House Building 101

By Michael Humphrey


The two builders of the house on the sand and the house on the rock get together.


Builder One
Builder Two


One: Yep… Gotta real nice piece of property here.. Prime real estate..

Two: I’d say you do… And a really nice house… What’s it got?

One: Well, not to brag, but ... 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, Swimming pool, tennis court, Jacuzzi…

Two: That’s quite a house…

One: Sun Room, Indoor Basketball court.

Two: Ok… You win… So, how much did you pay for the property??

One: You know, that’s the funny part; I paid next to nothing for it… But just look at the view..

Two: Yeah any closer and you’d be part of the ocean…Hmmmm…

One: What Hmmmm.. What?

Two: How’d you build your house?

One: I built it right on the ground.

Two: What about your foundation?

One: Foundation, Smoundation.. This house is built solid..

Two: So… You don’t have a foundation. You’re 50 yards from the beach… You don’t think you have a problem..

One: Of course not… This house can withstand anything…

Two: Don’t look now, but your house is moving.

One: Huh??? What?!?!?!? Oh my… HELP!!! It’s a natural disaster!!!

Two: It’s Called HIGH TIDE!!!! Now, things are coming together…

One: My house is becoming an underwater refuge for marine life and all you can say is Things are coming together..

Two: If you’d built your house with a good foundation like mine, we wouldn’t be having this conversation..

One: But that would have cost me….

Two: Wave good-bye to your house… Insurance????

One: What’s insurance??

Two: Oh boy… As we bid a fond farewell to your “monumental edifice to gluttony”, let’s talk..

One: My dream house… It’s gone…. (Starts crying)

Two: (hands him a Kleenex) Ok… Let’s start from the top.. You realize that if you had only built your house on a firm foundation, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

One: But, the land… The house… It was all..

Two: Yeah… Yeah… Yeah… Here’s a shekel, call someone who cares…

One: What can I do??

Two: First, let me show you what a real house is like..

One: This is your house? I could fit this inside my master bedroom..

Two: Which is at the bottom of the ocean.. Can I continue?

One: (Sniff) Go ahead..

Two: How much further from the water am I than you?

One: 50 Yards?

Two: Correct, yet I built my house to withstand the rigors of the ocean. I made the foundation on solid bedrock. You, on the other hand, built your house on sand. What did you expect to happen?

One: I expected to live in this house..

Two: Until HIGH TIDE…. My, how forward thinking..

One: Ok.. So I made some bad decision. What’s your point?

Two: The point is unless you build on solid ground, you are going to fail. It’s like your faith..

One: What faith??

Two: Exactly. If your faith is built on nothing, you have nothing. But if your faith is built on the firm foundation of the Bible, things just seem to more along a lot more smoothly.

One: What do you mean?

Two: Faith. The kind of faith that leads you through the storm. Right now, all you’re worried about is the house? What about your family? Where are they? Do you know? Do you care?

One: They’re…. They’re…. My gosh, you’re right… I better go find them.

Two: They’re fine, but my point is that you didn’t know or care.. You need to change your focus.

One: Ok, How?

Two: First, Build your Christian House on the Firm Foundation. Live a life you know you are truly thankful for.

One: Ok… What else?

Two: Then let’s see if  we can get this house back and on solid ground..

One: Hey, I like the way you think.


© Michael Humphrey, All rights reserved.
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. He may be contacted at: