Ends with her announcement to her husband that he is going to be a father.
Just a Minute : A woman is trying to get her husband to leave his team's big game and come with her to their parents wedding anniversary.  He convinces her to go ahead without him, promising to be 'right behind her.  She calls him on his cell phone a couple of times only to discover that he is still watching the game.
Late For My Funeral : 2 sisters are speaking about their 3rd sister and how she is always late because she crams so much into her life.  Today is her funeral and she's late again.  Third sister (the 'dead' one) finally walks in not realizing she's dead. When she catches on, she faints on the couch and wakens to realize it's been a nightmare.
New Beginnings : A husband and wife give each other beautifully wrapped gifts which they each proceed to throw in the garbage unopened. We later find out that each "gift" contains things such as anger, lies, manipulation, etc., all of which are being thrown out of the house so they can start the New Year off right. At first they are sickly sweet to each other but they gradually disintegrate into a major squabble.
May I Help You : A woman goes to renew her driver's license.  The county clerk is a stickler for following ALL the rules to the letter.  The woman finally gives up in frustration.  Both roles could be played by men or ladies.
Mom's Day Off : A monologue of a young mother on the phone to her own mother on mother's day.  She relates the mishaps that follow her young children and their father trying to do the chores she normally does.  Then she tells her own mother how much she misses her because this is the first Mother's Day that they are apart.
Money is No Object : A homeless couple has found a way into a theater when no one else is around. They pretend to be a wealthy couple who keep receiving invitations to charity balls and their biggest problem is what gowns and jewelry to wear to the next event.  While they are play- acting the theater manager comes in and discovers that they have 'broken into his theater again.
Planning Ahead : It is New Year's Day and a young couple is gazing at their brand new baby in the hospital nursery.  They talk of the coming year and what expectations they have.  Meanwhile his mother and her friend are at home talking about their memories and the new grandma's expectations for the coming year.  They don't exactly line up with the new parents' dreams.
Potluck : 4 women are playing cards and talking about an incident from yesterday's church supper.  One church member threw a piece of pie at another church member.  Gossip played a big part in starting the fight.  As the women gossip they condemn one of the other women for gossiping.
Practice Makes Perfect : A young man tries to ask his friend's sister to marry him.  She doesn't even realize that he likes her but thinks he is just her brother's friend.  He never is able to get up enough nerve to give her the ring he has for her.
Promises, Promises : A couple is writing their resolutions for the coming year.  He reads hers first and discovers she has made hers a bit more realistic this year.  She reads his to discover that his resolutions are all things he enjoys doing anyway.   He figures why not make resolutions you know you can keep.
Send Me Away : A woman reveals to her friend that her secret desire has always been to be a missionary.  She can only stay at home and take her mother for her chemo treatments, care for her brother's 3 young children, and volunteer at church.  How she wishes she could make her life 'count for God'.  She never seems to realize all that God is doing through her right where she is.
Stay Strong : A man (or woman) struggles with an intense craving.  He has obviously been to meetings about how to deal with this situation.  He reads from his notes and tries to do some of the things he's been advised to do in such a situation.  Finally he realizes he needs more help and calls his friend from Chocoholics Anonymous.
Superman on the Yesterday Show : Superman talks with host about living life without fear.  Script ends with Superman clinging to chair because of fear of a mouse in the room.
Take My Hand : A skydiving instructor and student discuss her first jump. They are standing on a bench about to 'jump out of the plane - and she is very scared.
Taking Notes : A man is seeing his psychologist to work on his anger/impatience problem.  She has rightly sensed that his anger/impatience is mainly caused by having to wait in situations beyond his control.
Teenagers! : Two parents who go to a counselor for advice about their teenager discover he's actually quite normal.
The Date : A mother and young teenage daughter are at home after school. The daughter tells mom about a school dance coming up. The girl has to ask the guy to the dance.  She wants to call a boy she really likes & invite him.  Mom encourages her to do so. When she finally calls she gives him all the information except her name.
The Fan Club : An engaged couple is having an argument over her best friend.  The bride thinks her friend is not doing all that she should.  The groom knows he is taking the bride to a surprise shower given by the friend.
The Great Outdoors : A family of 4 goes on a camping trip.  Dad's aim is to bring the family closer together.  He thinks this is happening when in reality each member is doing his or her own thing.
The Handyman : A neighbor is always helping out so the lady next door decides to say thank you with an ice cream cake, which she has made especially for him.  After a light hearted exchange about some of the projects he has helped with over the years he reveals to her that he can not eat the cake because of his cholesterol and his wife just found out she is lactose intolerant.
The Lesson : A writer is visited by an ex-acquaintance who had hired him as a 10-year-old to care for her rosebushes while she was away.  He failed to care for the bushes and they all died.  It was the beginning of his life lessons on stewardship.  Surprisingly, and unbeknownst to him until today, she also learned something about stewardship.
The Right Reasons : A wife finds a very old diary in the attic and reads part of it to her husband.  It 's written by a frontier wife in the 1840s on their Day of Thanks.
The Weakest Link : A take-off of the game show on TV.  It has a host and 4 players.  The host tries to get each player, who is the head of a team at their church, to say things against the other team leaders.  She makes outrageous accusations and allows them no time to challenge what she has said.  They play a round of the game and then she tells them it's time to vote for the Weakest Link.
Wedding Plans : A bride comes to Pastor's office for counsel for 'irreconcilable' differences between her and her fiancee.
What Did I Do? : A woman, who is an amateur actress, tells an absorbed co-worker that she got a part playing an abused wife who divorces her husband.  Suddenly all kinds of rumors are flying at work, most of them untrue, about abuse, beatings, and even attempted murder.
Who Needs It? : A father and his daughter are looking at old photos when they find one of her brother. The discussion turns serious as they relive some very hurtful experiences. The daughter just cannot bring herself to forgive her brother even though he is a potential donor for a transplant that she needs.

John & Joanne Miller

Just Testing : A young couple have their future neatly planned out only to discover a baby, who was not planned for, is on the way.

John Miller

The Basics : A new golfer goes to a pro for lessons.  He is definitely a challenge for the pro.
The Good Book : Four guys sit around discussing their wives bible study. Their discussion raises a lot of questions and confusion about the Bible.

K. Dawn Miller

Easter Vignettes : A series of very short vignettes which can be performed separately or all together. They were originally designed to complement an existing Easter musical that did not have female roles. Consequently, these are all female parts. The roles can be changed to men, if they fit.

Paul Milson

Fred and Annie : A few days out from Mother's Day, two young people meet and discuss what they are going to do this year (to avoid previous disasters).

Ryne Mimbs

I Know : A hurting young man's prayer is answered in a very personal way. Humorous, with a powerful message. Deals with who God is, justice, grace, and dealing with grief.
Trust in a Trunk : A humorous look at trusting God through the eyes of several Biblical characters. Can be performed as monologue or with several people.

Peter Minson

Christmas 2000 : How Christmas was transformed from its original simplicity to its modern day crassness.
My Quiet Time Made Me Do It : This 2-voice skit is based on Luke 6:46 ("If you love me, why won't you do what I tell you?") and some of the images in Matthew 7:13-27. It's inspired by Chapter 8 of Dallas Willard's The Divine Conspiracy.
The Smooth Operator : The parable of the dishonest steward, in modern form.

Peter & Mary Minson

A New Beginning : Two friends mull over the significance of Christmas.
Elisha and the Appointinator : The story of Elisha's commissioning by Elijah.
Fishing : The story of the first encounter between Peter and Jesus. A narration, with audience participation.
Miriam in the Bullrushes: A look at the story of Moses' birth from the women's perspective.
One Night in Bethlehem: Designed for audience involvement and all-age participation. A highlight is the soliloquies of Joseph and Mary at the end.
Samson - Hair Today and Gone Tomorrow : The story of Samson adapted for Narrator and congregation improvisation.
The Cost of Christmas : This is a dramatic narrative of the Christmas events, staying close to the biblical texts with emphasis on the personal cost to the characters involved. It does not include the involvement of kin, Herod or the birth of John the Baptist. It does include Epiphany. The narration is aimed at keeping children on board as much as possible and so is "all age" worship material.
The Seige of Samaria : Narrative based on 2 Kings 6:24 - 7:20.

Jenny Mitchell

Spilt Milk : An updated version of the Parable of the Good Samaritan, done in modern clothes.
Start Packing : An updated version of the Parable of the Talents, set in a modern office.

Savita Mitra and Bea Oertel

A Christmas Crisis : When a bus breaks down on Christmas Eve, the passengers have to change their attitudes if they are to get going again.

Jeremy Moodey

It Was All Right On The Night : A humorous re-telling of the Christmas story done in a Joyce Grenfell-style monologue.  The point is that all the business of a Nativity play can sometimes obscure the central message.
Question Time : Many things have been said about Jesus over the years. Who do you think He is?
That Lie : A dramatic monologue in which the actor tries to shake off the effects of a damaging (but unspecified) lie that was told to him in the past. This monologue is short but quite demanding on the actor.
The Bully : A mime in which a nasty bully tries to knock a little girl off her path to school.
The Dustman Sketch : A Stanley Holloway-style monologue about how the real enduring message of Christmas is not presents but the gift of Jesus Christ.
The Light of the World : A  monologue in which a clerk at the gates of Heaven interviews a potential (but imaginary) entrant.

Noel Moore

Happy New Year : Two siblings discuss New Year's resolutions.

Steven Muir

Parable of the Sower : There's a group of farmers dedicated to obtaining equal rights for roads to grow seed. A humorous look at the parable of the sower.

Steve Munson

Absolutely, Mr Gallagher : Shelly is a typical teenage girl, questioning the validity of her mother's morality. Her mother, having grown up a generation earlier and now a parent, still clings to some of the "old ways", although she is not fully able to tell why. Challenging the idea that there is even such a thing as a moral absolute, Shelly - while out shopping with her mother - suddenly finds herself the victim of a purse-snatcher.
Faulty Foundations : Talk show format with three legendary guests whose fame or success is revealed to be built on faulty foundations.
No Room at the Inn, or, If I Knew You Were Coming I'd have Baked a Cake: Often we are too busy, distracted or cynical to enjoy the miracle of Christmas. A curmudgeonly hotel manager completely misses it. (Author: Steve Munson)

Sarah Musselwhite

The Chalkboard : No matter how many times you mess up, and no matter how hard you try to forget it, God always comes to the rescue. This mume was written to go with the song "Grace", by Silas Bald. It works best using black (ultraviolet) light, which illuminates the clothes, but leaves the performers dark.

Jeff Nault

Sign of Love : The arrival of a new girl to the high school basketball team on transfer from another school creates mixed feelings when it is discovered she is deaf.

Stuart Neale

Mothering Sunday : Four girls discuss the problems of Mums, but find that the solution isn't quite what they expected.

Sherm Nichols

Refrigerator Art : Two children, siblings, each come running to their father with pictures they have made for him. The children, rather than caring most about pleasing their father, quickly make the presentation of their efforts into a competition. Ultimately, the father takes the moment and uses it to teach his children that their love for him behind the pictures is what’s most important to him, and that they shouldn’t fight over whose is better. 

St Freeman's ER : Too often we direct our attention away from those who really need the Lord and instead take on the 'easy cases' of people who really don't need much attention. In a hospital Emergency Room, people having various, frivolous needs are greeted by the front desk nurse and a doctor with whom she consults. Each one is treated as if it's a very serious condition. In the midst of these, there's one man who's having what appears to be a heart attack.
Shrinking Your Schedule : In a counselor's office. The patient is distressed by his too-full schedule. As his visit with the counselor proceeds, we come to the realization that the counselor is the one with real problems. He is interrupted and distracted all along the way. The patient is just hoping for some example, some model to follow, and the counselor is clearly the wrong person. It ends with the visit being cut way short and the patient recognizing he needs some other help.
When Did They Start Doing That?
: A humorous skit about changes in worship through the ages. Several short scenes, each one following the other in world history, take a look at the life of a husband and wife of that era. In each scene, the couple is bemoaning the way things have changed from the way they used to be. The final scene is a couple in the future, doing the same.  

Troy and Genie Nilsson

Christmas Animals : The Christmas story like you've seen it before - through the eyes of the AnimAls of Christmas! (Main Message: "Jesus loves you no matter what you smell like, and so do we!") Everyone is welcome at the feet of Jesus!

Patrick Nixon

The Pig and the Christmas Spirit : Perky the Pig seems to have the wrong idea of what Christmas is about.

Sarah Nixon

King of Kings : A simple monologue from an anonymous person in the crowd the day Jesus was crucified. What would a normal Jew do when they heard this man being called their King?

Sarah Nixon and Laura Barr

A Friend Forgiven : A modern adaptation of John 21:15-19, when Jesus asks Peter 3 times, "Do you love me?" Peter is scared and confused, and doesn't know what to do, while Jesus just wants to show His love.

W.A. Norash

The County Fair : Teens are finally able to be on their own at the county fair, but they find out getting along takes compromise.

Maggie Normile

The Adulteress : The woman caught in adultery tells her story.

Maggie Normile & Jen Klunk

Go and Sin No More : Dinah is talked into having an abortion by her boyfriend, but realises afterwards that she has made a terible mistake. Leaving the abortion clinic she is harassed by protestors, but rescued by someone who sees beyond her situation.

Dan Olds

Messiahmas : A young Jewish lady learns about her Messiah from her best friend and visits from prophets in her dreams. This musical focuses on three of the main prophecies that were fulfilled by the birth of the Messiah. He would be born in Bethlehem, be a descendant of David, and born of a virgin. This is a free musical, including all of the original music.

Mike Orlowski

Sitting on Your Gift : God gives us gifts to use to encourage other up and to perform His will. This is a humorous reminder that we must not hide our gifts.
Stir Up the Gift Within You : An absent minded professor uses a Biblical discovery to explain how to reawaken your spiritual gift.
The Holy Clue : Batman and Robin appear in this short skit for children, teaching them that Holy is a word used only to describe God Himself.
What's Your Game Plan? : Two game show contestants vie to see who is the best prepared for Y2K.

Steve Paetkau and David Gruchy

Gifts for Granted : A father distributes gifts to his greedy children at Christmas. The gifts are taken for granted or wasted.

Nick Page

Green's Call : The missionary call is somewhat suspect in this young surfer! (Adapted by unknown author from an original script by Nick Page.)

Jim Pappas

Why Isn't Jesus Here? : On the Sabbath that Jesus lay in the tomb thousands came seeking Him. This is their story.

Marie Parker

Myrtle, Frank and a Few Wise Guys : A Christmas story where it's OK to bumble a bit. It seems the Narrator is the only one who has a clue as to what is supposed to happen and is surprised by the lack of understanding from the cast. A melodrama that should bring smiles and a very light festive atmosphere.

Dougie Paton

Christmas Eve 2003 : A family out Christmas shopping discovers there are parallels between the Christmas story and today's world.

John Pattison

Tell Me The Story : A Christmas musical, featuring Mary as both an older woman as well as the young girl who gave birth to the Messiah. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to open.
The Prodigal's Song : The story of the Prodigal Son, done as a musical set in the Prohibition Era (1920s/30s)

Kevin Penner

Everyone was worried : A play to involve all ages, this light-hearted drama with rhymed narration involves the prophets of old looking down to see how their prophecies are being fulfilled. Their worries are reflected in the anxieties of all the characters of the Christmas story. To this day, Christians are reminded that God is working out everything according to His plan.
God is... : A narrated mime which looks at the various ways God is envisaged by people.
I Want You, Moses! : A rather "smart alecky" Moses has a conversation with the God of the burning bush.
Jonah and the Psychiatrist : Trying to avoid his call to Ninevah, Jonah takes his troubles to a psychiatrist.
Kindergarten Christianity : A satirical look at what it really means to play church.
Man is ... : A narrated mime which asks, "what is man, really?"
Reconciliation : A narrated mime tells the Gospel story, starting with the fall of Adam and Eve.
The Good Friday sketch : Philip and James start Good Friday speculating on whether Jesus is about to reveal his kingship...and end Saturday with the realisation that events have ended differently from what they hoped.
The Leper Skit : A light-hearted look at a rather dark part of Israel's history, when the country was beseiged by the Syrians.
The Treasure : A retelling of the parable of the man who found a treasure in a field.
Trust the Tightrope Walker : A discussion of what it means to really believe, using the classic story of tightrope walker Charles Blondin.

Katie Pent

Mary Monologue : A monologue, in which Mary the mother of Jesus reflects on the events of the first Christmas and of the first Easter.

Mike Perrin

BBQ With God : A drama about what would happen today with a God Moment. If we experience a Big God Moment like Peter or Moses, How would we react. Would we enjoy the moment or become distracted like Peter?

Denise Peterson

Is That Your Final Answer? : A game show featuring the devil as "Regis" from the TV game show "Who wants to be a Millionaire". The man on the game show trades away everything really important in his life for all the things he thinks are important.

Scott Phillips

Advice : Two friends, one just married, discuss what it takes to keep a marriage healthy. Also a symbolic illustration of the importance of spiritual growth and developing one's relationship with God.
Check, Please!
: Two couples dining at a restaurant illustrate the acceptance of the free gift of God's grace.
In My Head : An illustration of the need for wisdom beyond one's own mind to make decisions and handle problems.
The Huddle : A group of football players get hyped up in their huddle, but they don't actually play the game. (An Illustration that being a Christian isn't just about Sunday.)
The Next Friends : A skit on the importance of finding true friends.

Michele Pitman

A Tale of Two Gardens : The fall and redemption are described in this clever Readers Theatre (voice choir) script.
Fish and Loaves : The proprietress of Ophelia's Kitchen is shocked to the core when the disciples put in a hurried order for food for 5000.
Ophelia and the Alive Again Feast : Ophelia the caterer is preparing a feast to celebrate the resurrection of Lazarus.
Ophelia and the Stone Soup : Ophelia the cook tells how a stranger helped the villagers to share their scarce food when times were hard.
Mowing Down Cats! : The loss of a cat's tale to a lawn mower has been the source of conflict between two brothers all their lives.
Nailing Hope Against the Wall : A woman hangs a painting of Jesus on the cross on her livingroom wall, to the derision of her husband. Later he comes to appreciate its value.
Sacrificing Mercy : Two people invited to dine with Matthew have very different views about the propriety of going.
Sherlock Holmes' Reason to Believe : Holmes uses a globe of the earth to explain why the Bible is to be believed.
Tall Timber : A mimed version of the story of Zaccheus.
Snowy White & the 5 Tottery Dears : In the Entertainment room at a home for elderly dwarves. Snowy White is not really 'young' herself but looks after her folk with patience and respect. Snowy prepares to sit at a piano to begin a favourite song but realizes she can't find her spectacles. She proceeds to "turn the place upside down" looking for them whilst all the while they are perched on top of her head.
Talents Anonymous : A very silly sketch about burying your talent, done in the style of an AA meeting.
Ten Little Groupies : A group of girls have won a recent radio competition to party backstage with a very famous rock star.  Some of the girls didn't read the fine print in the competition rules and are less than prepared! The girls are milling about around the back stage door waiting, not so patiently, to go in.
The Arch : A mime on the theme that Jesus is the capstone of the building.
The Captain's Promise : An allegory on faith/salvation, in which an Army platoon have to trust their Captain to lead them to safety.
The Garden : A gardener receives a great return when he willingly gives away his crop. A parable on the Fruit of the Spirit.
The Kitchen Hand : When the kitchenhand went on strike - because the director would not buy a bottle of detergent - the whole movie project ground to a halt.
The Mouse and the Money : The fable of the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse is used to illustrate the parable of the Rich Fool.
Thirsty! : A mimed version of the story of Jesus and the woman at the well, with references to Moses bringing water from a rock.
Three Men and a Sign : How the 3 magi, Caspar, Baltasar and Melchior, discovered the star pointing to the new king.
Yes, I'm Grateful! : Rosie is bitter and angry about her broken leg. She complains and is very selfish about her situation, not realising that Janet's offer of help comes at great cost.

Kerrie Polkinghorne

Blind Date : The play is set some time in the 1980s. A boy and girl have been set up for a blind date, but because of their insecurities talk themselves out of it.

Janelle Ponte

David & Goliath (well...sort of) : What could have happened if David had decided to rely on King Saul's armour instead of relying on God.
Forgiveness : Anger, Bitterness and friends turn up to bring their "comfort" to a girl whose parents are divorcing. She welcomes them at first, until she realises they stand between her and Peace.
Noah and His Ark (well...sort of) : A funny little skit that shows what could have happened if Noah had listened to his wife instead of to God.

Janelle Ponte & Tom Guild

Get the Message : A husband and wife are too distracted by a multitude of disturbances to really hear the sermon.

Leslie & Mike Poole

The Basin : A basin - such as that used by Pontius Pilate - becomes a symbol for the way in which mankind down through history has washed its hands of situations.

Mike Poole

Lambchop : Psalm 23 from the sheep's point of view. (I performed this with a sheep puppet as the other character. But it may be done with two people.)
Luther and Paul : Martin Luther begins a discussion, and is interrupted by the Apostle Paul.
Luther Meets Satan : Martin Luther begins to tell a modern-day congregation of his life, when he is interrupted by Lucifer, who tries to put down everything he has done.
Questions for Luther : If Martin Luther could be transported from the 16th Century to today, how would he answer the questions of a modern-day enquirer?

John Porter

The Case of the Missing Body : A trial which examines the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus.

Josh Powell

Bad Friends : A teenager forgetting his friend for a concert ticket is compared with Judas betraying Jesus.  Showing that it is often the ones that we are closest to the most that can really hurt us.
No High Like the Most High : A take-off of a surreptitious drug-deal, except that the "drug" is the Bible.
Not My Fight : A young lad training to be a knight learns that the battles he goes through are not his but God's.

Anthony Privitera

Pastor Ralph Kramden : Ralph's new get rich scheme is to become a pastor. Somehow, he seems to lack the qualifications.

Phil Quinn

Pay Day : When there is a mistake on Peter's paycheck, he must decide what the right thing to do is. When Clark sees his act of integrity, he realizes that there is something to this Christianity thing.

Mark & David Ralf

Bethlehem Times : The Bethlehem Star newspaper is being prepared with the central story gradually being pushed out! (A variation on "Away with the Manger" by John Fewings)

William Ramsay

Not my Plan : Mother and daughter argue over whether an abortion is the best answer to an unplanned pregnancy.

Holly Ramsey

Return to the Stable : A monologue. On a return visit later in life to the stable where it all began, Mary reflects on the events started by the first Christmas.

Vicki Reeves

Three Wise Dudes - The Easter Encounter : Based on the Christmas play "Three Wise Dudes", by John McNeil. This Easter version traces the journey of Three other Dudes who did not make it to the Nativity in time to see the baby Jesus. Instead, they arrived some 33 years later. Many parts are suitable for younger children. (Authors: John McNeil and Vicki Reeves)

Joshua Reid

Gardening Problems : A boy who has a great dream - but is afraid to let it out of its box - receives encouragement from a girl passing by.

Joshua & Loretta Reid

Once Upon A Mission : This play is based on a true story, is set in a small hut. Two missonaries, Jon and his wife Linda, are being guarded by some of the warriors of a remote Indian village. They are under the threat of death.

Kieran Lin Rich

The Garden of My Heart : A wife enlightens her husband about the joys of gardening, and the spiritual lessons to be gained from it.

Gregory Ritchie

He is Risen : How the news of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is received by and impacts the 11 disciples. (Note: This is written to reflect the speech patterns of the Bahamas, in the Caribbean.)

Maria Rivera

The Way to the Manger : A dance interpretation of the events surrounding the Nativity, as particularly seen through the eyes of Creation. All the vocal parts could be pre-recorded, or read off stage, leaving the stage to the dancers.

Tricia Robertson

Mary - Much Forgiven : Mary Magdelene shares the story of Easter from one who was forgiven and loved.

Faye Ruddenklau

The Emperor's New Clothes : The attitudes of the Seven Churches addressed in Revelations 3 are caricatured in this parable on humility.
Unity Tableau : Division can occur in the church when people become too focused on their own spiritual gift.

David Ruddock

The K Factor : A humorous nativity play based on a reality TV competition - with three kings (Henry VIII, Herod, and the new born Jesus) competing to be your King.
The Next Great Script II : Several play-writers are discussing what to do for their next project. (Based on an idea by Glenn A. Hascall)
Time Travellers : A light-hearted nativity play where two children are taken back in time to see the first Christmas.

Paul E. Russell

An Acrostic Welcome : Using the letters of 'WELCOME', two people try to construct a list of animals that the Lord created for us all. Well…they try!
Cooking with Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego : Come and enjoying cooking with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Take a journey with television's latest celebrity chefs from within the fiery furnace. Learn how to cook and fire a pot at the same time, and other important culinary skills.
Doctor, Doctor : A humorous look inside the office of a doctor feeling the financial pinch as Jesus heals the sick for free.
Everyone's Welcome : Everyone's Welcome is a fun way to demonstrate the ideal of Christianity, everyone is welcome. It is great as a church welcome or light hearted pre-sermon skit.
Fight Night : A modernisation and humorous look at the David and Goliath story, commentated as for a current-day boxing match. Welcome to Fight Night; the biggest fight in history is now telecast live on pay for view.
Forgiveness with Legs : A skit through the eyes of two market workers, the week after Jesus turned over the tables of the corrupt traders in the Temple. See how Jesus affects an entire society, not just one person.
Gone Fishin' : A satirical look ate the parting at the red sea from the perspective of two jelly fish, Barry & Larry.
Jacob's Best Man : Jacob planned every aspect of his wedding and everything went according to plan except he married the wrong girl. The wedding feast however still had to be eaten and so the best man still had to make his speech.
The Lion Tamers : Daniel had no idea the impact his actions would have on the taming industry. After spending a night in the lion's den, the humble lion tamer was changed forever. 'The Lion Tamers' focuses on Neil & Drew, two out-of-work lion tamers trying to cope in an all-new world.
The Unicorns : Robert and Rudy, two unicorns left behind by Noah and the ark, question how they found themself in this nasty predicament.
Yesterday Tonight : A modern look at the traditional nativity story. This is the story that examines lesser-known people who had a part in the birth of Jesus but that you don't often hear about.

Judy Sadler

The Visit : An elderly woman lives for the visits of her daughter.

John Wayne Samples

Father's Day Cards : A young father sends his new son his thoughts in a card, while an older father, perhaps the same one (?) does the same. Purpose: To make the audience -- especially the fathers and the father-wannabees -- reconsider their priorities and their relationship with their children.
Father's Day Cards Revisited : An older father sends his dad his thoughts in a card, while his father, perhaps the does the same. Purpose: To make the audience -- especially the fathers and the father-wannabees -- reconsider their priorities and their relationship with their children.
It Happened One Night, or DID it? : Not your basic warm-and-fuzzy Christmas service. Some key players in the Christmas story reflect back is a service designed for a dinner theatre. Includes a communion service at the end. Its purpose is to challenge Christmas program attendees to walk a little closer with Christ, not just a little faster through the malls. (A variation of Christmas Eve Reflections. Shorter, and with fewer people.)
The First Love Story : A humorous and touching rendering of the story of Adam and Eve from creation to Eve's death, from the perspective of their individual "diaries." Purpose: To put some contemporary issues about families and couples into a different context for evaluation and consideration.

Chrystal Sanders

Outcasts : Our lives can be changed radically in a few moments, or by events that we did not expect. This script contrasts the condition of the leper in Biblical times with a modern day prisoner. Both are outcasts, in need of understanding and healing. Adapted from The Ultimate Outcast, by Max Lucado in The Touch of God.

Kim Saunders

The Evening News Hour : The channel seven evening news hour reports on the birth of the new Savior. With several field reporters interviewing all the characters to set up the creche scene. With humorous commerical breaks throughout the script. The scipt is made for a full Sunday school production. The music is from well-known Christmas carols.

Terri Savage

Acute Religiosity : When a woman still feels "empty" after doing "all the right things", she opts to visit a doctor for a spiritual check-up but is somewhat shocked at the diagnosis.
Many Hats
: Women wear many hats throughout their day. This drama is an amusing way to encourage other women while emphasizing that it's not easy. This is best used during a women's retreat or luncheon.
Priorities - Right
: When a mom works more and more to gain the attention, admiration and a possible promotion from her boss, her family pays the price. When confronted with a choice, what will she do?
Solomon's Solution : This humorous drama uses adults pretending to be children as they look to the wisdom and direction of a slightly misguided, self-appointed leader. While a truly good leader will help resolve conflicts with Bible-based solutions, can one really good solution truly fit all situations?
The 50-yard Line : In this skit, Ed has tickets to the big game, but no transportation. His friend Larry was supposed to pick them up so they could go to the game together, but ran into an old high school friend, Tina. As Ed desperately tries getting another ride, Larry and Tina make plans to get the tickets from Ed and go to the game instead.
The Drill Sergeant : Wanting to motivate others to push beyond their weaknesses, our mixed up leader takes the drill sergeant approach. But will this technique really help others or will they just end up needing therapy?
The Grinch Who Stole Missions : A take-off of Dr. Seuss's The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and should be read in the same manner. Read by a narrator and acted out on stage by various people, this drama is suitable to promote missions during Christmas, such as the Lottie Moon Offering and Christmas Boxes for Children in third world countries.
Working Your Way to Heaven : Doug's keeping a check list of all the good things he does. This drama was designed to set up a sermon that deals with "works" or "earning your way to heaven".

John Schaper

The Garden of Paradise : A retelling of a Hans Christian Andersen folk tale.

Walt Scheiman

Do As You're Told : Person is ready to "go into the world and spread the Gospel" but he doesn't realize that the Gospel needs to be spread in his own back yard.
Double Word Score : A man and wife are sitting around playing Scrabble,  both are obviously very bored, and discouraged with their marriage.  There is  little dialog, all words relate to words being played in the game. Even though they only say one word at a time their message comes through loud and clear.
Eternity Inn : Mr Kite has just entered the Eternity inn, looking for a place to stay. Two types of rooms are offered. It is Mr Kite's choice which room he will take to spend the night.
First and Ten : Two friends are at a football game on a Sunday morning discussing their friend who would rather be at church.
Into the Light : A dialogue (sort of) between one person and a spotlight (symbolizing the light of God). He keeps trying to move into the dark, but is followed by the light until he realizes he can not escape God.
That's My Boy! : Two new fathers are standing outside of the hospital nursery looking through the glass at their new sons. The hopes that they have for their sons differ greatly.
The Plot Thickens : One man is sure people are plotting against him, even his Christian friend, who wants to invite him to church.
Ups and Downs : Two people are stuck in an elevator. One is very agitated at the circumstances. The other tells him of a way that he can have peace.

John Schreiber

I AM : The Jesus Incident : This 20-minute play is a modern newscast covering the Crucifixion of Jesus. It starts out with subtle humor, then pulls in the audience with its serious message as various characters wrestle with what they are discussing and reporting.

Vera S. Scott

Wind from Ramah : Rejected by her husband of seven years in favor of her younger sister, Leah takes extraordinary measures to ensure the safety of the embryos she and her husband, Jake, left in storage after an unsuccessful attempt at in-vitro fertilization. She arranges for a memorial service for the non-viable embryos at the church that her family attended when she was a child. There she meets the church's Pastor, who comes to her assistance when she subsequently learns that she has cancer and needs to tell her ex-husband and sister, Rachel, about the existence of their children.

Ruth Seadon

Debt and Resurrection : A play examining the significance of the Easter message through a parable of two financial institutions.

Jon Segroves & Tangelia Cannon

Separation of Church and State : An illustration of how Thomas Jefferson would possibly view the court rulings that have came about as a result of his letter to the Danbury Baptists in 1802, concerning separation of church and state. This particularly deals with prayer in schools.

Gene Sessa

Icky Pulp : A teenager is forced to reconsider how he's treating his younger brother after he receives the same impatient treatment from his father.

Heather Sevrens

A St John's Christmas Carol : A relatively faithful representation of Dickens' classic (except that this Scrooge is a woman), with an appearance by Joseph, Mary, a refugee mom and child, a local pastor. Touches of humour.

Murray Shadbolt

Desperate Money : Bob is in financial difficulty. The bills are piling up and so is the stress. He is unwilling to talk about it or admit that he needs help, misleading his wife as to the seriousness of the situation, causing marital problems. He tries to maintain the pretence that his family is well off so others will not realise the difficulties they are in. In his desperation he is open to deception and falls for a scam, the results of which make things worse.
The Last Supper : Discusses the significance of The Last Supper and the Communion.
Urgent News : Abby has a life-or-death message for someone but can't seem to catch them. She has been running after them for ages and is now exhausted. Turns out she has wasted her energy on other things.

Diane Shaffner

The Burden : A dream convinces Diane that she really should give up her burdens. She also learns that she's not the only one with burdens, she's just the only one convinced that she should hang on to them.

Vijay Shanker

Box of Joy : A simple script with three songs, teaching values. Suitable for young children.
Silent Woody : The objective of the play is to show the value of those who are seemingly unimportant. The scene is a jungle community, where all the animals are being rewarded for their special skills. The grand finale is the Lifegiver Award to SILENT WOODY (a tree). There are objections from the Lion, who points out that WOODY is a mere tree and did nothing all day. How can one justify a prize for doing nothing?

Mark Shell

One Last Thing : This play involves two characters- Man and God.  The man is talking to God, asking him to give him newer and better things.  God generously gives him everything he asks for, except one.
You Were There : This is a pantomimed drama, with symbolic meaning. Its purpose is to promote the healthy spiritual habit of worship.

John Charles Siedenberg II

A Christmas to Remember : Scrooge is meddling around his theater office trying to get ready for an upcoming show he is supporting, not knowing the play is titled "Under a Star", which of course is a Christmas play. When he discovers it is a Christmas play he decides to sabotage the show. He goes home only to find Jacob Marley waiting for him. When threatened to fix the mess he created at the theater, Scrooge is met by the Ghost of the past. She takes him to the manger and shows him Jesus. Then he is taken to the crucifixion where he is torn by the sight of the baby he saw a few minutes ago covered in blood and dying. He awakes in his room with the ghost of the present to show him the people in his town that were grateful for their lives even though they had nothing to be rich about. Horrified, he awakes again to see the Ghost of the future there and he is taken to the world he creates as a person who is all negative. He sees his grave and discovers he was murdered because of his boasts of money and cruelty to people. He awakes on Christmas morning after a frightful night and sets about making things right.
A Feast of Ages (madrigal dinner) : An ideal script for a theatre restaurant. The Audience is transported to Medieval times and are treated to music, food, hilarious dialogue and action. They end up learning the story of how the King and his Queen met. Before the fortnight celebration even gets through the first night, the kingdom goes to war and the audience is taken back to reality.
Easter Without Dad : After the tragic death of Tommy's Dad, Tommy is a wreck, especially since his Dad loved Easter. This year Tommy is in an Easter play and he is very upset. But as the rehearsal of the Easter Play progresses, he starts to realize that He isn't going to have an Easter without Dad!
It is Finished : This story starts with an Easter Presentation by children. Two friends watching it discuss the problems of life. Throughout the show they go over the Easter story and realize that God is always there!

David Simmons

Taste and See : Many people haven't taken the time to experience Jesus for themselves and are quick to judge. This skit shows how Christians can speak out to challenge the way the world looks at creation.

Aruneshwar Singh & Mark Harris

The Peasant Queen : A modern rendition of the story of Esther, Queen of Persia.

Anne Smith

Zacchaeus : A Broom Puppet monologue telling the story of Zacchaeus.

Cameron Smith

The Boxer : An allegory on how people try to get into heaven by their own efforts.
The Question : A young Christian man struggles to work out God's purposes in his life as he goes from one personal "tragedy" to the next. His friends also struggle to give him godly advice about a God who does not seem to care.

Pete Smithies

Here Comes the Judge : A series of 6 short plays based on the book of Judges and designed originally for classroom use with students of lower ability of about 13 years of age.
Reincarnation : The world's increasing population poses problems for the belief in reincarnation.

Greg Springall

It's Over So Quick : Christmas is a stressful time. It has become a commercial event; with little thought for the reason it all began. As three friends meet over coffee one is able to teach the others that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Eric Stapleton

A Midsummer Canaanight's Dream : A humorous look at Joseph after he has been cast down into the well by his brothers.  He reflects on the possibility of his being arrogant and the seeming absence of God's provision.  Joseph rejoices (prematurely) as a rope is handed down to him from above.  God has answered his prayer - kind of.  Joseph still has more work to do.
Any Day Now... : This short play takes a humorous look at Joseph of the Old Testament as he awaits the fulfillment of God's promise to him. In the meantime, he relates his story thus far to a skeptical fellow inmate of Pharoah's prison. This skeptical inmate even goes so far as to offer the card of his god to Joseph, which inspires Joseph to climax into a passionate speech on God's faithfulness and how he is confident that God will deliver him from this jail Any Day Now. The irony, of course, being that Joseph was to remain in that prison for two more years.
Dirty Laundry : Two women meet in a Laundromat.  One is joyful the other downtrodden.  The conversation that ensues invites the audience to reflect that God's grace and mercy extend to his fallen children as well.
Greener Pastures : Two dumb sheep are offered the temptation of greener pastures and coveting what they long for.  The third sheep, who is really a wolf in sheep's clothing, is wily like his Eden serpentine counterpart and has other plans for the easily frightened sheep.
Leftovers : A couple enjoys the quiet that comes after a holiday get together.  A conflict arises over whether or not they should have fellowship on a more regular basis with their relatives because they attend a different denomination.  The body of Christ is divided with a climax of a rather poignant thought from the young daughter who has been listening to the debate while playing with her toys.
My Father's Will : A father is informed that his wayward son has been in a potentially life shattering accident.  As the story unfolds, the father shows his love and compassion for a prodigal son who doesn't deserve it.  The embittered younger sister is more than eager to point this out.  The father's love for his son prevails as does the life of his son, Will.
See One, Try One, Do One : A humorous look at the army for an analogy on stepping out in faith when called to serve.  Two petrified paratroopers need to be reminded of their value and excellent training before they are willing to jump.
Safe Conduct : Jerome of Faulfish attempts to talk his friend John Hus out of facing a church tribunal in which he is most certain to be found a heretic.  John is not swayed and is determined to speak the truth of scripture.  This scene is based on the historical events of the 15th century, along with the writings and sayings of both John Hus and Jerome of Faulfish.

Russell Stedman

Eyewitness 1, Eyewitness 2, Eyewitness 3 : A trilogy of multimedia Easter dramas. Each drama is 35-40 minutes long. Part 1 : The Original Easter; Part 2 : The Conversion of Saul; Part 3 : "Behind The Scenes -- Easter from a cosmic perspective". Parts 1 and 2 are set in a juxtaposition, with period-style costumes and closely based around the Biblical events, while at the same time using modern technology of television and telephones. "Flintstonian" in a sense, and it works well. Part 3 is more radical, kind of a cross between "The Screwtape Letters" and "Lord Of The Rings". Pre-recorded VCDs for the multimedia segments are available on request (for a fee - these are professional productions). For copies, write to the author.

Benjamin J. Stephens

Burger and Fries : The phone rings and one who is trying hard to stay away from too much food finds themselves in a difficult situation when they receive a call from a rogue hamburger.
Mom Doesn't Have To Know : This story follows the sins of the father to the sins of a daughter - both suffer the consequences of sexual impurity.
Thinking of You : A father remembers a son he's never met and a son wants to know more about the man who only wished life for him.
Where's Daddy : When Danny drops in on his girlfriend Carnie he comes face to face with his own failures in this short drama on absentee fathers.

Dave Stevens

Advent Candles : A set of five plays combining puppets and a live actor (in this case, the pastor), marking the four Sundays of Advent, plus Christmas Eve. A new candle is lit for each Sunday.


What If? : Three people are playing a word game called "What if?". They are trying to figure out what the world would be like if something had not happened. The nearness of Easter prompts the question, what if Jesus had not been crucified.

Tony Stuckless

Those Eyes : It is just after the day of Pentecost. A former Zealot tells the members of a synagogue why he became a convert to Christianity.

Kent Suss

Ten Lepers : Ten people stricken with leprosy leave their homes to begin a new life at a leper colony. When they hear that Jesus is teaching nearby, they venture out in the hope of being healed. Repelled by the crowds, they stumble upon a way to get close to Jesus and have their lives transformed.

Maurice Sweetsur

A Puppet Christmas : A host asks four panel members "What is Christmas all about?"
What is Easter all about? : A simple presentation for puppets, which looks at the common images associated with Easter.

Paul Tate

Time to Trade Up : Jeff arrives at People's Life Lot, ready to trade in his old life for something better. Lou, the salesman, offers him a chance to "trade up" to one of three new models: the major league baseball player, the corporate executive, or the regular Joe. After realizing that these don't really fit his needs, Jeff asks "What's so special about the regular Joe?" After listing qualities like peace, patience, love, kindness, community, and others, Jeff is convinced that the regular Joe must be a high priced model, only to find that the cost has already been paid. Plays like a comedy, with a Twilight Zone feel.

Barbara Tarro

The Leper : A monologue from the perspective of the one leper (in this case, a woman) who sought out Jesus to give Him thanks.

Dave Taylor

Bob the Hamster : A version of the lost sheep parable from Matthew 18 Vs 10 and Luke 15 Vs 3, but featuring Bob the Hamster.
The History of the World : The story of the nativity, Easter, and why Jesus came to earth, rolled into a few minutes.

Margie Taylor

The Innkeeper and His Wife : The Christmas story, told by the Innkeeper and his wife. Suitable for a large number of children.
The Nativity : A simple presentation of the Christmas story, suitable for children. Only a narrator has a speaking part.

R. Taylor

A Missionary's Heart : The Lord seeks for a person with a missionary's heart. He tests hearts through asking them to give, pray, go, or obey. Instead, He finds selfishness, pride, self-righteousness, and doubting. He finally finds a missionary's heart in a child.

Steve Tichenor

The Rose Came With Thorns - a Christmas Cantata : A woman who is unexpectedly pregnant and due on Christmas Day resents her condition. She becomes reconciled as she discovers the Christmas story.

Mike Treachler

The Parable of the Talents : A Readers Theatre script on the parable of the talents, and the use of gifts.

Jessica Tutini

You Are My Sunshine: A mother relives the life of her daughter from infancy to adulthood to her early death.

Judith Twani

Hypocrisy at Home : Two people are on the phone to each other. One is asking advice of someone they respect. The other is not what he appears to be - nice on the phone and then covering the phone to shout at the family.

Ron VandenBurg

Got any time for Evangelism? : You can be so busy "doing evangelism" that you don't evangelise. This script asks, what is evangelism?
Mars Hill : Paul sends an email to his friends, telling them of his experiences among the Athenians.
Mary Monologues : An Advent Series of Monologues Writer, using material from the play The Song of Mary by John McNeil, The Message by Eugene Peterson, and We Were There by Marla Ehlers. (Author: Ran VandenBurg, based on a script by John McNeil)
Palm Sunday Messiah : A news reporter attempting to report the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem keeps getting interrupted by someone with a different perspective on events.
Seven Deadly Sins : Seven humorous skits, in which Christian is tempted by each of the seven sins.


Revelation: The Musical : “Revelation – The Musical” is a full-length musical drama relating to the end times. There is war, pestilence, famine, destruction, history’s most evil dictator and genocide. The complete script and song lyrics are online, plus instant translations into 8 languages. Since the drama is based on prophecy, a 'Prophecies' section presents evidence of the past, present and future fulfillment of God's will.

David Wagner

A Child Shall Lead Them : A group of kids arrive at a museum on a school field trip. They are entering a room that supposedly has reproductions of works by Rembrandt detailing various aspect of the Christmas story up on the walls. The kids discuss the meaning of the paintings, while the Guide can only talk about the technical details. A small child unknown to any of the other kids adds a further depth of meaning.
Behind the Pageant
: The setting of this play is backstage at the dress rehearsal for a big Christmas production. All the characters are dressed in appropriate costume for the "Big Show." The Director is running in and out getting people ready to go out "on stage" for the rehearsal. But what we see is this backstage activity, with costumed people milling about, interacting with one another. It comes out that some of the kids don't even really understand the Christmas story that they are rehearsing, so the characters embark on an impromptu re-enactment of the nativity story, grabbing whoever is available to play the needed parts. Understanding and revelation is obtained by those that participate, and the "Little Show" ends up ministering to the kids more than the "Big Show."
Idea Man : Stephen has the task of writing the script for a Christmas play, but is suffering severe writer's block, while not seeing the opportunities around him.
Shift : Three brothers and sisters are playing a board game at Christmas, and in the process some Christian truths hit home for the first time.
The Beginning : A writer has been commissioned to write a "modernized" version of the nativity story, so that kids nowadays can understand the story better. As he wrestles with modernizing the story, he always ends up back at the original version of each scene. The idea is that in spite of his efforts, the story is best as is. As he works through his ideas, they are enacted (as such) behind him on the stage by the actors (costumed accordingly). It's as though they are his imagination alive on stage behind him.
The Nativity is Restless : Three children set up a nativity scene with their family's pieces. When they leave, the figures come to life, to retell the story to an intruder.
What Gift Will You Bring : It is Christmas Eve, and two sisters ponder how the wise men decided which gifts to bring to Jesus. In a dream, they unknowingly meet up with the wise men, and inadvertently help them decide what gifts to bring to Jesus.
When Worlds Collide - a Detective Story : This is a Christmas detective story. The characters are from two eras, mixed together in the same story. It is a combination 30's era detective story, and Israel shortly after Jesus' birth. Herod hires Private Detective James Murray to find the missing wise men. In the process of tracking down the wise men, James uncovers the much larger Christmas story, and the events surrounding the birth of Jesus. Some of the characters are dressed in 30's era costumes and others in the traditional robes of a Christmas story.

Kay Waldram & Karin Tame

Plum Batty : Doing it his way is more important to Billie than obedience, even though his way doesn't work.
Wrench Way Did It Go : Billie is in deep trouble - he borrowed his dad's wrench and has lost it.

Justyn Walker

The Great Manger Mystery : Five animals enter their barn after a hard day of work to find there's a kid lying in their food trough. But who is he? And where did he come from? Is it a conspiracy, or something far greater?

Vivian Watts

Birds of a Feather: A teen and her mother have an argument about the teen's friends. Her older sister is able to lovingly get the same point across without an argument.

Conrad Weaver

What I Want : Life's disappointments and longings are summed up in this exchange between a diner and a greasy-spoon waiter.

Julia Weaver

Life (mime) : Eat, sleep, work, party. Then Death. Surely there is more to life than just this?
The Chair : Illustrating how we get curious about sin, so we try it, but then we become stuck in sin and cannot get out.
The Doctor's Surgery : A very funny mime, showing (very loosely) how Jesus took on the sins of the world, by being one man in a Doctor's surgery taking all the ills of the patients.

Richard Webb

A Nativity Playlet : An original playlet I wrote for inclusion in our Christingle Service in St Peters and St Pauls Church (C of E) in Charing KENT England on 24 Dec 06. Can be performed informally without rehearsal, as the Narrator has the only speaking part. The narrator should be in full control and invite / tell the children where to stand etc. Minimum costumes would be helpful. Could be included in a children's (carol) service etc.

Debra Wehr

Everything I need to know about Christmas : A neighbour brings a book which explains everything the family needs to know about Christmas.
Hilda's Helpful Holiday Hints : A cooking show has a guest who is supposed to be an expert on the holidays, but she doesn't seem to know the real meaning behind Christmas.

Mike and Debra Wehr

Whose Birthday is it Anyway : A family discuss how Christmas is under attack, and anything but Jesus is permitted.

Derek Wenmoth

Can't Be Bothered! : We didn't quite get around to putting tonight's play together.
Clean Up This Joint! : Three women at the beach each have a different approach to care of the environment.
Creatoplane : Two air travellers discuss the origin of the aircraft they are flying in - an allegory on evolution.
Dr Cold Bath : An ancient scholar lectures on Jonah, the reluctant missionary.
Sam The Man : A modern-day version of the story of Samson.
The Aeroplane : A satire on evolution.
The Graduate : A newly graduated medical student stuns her parents when she announces she wants to work with a missionary organisation.
Tonight's the Night : A family is addicted to gambling on the numbers.
Why Doesn't God Do Something? : The theme of compassion is examined as two friends finish a day's shopping.
Why Tangi? : The need for the full grieving process, through the eyes of three Rugby players.
You Do The Crime : Phil is unsympathetic to lawbreakers - until it's his turn.

Annette Wetherbee

3 Witnesses : Three witnesses of Christ's life, death, and resurrection find forgiveness, healing, and redemption.
Dress Rehearsal : Chaos reigns backstage as the church's drama director tries to get the dress rehearsal underway for the Christmas production. Everyone is late, and many of the players are reluctant.
Joseph's Story : A "quick-change" version of the story of Joseph, designed for only five players.
Josiah's Journey : The owner of the house where Jesus and the disciples celebrated the Last Supper reflects on the Easter events. Can be used as continuity for a Communion Service.
The Chair : The parable of the banquet ( Luke 14:7-11) done in humorous style.
The Expedition : On the journey to heaven, the members of the church travel together - even through the rough spots. Echoes of Pilgrim's Progress.

Julia Wheeler

Don't Just Follow the Crowd : A mime: Peer pressure is powerful, and we sometimes just do what other people are doing because it looks really cool. Don't. Just be yourself.
Good Enough : A mime: Isn't being good, good enough to go to heaven? It doesn't matter what you've done, how many people you've helped, who you've been nice to - the only way you are going to get to heaven is through Jesus.
Masks : A mime: We all wear masks- try and be someone we are not, or who we think other people want to see. But with Jesus the only person he wants you to be is you.
Ropes : A mime. All sorts of good things are on offer in life, like money, fame. But they only tie you down, and pull you apart; none of them let you be free, except Jesus.
The Box : A mime. Two people become stuck in a box (symbol of their sin) and try to find a way out. One person tries on own strength, and fails. The other is shown the Bible, and manages to escape.
The Sculpture : A mime. A simple reconstruction of the scene at Calvary. It is not obvious at first what is going on, but by the end all is clear.
The Shooting : A dramatic monologue reconstructing a courtroom drama in which the Judge's son takes your sentence. A modern retelling of what Jesus did for us.

Dan Wilson

30 Days in the Ark : The nitty gritty of life for the sons of Noah as they struggled to keep the ark clean during the flood.
Between Two Thieves
: 3 criminals (one of them Barabbas) discuss their prospects of being forgiven the punishment of crucifixion.
Chipmunk Police
: Chip DeMonk of the Forest Patrol teaches two children about the need to care for the environment.
Diversity Training
: Two young Americans with little experience abroad arrive in Ecuador, displaying their ignorance of the customs and geography of the country.
Feeding the 500 : Three "clients" in a soup kitchen discuss the motives of those who work there.
Jesus Loves Me : Becoming a Christian does not mean that Sam stops making mistakes. As he moves through life we see him interacting with a variety of people, often making bad choices. But at the end Jesus does not withhold his grace.
Knock at the Door : Ever wonder how you would react if Jesus scheduled a visit to your home?
Philip and the Official : The story of the meeting between Philip and the Ethiopian official, as a puppet play.
Self-Exile : Two missionaries have been ordered out of a riot-torn country by its government. One does not want to go.
Symphony of Blood : Sounds and symbols of the passion of Jesus are presented by a "Greek Chorus".
The Crisis Zone : Crises come in many forms...and so do our responses. What would be your reaction to this domestic situation?
The Workers : A modern setting of the parable in Matthew 20:1-16.

Rob & Christina Wilson

Stolen Property : The Holy Spirit (in his role as Counsellor) helps a young man with a stealing problem.

David Winfield

A Costly Business : A dialogue for two persons - based upon 'The Disciple' by Juan Carlos Ortiz. A new disciple discovers what the real cost is of following Christ.
Christmas at The Bethlehem Fawlty
: The characters from the British TV comedy, Fawlty Towers, feature in this Christmas story. Basil and Sybil are at odds over what to do with the newly arrived Mary and Joseph, when the situation is complicated by the arrival of a hotel inspector.
The Cat's Tale : The Christmas story seen through the eyes of inhabitants of the manger. Two Narrators act the voices and the other cast members mime.

Tom Woodley

Building for the Present : A man in a coma in the intensive care unit of a hospital is visited by different people in his life.  As his visitors speak to him -- not knowing whether he can hear -- it is clear that he has repeatedly rejected God in his life.
Dear Ann Landers : A troubled woman writes to a newspaper advice column to get help on several areas of her life.
The Whole Ocean in a Glass of Water : A husband and wife fly south to Florida for Christmas vacation. The husband's restlessness with his life forces him to ponder God, Christ's birth, and the decisions he's made in life.  Ultimately, he and his wife find profound parallels between the vastness of the ocean, the nature of God, and the person of Christ.

Peggy Woon

God's Angels : The Christmas story seen from the perspective of three angels. This skit was firstperformed by school age children from ages 4 to 12. I based the skit after the television series/movie: "Charlie's Angels". God's Angels were given certain missions to accomplish culminating with the Nativity scene.

Matt Worthington

In the Midst of Disaster : A teenager expresses his concern to God for his family. Michael questions God's presence, yet God is there listening to Michael's cry. God talks to him but Michael doesn't listen.

Theodore Wright

Moses Vs The Burning Bush : A humorous re-telling of the familiar Bible story, to show that anyone can be used by God regardless of weaknesses, self-doubt and excuses.

Chris Wyatt

Here is the News! : Showing how different media adapt the news to suit their own purposes.
Highway to Havana : A quick skit on how not to stage an aircraft hijacking.
Knocking on Heaven's Door : A successful churchman discovers that the qualifications for entry to Heaven are not quite what he anticipated.
Secrets of Successful Selling : How to sell successfully door-to-door.
The Backroom Boys : While God created the heavens and the earth in six days, the assistance of thousands of backroom staff goes unsung.
The Log : A workaholic husband can't see that he has contributed to his wife's alcohol addiction.
What Goes Up : A prospective passenger has a confusing lesson in buying a train ticket.

Chris Wyatt & Ian Harvey

Telethon Time : A Telethon host is perplexed when guests front up with something other than money. A parable on the use of talents.

Linda Wyke

Abraham and Sarah : Abraham struggles with the request God makes of him, to sacrifice his only son Isaac.
Hannah and Penninah : An argument develops between the two women when Penninah discovers that Hannah has left three-year-old Samuel in the care of the priest Eli.
The Funeral of Jesus : Following the crucifixion, bystanders and followers of Jesus are unable to understand how this could have happened, if Jesus truly were the Son of God.

Mark Young

Christmas Gift : A simple telling of the Christmas story, using pieces from a nativity scene.

Tom Zander

Father's Day : A new husband is worried whether he is ready for fatherhood.