By Randall Johnson


Abram's wife shows how not to pray or depend on God.


Genesis 16




(Sarai enters and takes a seat with mortar and pestle)

Every day it's the same thing.
Clean up, prepare the food, cook the food, and then once again clean up.
If only something would break the monotony.
If only there was the sound of little children running around.
Why do I do this to myself?
I am old and my womb is closed up.
Who on earth would imagine a woman 75 years old giving birth to a baby?
But God did promise…
Yes, but He didn't promise me anything.
He promised Abram a son that would come from his own body.
I wasn't even mentioned.
Has God forgotten that I am the wife of Abram, his chosen?
How does He plan to make my husband into a great nation if he can't even have children?
Am I being punished? Why is he keeping me from bearing him a child?
(Frustrated, looks away. Then a light comes on.)
You know, Hagar is of childbearing age.
Perhaps that is what God meant. Maybe he wanted Abram to have a child with Hagar since I can't have a baby.
That's logical. (Pause) In fact it's a great idea. It must be from God!
(Set's down mortar and pestle)
I will tell Abram to sleep with Hagar and that perhaps we can build a family through her.
I am his wife, and I can be persuasive, so surely he will do as I say.
(Looks around)
Maybe there will be the sound of little feet after all.
(Exits in a hurry)

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