Valley of Dry Bones

By Cleveland McLeish


A dramatic telling of the Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones. Could be done as a Readers Theatre.


Voice of Story Teller
Crowd (Consisting of about 6 people)


(Crowd enters walking very slowly and mechanically looking like people without hope.)

VOICE OF STORYTELLER:  There is a valley, a certain valley. A place in our minds that we dwell in times of despair.

CROWD:  Why hast thou forsaken us, Oh Great Jehovah?

VOICE OF STORYTELLER:  We are lost, empty, alone…punished for not remembering that all things were made by Him and there is nothing made that He didn’t make.

CROWD:  Why have you allowed us to be defeated, Oh Holy One?

VOICE OF STORYTELLER:  We cry out to Him day and night and it seems He is no longer listening.

(Crowd starts to hum.)

VOICE OF STORYTELLER:  Thus our journey begins as we search for The One who promised to deliver us from despair…deliver us from ourselves…and our journey sometimes ends…
(Crowd walk to center stage where they stop and face the audience.

VOICE OF STORYTELLER:  …In the Valley of Dry Bones!


MEMBER # 1:  Why are you cast down, oh my soul? And why are you disquieted within me?

DARKNESS:  Where is your God?

MEMBER # 2:  He will come!

DARKNESS:  I pity you all. If God loves you as much as He claims He does…He would be here.

MEMBER # 3:  The Lord will command  His lovingkindness in the daytime. And in the night His song shall be with me. A prayer to the God of my Life.

DARKNESS:  You will die in this place…in your despair... and God is not within a thousand miles from here. Do you still require more proof that God hates the human race?

MEMBER # 4:  For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son…
(They fall to their knees)

DARKNESS:  Your strength fadeth like the leaves in winter. You shall inherit nothing but death. God has failed you my dear children. He maketh you to lie down in your sorrow and despair.

CROWD:  Our bones are dried, and our hope is truly lost. We are cut off for our parts.

DARKNESS:  He has given you up like sheep intended for food. And now…you belong to me! (Laughs as Crowd falls)


DARKNESS:  You’re too late Nazarene…They are dead.

JESUS:  You have forgotten…I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me, though he may die, he shall live.

DARKNESS (Angrily):  Is it not written…It is appointed unto men once to die…after that the judgment.

JESUS:  Here lies their judgment. I will open their graves and cause them to come up out of their graves, that they shall know that I am the Lord and they are my people.

DARKNESS:  I will increase their oppression.

JESUS (With authority):  You shall have no authority over them unless it is given to you by God the Father.

DARKNESS:  I will greatly multiply their griefs…

JESUS:  Silence…!

DARKNESS (shocked):  Silence?...Do you…

(Jesus looks at him sternly and he shuts up)

JESUS:  Stand still and see the salvation of God the Father.

(Jesus walks about looking at the Crowd lying on the ground)

DARKNESS (To Audience):  He’s bluffing. He knows these belong to me now and there is absolutely nothing He can do about it.

JESUS (To prophet):  Son of Man! Can these bones live?

PROPHET:  Oh, Lord. Thou knowest.


© Cleveland McLeish, all rights reserved
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