Cooking with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

By Paul E. Russell


Come and enjoying cooking with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Take a journey with television's latest celebrity chefs from within the fiery furnace. Learn how to cook and fire a pot at the same time, and other important culinary skills.


Daniel Ch. 3


Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego


(The three actors areon the stage with chef hats on and a counter nearby.)

Shadrach: Welcome to cooking with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

Meshach: We are so glad you could all join us here today on location in sunny Dura. We have something extra special designed for you today.

Abednego: BBQ cookery.

Shadrach: Now with BBQ cooking, as with all outdoor cooking, the heat is very important

Meshach: You want to get everything nice and hot. We always like to check the furnace temperature from within, but you might not want to try this method at home.

Abednego: Traditionally when you think of cooking on an open fire you are limited, as you use the ember and remaining coals rather then the blistering flames.

Meshach: But with King Nebuchadnezzar's ingenuity and assistance…

Shadrach: Friendly as it is…

Abednego: And with the assistance of our Saviour, anything is possible.

Shadrach: Today we are going to do a dish not normally associated with BBQ cooking…

Meshach: But a dish that should be added to everyone's menu…

Abednego: A hot pot.

Shadrach: One pot cooking is easy and never fails to impress.

Meshach: It also limits the washing up.

Abednego: Since we find ourselves today in this lovely furnace we thought that we might begin this demonstration by making our very own pot.

Meshach: It is always easier making a hot-pot in a freshly fired pot.

Shadrach: With the tenderest lamb you have ever tasted.

Abednego: Now to fire a good clean pot you need to kiln it at above 1100ºc…

Meshach: …but since we have the heat…

Shadrach: Artwork!!

Abednego: Adding a glaze will make the pot aesthetically pleasing…

Meshach: As well as providing a great sealer on the ceramic.

Abednego: When you are making a pot, remember to try and keep the air out of the gaps, otherwise when it gets hot the air will expand and the clay will break.

Shadrach: Please remember this at home, because a pot can actually explode if it is not built correctly, and that can be very dangerous.

Meshach: Especially if you are in the kiln when it explodes.

Abednego: Now, since we have limited time, here is a pot that Shadrach fired earlier this morning.

Pulls out ornately designed pot from behind the counter.

Shadrach: We don't recommend always holding a freshly kilned pot or baking a hot pot while holding onto your pot.

Meshach: Dfinitely not. If this is your first hot-pot you might want to keep a safe distance.

Abednego: Unless you also have King Neb's unwanted assistance.

Shadrach: Kings like to push us to do our very best.

Meshach: I guess that is why he has taken over so much of the world.

Abednego: No faith though.

Meshach: Not very many manners either, all he has done all morning is stare.

Shadrach: I guess not every cooking show is brought to you from within an oven.

Abednego: True.

Meshach: I don't know if many chef shows can get Jesus as a special guest either.

Abednego: I didn't think of that. That is probably the reason. Back to the show.

Shadrach: The trick to a hot pot is not getting it too hot.

Meshach: Which can be difficult in a raging inferno seven times hotter then normal.

Abednego: But not impossible.

Meshach: Oh no, not impossible.

Shadrach: Faith, my friends.

Abednego: To make life a little easier, place on a lower heat for a longer time.

Meshach: All we do is place all our meat and vegies into the pot…

Abednego: Add a little water…

Meshach: And some stock.

Shadrach: Stir every few minutes and add a little salt for flavour.

Abednego: And voi-la, dinner for three.

Meshach: Now, if you are a bachelor trying to impress a young lady, it is probably a good idea at this time to get some bowls…

Shadrach: And garnish with a dash of cream and a sprig of parsley.

Abednego: But if you are just watching the footy with your mates, grab three spoons, dig in and save on dishes.

Meshach: That is all we have time for this week.

Shadrach: Our flames are dying down and it's time to go.

Abednego: Thanks for joining us on Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, the cooking show for believers, and we hope you can join us next week at the same time…

Meshach: When we will be coming to you live from a delightful little ocean town called Damascas…

Shadrach: Where we will be helping to feed five thousand with only one lunch box full of food.

Abednego: Can't wait, it is sure to impress.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego: Goodbye (all wave and walk off).


This is a Paul E. Russell script. Please notify him by email if you choose to produce this skit. His address is . The writer would also appreciate any feedback and photographs of the production.