Karate Kid?

By Daniel Guilliot


After watching a show on TV, Daniel tells Josh that he can break those boards just as easily as on TV. But Daniel is about to learn what it really takes to be a karate kid… practice. Keywords: Training, preparation Script Production notes: A simple clear stage is all that is necessary – ideal for the front of a church.


2M, 2F


Scene begins with Daniel and Josh watching TV as if they are trying to find something good on.


Daniel: (holding remote) 850 channels on this thing and there is nothing to watch.

Josh: Yea…cable stinks! (Quick pause) Whoa, dude! Put it back on that last channel…

Daniel: Why?

Josh: Because I think I just saw something really cool.

Daniel: (using remote) This?

Josh: Yea…Dude, its people breaking boards…sweet.

Daniel: Oh come on…that’s nothing.

Josh: What do you mean’, that’s nothing?

(Both stare at TV and then react in pain)

Both: Ow!

Josh: That gotta hurt…

Daniel: Come on, you know I could do that.

Josh: Yeah, right, and Al Gore has a real shot of becoming President someday. (Or insert other more relevant topical humor).

Daniel: Come on; help me find a board or something.

Josh: You’re serious, aren’t you?

Daniel: Yes…

Josh: Okay (Begins looking around for a board on stage. Points to the guitar and Daniel shakes his head.)

Josh: (notices the podium) What do you think of this?

Daniel (walks to podium) Well, it is a big piece of wood. Maybe…

Josh: (grabs a piece of wood hidden behind the podium and shows it)

Daniel: (realizing it is not the podium that Josh was pointing to) Oh - I thought you meant the…never mind.

Josh: What?

Daniel: (quickly) Nothing… let’s do this here (moves side stage)

Josh: Okay, what do I need to do?

Daniel: Hold the board just like this, and then I’m going to…(Heather and Amanda enter)

Heather: Hey, guys. What’s up?

Daniel: Nothing…

Amanda: It looks like they are about to do something really stupid.

Josh: Just to let you girls know that Daniel is going to break this board with his hand, and I’m going to hold it for him.

Heather: That’s just stupid…

Amanda: What did I just say!

Heather: Daniel, have you ever done this before?

Daniel: No, but what difference does it make?

Heather: (speechless) What… difference?

Josh: (defensive) I’m sensing a lot of negativity over here and it is hurting Daniel’s concentration…

Amanda: (mocking Josh’s defensiveness) Excuse us. Go right ahead. We’ll just stand over here so we can give you two the smallest amount of negativity that is possible.

Daniel: Thank you. Now Josh, remember to hold the board like this. Alright?

(Daniel takes a few practice tries and then hits his left hand on the board.)

Daniel: (in a squeaky voice) Excuse me for a moment (hides behind something) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

Heather: (turns to Amanda) I told them. Didn’t I tell them?

Amanda: Yep…I guess they just were not using their heads.

Daniel: (brain storm) That’s it! I need to use my head. Josh, hold the board again… (turns to the ladies) and you ladies just be careful. There may be some splinters coming your way.

Amanda: You know, there are times when I wish I had a video camera for this.

Heather: I hear you. (Or, if camera is being used in service: “Don’t worry, I get the feeling this is being taped anyway.”)

Josh: Shh!

Daniel: Thanks, Josh. Are you ready? One, two. (Hits his head on board. Momentary pause while his head is against the board.) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

Heather: (pauses and smirks) That’s using your head…

Amanda: What about this one? Thanks, Daniel, for that hard hitting report. (Laughs)

Josh: (chimes in) What about: This is no way to get ahead in ministry. (no laughs)…What?

Heather: (goes up to Daniel and sits him on the stage) Daniel, the folks you see on TV put in months of practice before they break boards. They just don’t go headlong into… (Daniel stares) Sorry. But you have to be ready before you can do this. That goes for anything in life. Before you can become a ruler over all you must first be a servant and learn. I have no doubt that one day you’ll be able to break that board, but until then, you’ve got to learn how. Alright?

Daniel: I guess you are right.

Heather: Now what do you say we get out of here and get something to eat?

Daniel: Sure… (Begins to walk and walks into the wall or falls down).

Amanda: On second thoughts - maybe make that the doctor’s office.

Daniel: Better!

(Fade to black) (All exit)


© Daniel Guilliot, 2006, all rights reserved. This script may not be reproduced, translated or copied in any medium, including books, CDs and on the Internet, without written permission of the author.
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. He may be contacted at: daniel4u18@yahoo.com