Don't just follow the crowd

By Julia Wheeler


A mime: Peer pressure is powerful, and we sometimes just do what other people are doing because it looks really cool.


Cool leader. 3 followers.


The three followers are standing around talking, when the cool leader walks in. Immediately they turn and move to her. They fawn over her, and she pushes them away. She walks to the front and stands, hands on hips looking confident. The others spread out behind her.

They look at the way she is dressed, and change to copy her. For example they all tie their hair back, untuck their shirts, try and look trendy.

Without looking at the followers the cool leader zips up her fleece. The other three immediately follow, one after the other.
Cool leader, rolls up her sleeves, looking confident. The others copy.
She tucks her shirt in. They copy.
Rolls her trouser legs up. They copy.
This continues for as long as you like, with the cool leader doing all sorts of things:
Tucks her trousers into her socks.
Rolls down one sleeve.
Ties her hair on top at the very top of her head.
Takes off her fleece and puts on the wrong way round.
Makes an earring out of her shoe.

The group just keep following until she has got them all to look really silly. Suddenly she returns all her clothes to normal, and lets her hair back to were it should be. She turns to her followers, looks at them in their ridiculous clothing and shakes her head. She walks away laughing, and before leaving the stage, she turns to them and points and laughs. Freeze.


© Copyright Julia Wheeler, all rights reserved.
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