Pentecost Rap

By Nick Clarke


Acts 2:1-15


Verse 1:          Sunday Morning ‘round about 9.00.
We’re all feeling scared, no one feeling fine,
Meeting in the Market place, talking in the street,
When down came the Lord, and gave us all a treat.

Chorus:           That’s  what the  Prophet Joel predicted
That’s who Jesus said He’d send,
That’s the power of Gods’ Holy Spirit,
You can get him if you want to,
He’s here ‘til the end.

Verse 2:          Flames in our hair, fire in our blood,
 Made us feel strong, made us feel good,
 Feeling kinda weird, feeling kinda strange,
 Some said we’re drunk, some said deranged.


Verse 3: All start to babble, some start to fall,
But we ain’t confused, no not at all,
Ain’t on no drugs, ain’t had no drink,
This power’s from God, no matter what you think.


Verse 4: Peter was the man, he got up and spoke,
  “These people aren’t drunk, and it ain’t no joke,
  God’s Spirit is within them, don’t you realise”,
  Thousands believed, and went to get baptised.

Chorus  (repeat last line a second time louder, then shout “CHECK IT OUT” and point to audience).
Copyright Nick Clarke 2003, all rights reserved.
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