The Chair

A mime by Julia Weaver


Illustrating how we get curious about sin, so we try it, but then we become stuck in sin and cannot get out.


Chair painter,
Girl stuck to chair,


A chair, and a sign saying, "Do not touch"


There is an empty chair centre stage, facing audience. Sign face down on the floor next to the chair.

Chair painter walks in, starts painting the chair. Shows it off to audience. Very particular, making sure every spot is covered. Then picks up sign - it says 'Do not touch' - and places it on the chair, facing audience. Chair painter looks at the chair, smiles at audience, proud of his/her work. Warns audience not to touch. Smiles again and walks off stage. Stops mid-way to turn and warn audience again. Walks off stage.

Girl walks on stage. Sees chair. Looks at audience and gives a puzzled, inquisitive look. Walks over to chair, sees the sign, creeps around it, looks it all over. Gives a shrug to audience. Quickly touches chair with one finger. Looks at audience, 'nothing's happened!'. Gives chair a look again, walking round it, making sure there's no hidden trap. Looks at audience, touches chair again, finger lingers a bit longer on it this time. Nothing happens. Looks at audience and smiles, picks up sign and throws it away.

Leans on chair with hand, whistling, looking cool and proud.

Eventually decides to leave. As walks away, realises hand is stuck to chair. Looks at audience, baffled, slightly worried. Shakes chair, trying to get it off.

'Walker' enters, reading a book, walking towards girl and chair. Girl looks up, sees walker, and nonchalantly leans on chair again, as if everything's normal.

At this point, walker notices girl. Girl waves. Walker gives audience a puzzled look, and moves on.

Girl still frantically trying to remove her hand from chair, places other hand on seat of chair in order to force it off. Then realises both hands are stuck.

Jogger enters. Girl notices, and pretends to be weight lifting with the chair, smiling at jogger as if everything's ok. Jogger notices her, jogs on spot for a moment looking at her puzzled. Gives audience a puzzled look, and jogs off.

Girl tries to force chair off with her foot. In doing so, her foot slips, and she ends up sat on the chair, with one hand stuck to the seat in front of her and one hand behind. Tries to stand up and realises she is completely stuck. Looks at audience, desperate.

Man walks in. Girl sees him and sits upright, smiling. He sees her and stops. Looks at audience - 'wow!'. Walks over to her and gestures for her to come with him. She nods and smiles. He starts walking and she tries to follow him, but of course is still stuck to the chair. He notices and waves her off, looking annoyed and disgusted, interacting with audience.

As he walks away, girl desperately tries to follow him for a while, then realise its hopeless.

Makes her way back to centre-stage. Struggles a little longer. Can't budge. Looks despairingly at audience. Puts head down, dead.


Script posted by Julia Wheeler. If you use it, please let me know on Happy sharing the message of Jesus!