Proverbs 31 woman!

By Gwyneth Bedford


When two mates meet in a pub for a sociable drink, one extolls the virtues of his wife. Obvious references to a well-known New Zealand TV commercial. An American version of this script is also available.


Proverbs 31


Ada, Fred's wife


(Scene: Two blokes propping up a bar, glass of beer in hand, very rural, dog at their feet (stuffed!) Gum boots and hats. Backdrop of south Island Ė Cardrona pub - gentle background noise of pub chat.)
Bert: (Like theyíre in mid conversation as we join them)   Iím telling you Mate, sheís an absolute gem, my Ruby.  Never been a woman like her.
Fred: Thatís the beer talking Bert.
Bert:  Nah Mate, Iím telling you sheís the best  I have full confidence in her, thereís nothing she canít handle. Best dayís work I ever did was marry that woman.
Fred: She must be to put up with you Bert.
Bert:  My lifeís never been so sweet since I married that gal. Sheís up at the crack and out and about before Iíve rolled out of bed.  Cooking or making  things.
Fred: Bet she spends all your money though.
Bert:  No, sheís a shrewd one, Fred.  I gave her her own bank account and allowance and Mate!, she went and bought some land, planted it up with vines.  She worked like a dog (No offence Shep) (TO DOG ON THE FLOOR!), and believe it or not itís now a going concern. Sheís turning a profit already.
Fred: I expect that means youíre living off take-aways ?
Bert:  Nope! Hot meal, every evening, without fail. Always inviting in waifs and strays too.  Got a heart of pure gold that woman.  Life and soul of any party. Always leaves me with a warm glow.
Fred: Thatíll be the homebrew! Wonít it Bert?
Bert:  (Laughs). Tell you the truth Fred, I donít know what Iíd do without her, I depend on her.You know sometimes I worry about the days ahead but she just laughs and has this confidence about things, she always makes me feel better.
Fred: (shivers) Bit cold in here Arthur (Barman), put another log on the fire will yer? You cold Bert?
Bert:  No, my Rubyís made me this scarlet waistcoat, beautifully warm it is. She made one for the kids as well. We all match! The Scarlet Squad they call us.
Fred: Sheís a good Ďun alright.  She good with the little Ďuns?
Bert:  They all adore her of course, bless her.
Fred: You still on the local council, Bert?
Bert:  Yes, Mate, I am and at the last council meeting the chairman actually asked me what Ruby thought of the new bypass proposal! I think heís got a soft spot for her, she must have made him some of her famous muffins.  Itís not done me any harm.  Behind every good man Ö Ah, I wouldnít swap her for all the sheep in Southland.  Still mustnít go on about her, boasting.   Howís your Ada?
Ada: Fred, come and get yer supper.  Itís liver again and itíll go hard if you let it go cold and Iím not heating  it up again.
Fred: Yes dear.  Your Ruby shure sounds like a  wonderful woman.
Bert:  Yes Mate, (pause) but there is one thing Ö..
Fred: What is it, mate?
Bert:  She doesnít drink Speights, mate.
Fred: (amazed) Doesnít drink Speights! (big pause) Sure is a hard road to find the perfect woman.

Copyright June 2001 Gwyneth Bedford, all rights reserved.
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