Trust in a Trunk

By Ryne Mimbs


A humorous look at trusting God through the eyes of several Biblical characters. Can be performed as monologue or with several people.


Hebrews 11:1-2; Matthew 14:22-34 ; Jonah; Jeremiah 1:4-2:19


1 speaker  (optional 1 or 3 Biblical characters)
Props: Trunk, flowery Hawaiin shirt, explorer/sailor hat, tie, Bible, cell phone


(enter talking on cell phone, carrying trunk and Bible.  dress should be casual, everday)
 Listen Rob, all I'm saying is that every once in a while, I'd like to know God is there.  We're following and obeying someone we can't sense in any way physically.  Hebrews 11?  (writes down)  Yeah, I'll be sure to read it, but I have to clean out this old costume trunk for Mr. Stroberg.  Yeah, for real.  Alright, man.  I'll see you around.  Later. (hangs up phone, looks from Bible to trunk, trunk to Bible for a second)  Ok, the trunk can wait a minute, I got to check this verse.  (finds it)
Hebrews 11.  "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for."
Right.....  (opening trunk, etc....) Of course the ancient were commended for their faith.  I mean they walked with Christ, talked with Christ.  They didn't have to trust in someting unseen.  (takes out flowery Hawaiian shirt)  Well, this is......interesting.  (reads) Peter outfit.  Now that's exactly what I'm talking about.  Peter had one of the closest relationships with Christ.  How could someone like that have any doubts.  I've always wondered what it was like o walk on water.  (puts on shirt or second person enters wearing same shirt.  Next part is performed as a surfer character with an exaggerated southern California surf accent)
 So like me and the other disciple dudes were out in a boat on the Sea of Galilea that night after Jesus fed that crazy mob with a few biscuits and some fish.  This huge storm hit, man.  I mean, some gnarly waves rockin our boat.  Some crashers, thrashers, even some pipelines, dude!  I like the crashers cuz they're easier to ride on a short board, but anyways.  The other dudes were all like, "We're gonna die!" and I'm like, "I wish I had my board!" and Bart's (Bartholomew) all hurlin over the side.  It was crazy! Well, next thing I know, Matt (Matthew) says, "Dudes! A ghost thing!"  That was wicked scary.  We look out and somethin' is walkin across the water!  Finally, Jimmy (James) yells, "Bro's! It's Jesus (pronounce hey-zus, Spanish accent)!"  And sure enough, it was the bossman, just walkin across the waves.  I yelled, "Hey Jesus! Can I come out?" and He's like, "Go for it, Pedro. Just keep your eyes on me."  So I stepped out of the boat and get this......I was walkin on the water.  So there I am, walkin on the water and everything's goin good, till I started hearing the wind blowing and seeing the waves crashin' around me.  As soon as I took my eyes off Christ, I started sinkin'.  I cried out, "Jesus (pronounced correctly)! Help me, man!"  And Jesus reached out, pulled me out and walked me back to the boat. (takes off shirt, return normal, or second character exits)
 Ok, so maybe Peter wasn't exactly the model character of trusting.  Come to think of it, there were a lot of times when he and the other disciples didn't fully trust God.  But it always turned out for good.  (Pulls out hat....could be sailors hat, explorer's hat, something to suggest traveler, perhaps with seaweed on it)  Nice.  (reads) Property of Jonah's Whale Watching Company.  I can identify with Jonah.  Get scared because you don't understand God's commands.  (as Jonah, or second character performs in identical hat as Jonah)
 (writing)  Dear journal.  Day 32 at sea, day 2 in the belly of this whale.  I'm getting used to the smell.  And it seems that the overgrown minnow and I have worked out a bit of a relationship.  I keep still so as not to give him  indigestion, and he takes in a little extra food and keeps his blowhole open long enough for me to write.  However, as much as I am enjoying this little anatomy lesson, I can't wait to get out of here.  I can honestly say I've learned my lesson.  Next time God says go somewhere, I'll be there before you can say Joppah.  Unless it' nevermind.  Last time I said that, it was Ninevah.  God said go, I said no, and thus here I am.  I can just hear the other prophets now.  "Hey Jonah, how's the FISHING for men going?"  or "Hey Jonah, something smells fishy in Ninevah, wanna check it out?"  Well, it's time for my prayers, plus the fish is getting a little anxious to go back under.  Maybe I'll start a whale watching service when I get home.  Hope tomorrow is better.  Glad I'm not claustrophobic-Jonah.  (return to normal)
 So God gave Jonah a second chance.  Even though Jonah didn't trust Him.  Amazing what one can learn from a bunch of old clothes. (pulls out tie) Very nice. Let's see what this one is. (reads) Jeremiah tie.  Wow.  Talk about a preacher!  Jeremiah was incredible.  Let's just try it on for size.  (same as before.  voice should be nasal with a lisp, very wimpy, very Jerry Lewis-esque)
 (praying)  Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.  Should I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.  God, bless momma, daddy, aunt Jezebel, uncle Hezekiah, and (looks around as if hearing something, goes back to prayers) and bless grandpa Jebediah, and grandma, (as before, then calling out thinking that someone is playing a joke) Ok, David, I know it's you.  Ezekial?  Quit calling my name......(finally realizing).....oh, hey God.  What's happenin' big man?....... You got a message for me?  Well, go ahead, I am your messenger!.......(face drops) You want me to do what?!?  PREACH?!?!? C'mon God, you're kidding me, right?  I mean that's like asking Jonah to go to Ninevah! Me? Preach?..........You're gonna do WHAT if I don't?........Ow......Owwwww......OK, THAT'S ENOUGH, I'LL DO IT!!.......So, where do you want me to go?.....(face drops even more) JERUSALEM?!?!? What?  Have you lost your ever-knowing mind?  Do you know how big that place is?  I mean, Samaria, sure, Bethlehem, maybe,  but JERUSALEM??  Look, I'm not complaining, but God, I am only a child, how will they listen to me?  I know, I know, You helped Moses with his stuttering problem, but God, listen to me.  I sound like a chipmunk!  With a lisp!  What are you gonna do? Give me a whole new voice? (starts coughin as if he has a hairball. clears it out, then) Whoa that was crazy.  What's the deal God?  You give me a hairball the size of a whale and my voice is no different?.......Try to speak.......right......if You say so, here goes......
(suddenly very strong, almost overdone) PEOPLE OF JERUSALEM!  REPENT!  THE LORD IS TIRED OF YOUR EVIL WAYS AND HAS SENT ME TO TELL YOU THAT HE WILL DESTROY YOUR NATION IF YOU DO NOT HEED HIS WARNINGS AND IT IS TIME TO TURN FROM YOUR EVIL WAYS AND REPENT!!! (back to nasal) Hey, that was pretty fun.  Well, God, I'm just gonna clean the house, and then (suddenly remembers punishments) or I think I'll just go straight to Jerusalem.
(resume normal voice)
 So, trusting God is more than believing He's there.  It's also about trusting in His commands even if it means stepping out on faith like Peter learned.  And Jonah found out that it's about doing what he says even when it seems improbable or impossible.  But mostly, it's trusting Him with everything: our strengths, weaknesses and letting Him work through us.  Sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.....  (picks up cell phone, dials) Hey Rob, you remember that verse you told me about?  Let me tell what I think about it.....(exits, talking on phone)