By Dan Wilson


Two missionaries have been ordered out of a riot-torn country by its government. One does not want to go.




Kathy: Come ON, Joan. We've got to hurry. If we don't get out of here soon, we may never be able to leave.

Joan: I know.

Kathy: I can't believe this has happened. Just when everything seemed to be going so well. People were really starting to respond to us.

Joan: Yeah, I know.

Kathy: Look, I know it's hard to leave. It's hard for me too, for all of us. But you've got to snap out of it and get your things together or leave them. With or without your luggage, we leave in ten minutes.

Joan: Without.

Kathy: Joan, I don't have time for this. You're going to need clothes at least for the return trip to the states.

Joan: I'm not going back, Kathy.

Kathy: We don't have a choice, Joan. People are rioting in the streets. The government has imposed martial law and all foreign workers are ordered out of the country by tonight.

Joan: I know that. But I can't abandon them. Not now.

Kathy: You can't save them. The "white man's burden" was a myth and these people don't want you to try to be their savior.

Joan: I know I can't save them. I'm not a rookie, Kathy. When I look out that door I don't see a bunch of statistics on a "10-40 window" chart. I see people. I love them, Kathy. I don't want to leave them.

Kathy: That's admirable, but you are a white missionary. It doesn't matter that these people have accepted you as one of their own, which they haven't. It doesn't matter you have bonded with them spiritually. It doesn't matter that you want to identify with them in all they through. In the eyes of the army, you are a white, American, foreign worker with no right to be here.

Joan: God called me here, and I'm not going to let an uprising keep me from staying where God has called me.

Kathy: God called all of us, are you saying that we should all stay and be martyrs?

Joan: No. I don't know what God called you to do once you got here. I only know that He called ME to stay.

Kathy: I can't support this, Joan. If you stay, you will no longer be a part of the mission. You'll be on your own. There will be no support, no help, no other way for us to get you out. If you come back with us, you can return here as soon as its safe.

Joan: God called me to be with these people. If you ever come back, you'll see why. I'm sure of it. When Paul and Silas sat in Jail, the doors and windows flung themselves open. Instead of taking their freedom, they stayed, and by being prisoners, they were able to lead the jailer's family to salvation.

Kathy: I can't stay and argue with you Joan. I have to leave, NOW. Come with us.

Joan: I love you, Kathy. Please tell my family and my church that I love them.

Kathy: Goodbye.


Dan Wilson, all rights reserved.
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