The Widowís Offering

A monologue by Linda Goff


A Humorous tale of vanity and sacrifice based on the parable of the widow's mite.


Luke Chapter 21


A witty widow


(Setting: a quiet corner in the temple)
(Jumps as if startled. Speaks to the audience) Oh, excuse me, I didnít see you standing there. Iím afraid the peacocks always distract me. (giggles) Oh, you donít see the peacocks! Just watch the temple There they are!  See, those men over there. I call them my peacocks. They strut through the temple with their fine feathers...long robes that can catch the sunshine and leave you blinded.

You really should watch them sometime. You canít get a better show at the amphitheater. And itís free! Iíve studied them for years, and Iíve almost got the strut figured out. (mimics the walk with hips swaying. A simple basket held out in front of her) See, you have to walk with your nose pointed up to the heavens, and carry your gifts about six inches out from your belly. That way everyone can see what you are bringing. You must never make eye contact with your audience. Of course, you have to peek a little to make sure everyone is paying attention to you.

(stops walking) Go ahead. You try. (pauses) No, no, not so much in the hips. Theyíre going to think you have worms or something! Remember, youíre making an offering at the temple, not auditioning for some manís harem. Keep it dignified...

Oh, and I forgot to tell you the most important part! To be a rich peacock, you must have a servant in the temple to spy for you. Heíll let you know when the largest crowds are gathered. It would be a pity to bring your finest gold if no one is around to see you.

(Frowns a bit) My offering? No. I wonít bring it up in front of this big crowd. Iím afraid my two, little copper coins donít make much of a show. (raises her chin) Not that Iím ashamed of my gift...mind you. Itís the best that I can do. Why, Iíll eat nothing but bread for an entire week to make this offering.

(pauses and smiles) Oh, donít look so sad. God wonít let me starve. I may be a simple sparrow compared to all these peacocks, but the Lord watches out for me. Iím always amazed at the way he provides. Youíll see. Iíll be standing here next week...ready to watch the show.

(picks up her basket and begins to walk off) Donít forget to work on that strut. Okay?

Copyright Linda Goff, all rights reserved
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