Thatís Original!

By Andy Lund


Modern family life has a strong parallel to events in the Garden of Eden.


God (voice only)


Narrator:  Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made.

Snake:(hisses throughout)  Ssss so.  Iím ss so crafty.  Ssss superior too.  Sss so superior. Ssss smashing.

Eve: Hello snake.

Snake: Missster Snake to you. In fact Ssss Sir Snake would be more apt. Much better for a sss superior sss serpent, Iíd ss say.

Eve: Fine.  As I was sayingÖ

Snake: Yesss

Eve: It really is an ideal sort of place here.  A real Garden of Eden.

Snake: That'ss because it is the Garden of Eden, woman.

Eve: Silly me.

Snake: Ssss silly you.

Eve: And apart from one little rule we can do just what we like.

Snake: Rule?  A sss silly little rule?  Ssss surely not.

Eve: Itís nothing much. Just that God said we could eat fruit from any tree except that one in the middle.

Snake: Ssss surely not. How ss silly. Why would he ss say that?

Eve: Because he said weíd die.

Snake: How absssssurd.  Iím sure he didnít sssay that.  If you do eat from that tree itís more likely youíll have a mind-expanding experience.  Youíll be like God himself. Youíll be able to know all things. Youíll be incredibly wissse.

Eve: Well it does look good.  I bet it tastes good. And you say itíll make me wise as well?

Snake: Of courssse.

Eve: Well, it canít harm, I suppose (Eats)  Mmmm. (Adam enters)  Here, hubby, try some of this.

Adam: (Eats) Mmm.

Eve: (To snake) See what you mean about a mind expanding experience.  It does open a whole new world ofÖinsight and..inspirationÖand knowledge Ö and needlework.

Adam:  Needlework?

Eve: YesÖneedlework.  I really have got to do something about your lack of trousers.

Adam: (Looks down) Oh I see what you mean.  (They both start stitching fig leaves)

Voice of God:  Adam, where are you?

Adam:  Err, ah, sorry, Lord. Over here. Just attending to a little household task.  Bit of a needlework emergency. After all, I didnít really want to meet up with you in my birthday suit, as it were.

God: Birthday suit? Who told you you were in the buff? Have you been doing something I told you not to?

Adam:  Well noÖnot really. It was Eve. She gave me some of the fruit from the tree and IÖI ate it.

Eve: Well, to be honest I was hardly to blame.  It was the snake. It kind of deceived me and I was tricked into eating it.

Snake: Typical! Ssss so typical.

(This action freezes)

Teenager:  (Jumping up from front row) Oh, for goodness sake. This Bible stuff is just so irrelevant. What is all this nonsense about Adam and Eve and the snake? Itís absolute pants!

Dad: (Jumps up): Will you sit down! It might be irrelevant but at least itís a break from you and whatís happening at home.

Teenager:  Oh great! Bring it up again, why donít you?  Youíre just so embarrassing.  I hate you!

Mum: (Rising) Love, donít lose your temper with dad. I mean, it wasnít his fault you were caught shoplifting, was it?

Teenager:  Oh, go on.  Embarrass me some more in front of all these people. Anyway it wasnít my fault.

Dad: How do you work that one out?

Teenager:  It was Evie.  She dared me. She said everyone does it. Itís dead easy.

Mum: Doesnít make it right.

Teenager:  Anyway, itís Wooliesí fault.

Dad: How do you work that one out?

Teenager:  They leave everything right there on the counter so open. Itís just a temptation. They make it dead easy.  Anyway if you two stingy wrinklies gave me more pocket money I wouldnít need to nick stuff. I could buy it.  So itís really your fault.

Mum: So far itís our fault, itís Evieís fault and itís Woolies fault. Did you have anything to do with it at all?

Narrator:  (At front with the action from before): So the Lord banished them from the
Garden of Eden.


© Andy Lund
All rights reserved
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