A Friend Forgiven

By Sarah Nixon and Laura Barr


A modern adaptation of John 21:15-19, when Jesus asks Peter 3 times, "Do you love me?" Peter is scared and confused, and doesn't know what to do, while Jesus just wants to show His love. It would work with teenagers (as we did it) as well as adults.


John 21:15-19


Peter (We had Peter wear jeans and a dark colored shirt)
Jesus (We had Jesus wear jeans and a white tee shirt)


(Peter standing alone on the side of the stage, reminiscing about his past. He could have a podium with his opening and closing monologues on it. This is a slow script and the actors should not rush it.)

Peter: I remember it like it was yesterday. He told me I'd betray him. I told him it was impossible. That would never happen. I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to believe it. But sure enough, just like he said, I pretended I didn't know him. Never mind those three years we worked together, never mind his trust in me. I threw it all away. And I regretted it. When I heard he was back in town I was scared. Scared to face the guy I stabbed in the back. It became my mission to avoid him. Then one day, in the fishing department at Wal-Mart...

(Peter walks into the scene and pretends to be looking at a piece of equipment. Jesus enters. When Peter looks up and sees Jesus, he tries to look away and rush out, but Jesus calls out to him.)

Jesus: Peter! Wait, hold up...

(Peter slowly turns with an air of resignation.)

Jesus: Look Peter, I know what you did.

Peter: Yeah, yeah I know you do. You told me I would. What, you didn't trust me?

Jesus: That's not it.

Peter: Oh really, that's not it? Come on, man. You made your mind up about me from the beginning. You didn't even give me a chance

Jesus: Peter, you know that's not true

Peter: Know? What do I know? First you made all these promises, and made all these plans. I gave up so much for you. And then it was all over. What was I supposed to do? I mean, you weren't around. People came and asked me if I was your friend. I don't know if I'm your friend. I said I'd give up everything for you. I would die for you. But when you needed me most, I wasn't strong enough. You should know better than to trust me now.

Jesus: Peter, are you my friend?

Peter: You know I wish I could be.

Jesus: Peter, are you my friend?

Peter: I want to be.

Jesus: Peter, do you love me?

Peter: (Peter is hurt) You've known me since the beginning. You know I do.

Jesus: Well, I've got a job for you.

Peter: (Almost shocked) You trust me?

Jesus: I knew you from the beginning, remember? Yes, I trust you.

Peter: Do you think I'm strong enough?

Jesus: Yeah. It isn't going to be easy, Peter.

Peter: Will you be there?

Jesus: I have to go soon. But don't worry, I won't let you do it alone. I've got your back.

(Jesus freezes as Peter steps out of the scene)

Peter: Somehow, I knew he was telling the truth. He always did. It wasn't easy. It was tough, it was hard, but somehow it was easier than walking away again. And I know the only reason I could was because he forgave me. Because he trusted me.


Copyright 2005 Sarah Nixon and Laura Barr.
If you use our script, can you kindly jot a note off to freetobehippyme@yahoo.com? Also, we are giving you permission to change any lines that just don't work for your production, except for the "Are you my friend? - do you love me?" lines. Those are important since Jesus used a different word for love the third time he said it.