Up, Up and Away!

A musical by Raymond J. Lombardi
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Flavius, an overweight, not-to-bright centurion, is on a quest - a quest to find the risen Christ! Rumors have it that he's been seen all around the city. . . so Flavius enlists the help of some of Jerusalem's street "urchins" to help him find Jesus before he goes back to heaven! Along the way the children learn about the real reason Christ came, and also a thing or two about disabilities. This fun musical features two solos, and and great accompaniment trax. Good for right AFTER Easter!



Just thirty-three years wasn’t much to do what needed to be done
But just thirty-three years was all it took to do the work God gave his son
Then in a flash in the blink of an eye
hello today and tomorrow goodbye
He was up up and away
In the clouds he rose that day
Did he leave behind some clue to find
how we all can learn the way
He was up up and away
He’s gone and yet someday
He’ll return and then
though we don’t know when
it will be a wonderful dayJust thirty three years was all the time it took to change earth’s history
Just thirty three years that ended in the greatest victory
He came to die He rose to live
He gave all that he came to give
Look up in the sky
Let me tell you why
The way he left is the way he will return

Soon he will come back
Then you’ll know for sure
If you’re going up or if your gonna burn


It will be a wonderful day
It will be a wonderful day!(The scene: It is the day of the ascension of Jesus into heaven. We’re in the city of Jerusalem in a back alley where the local street gang of 10-year-olds hangs out. The kids are playing a game of when the local Roman Centurion patrolling the streets spots them and comes over to chase them away.)

Mordicai: "Uh Oh, here comes trouble. . "

Jonas: "You mean Flavius, that old centurion?" (Jonas points in the direction of Flavius)

Mordacai: "Yeah, what a pain in the neck he is!"

Mary: "Doesn’t he have anything better to do than to pick on us all the time? Can’t they find someone their own size to pick on?"

Ruth: "Hey, let’s go find his chariot and roll it down into the river!" "Can you just picture old Flavius chasing after it with that huge pot belly of his?" (Ruth imitates Flavius) "Come back! Come back! Stop in the name of Ceasar!"

(Everyone laughs and snickers as Flavius comes up to them.)

Flavius: "Hey, you mongrels, what’s going on here?"

Jonas, sweetly: "Good morning, sir. We were just trying to decide what poor beggar to help down to the pool of Bethsaida. Perhaps you’d like to come along and escort us?"

Flavius: "It didn’t sound to me like you were planning a charity event. Besides, I’ve got something much more important to do than chase you kids around today. I’m on a special mission."

Ruth: "Cool! Like a secret mission or something? Can we come? I bet we could help you! We’ve got nothing better to do, anyway."

Flavius, suspiciously: "I thought you just said you were . . ."

Mordacai, interrupting: "Well, we’d rather help you, Flavius. Come on, tell us what you have to do."

(Flavius is obviously thinking that this may be a way for him to avoid work)

Flavius: "Well maybe you can help me. I’ve been assigned to find Jesus."

(All the kids start laughing at him and ridiculing him)

Mary: "Well DUH, Flavius, I don’t think he’s moving around much these days, being DEAD and all!"

Jonas: "You been seeing ghosts again, Flavius?"

(Mordacai, pretending to see Jesus off behind Flavius’ back!)

Mordacai: "There he is! No, over there. . .no there’s three of him over there!"

(Everyone continues to laugh)

Flavius: "Go ahead, enjoy your little laugh. But we’ll see who’s laughing when he taps you on the shoulder and asks you if you believe in him!" Haven’t you kids heard that Jesus has been spotted all over Jerusalem? The boss is going crazy! He’s convinced this is some kind of conspiracy against the government, and I’ve got to stop it!

Mary: "So you’re not just making this up?"

Flavius: "No! Of course not! So what do you say? Do you want to help me or not?"

Everybody, at random: "Yea, sure! We’ve got nothing better to do.. . why not?

Mordacai: "But wait a minute. . . how will we find him"

Where to Find Jesus?

from Up, Up, and Away

words & music by Raymond Lombardi

Where to find Jesus

Where to find him

How to look

Where to search

What to know

Where to find Jesus

Where to find him

Can you tell me what I need to know

To find the one who fed the thousands on the hill

The one who healed the sick and the ill

The one who raised up men from the dead

The one from whom the demons fled

To find the one who calmed the waves on the sea

To find the one who taught in Galilee

The one who promised we could find

eternal life and peace of mind

I want to find him

I want to find

I need to find him

If I could see him

I could be set free

Where to find JesusWhere to find Jesus

Ruth: "Well, I know one clue that will take us to Jesus"

Mordacai: "What’s that?"

Ruth: "Just follow the crowds. It seems like whenever Jesus was around there was always a crowd."

Jonas: "Hey, that’s true. . . I heard that someone saying that there was going to be some kind of meeting today and EVERYONE who is ANYONE was going to be there!"

Mary: "I heard that, too!" I’ll bet two denarius that if Jesus is really alive, he’ll be there right in the middle of everything."

Ruth: "You know, I can’t believe Jesus would want to be around any people, the way he got treated by the crowds before he died."

Mordacai: "Yeah, can you imagine? First they line the streets on the way into town, yelling out "Hosanna" and "Here comes the King!", the next minute their calling out for his crucifixion. Why in world would Jesus even want to see these people again?"

Jonas: "If it was me, I’d be on the next boat to Egypt."

Mary: "There must be some reason for Jesus to want to be with these same people. Hey, this is turning out to be a real mystery!"

The Reason He Came

from Up, Up, and Away

words & music by Raymond Lombardi
They laughed at him and never understood

They nailed his body to a cross of wood

But noone was so clever or so smart

To see the love of that came from in His heart

The reason he came

Was to show how much he loved both you and me

The reason he came

The reason he died upon the tree

Was to take my place in death and to pay my penalty

The reason he came

To give me the victory.

They tried to force him to become their king

Yet they scoffed and scorned him with a thorny ring

They wanted him to end the roman rule

Yet they mocked and called him just a crazy fool


He took my place in death

He paid my penalty

I’m the reason he cameI’m the reason he came

Flavius: "Alright, are you kids gonna help me or not? I gotta get going."

Mary: "Sure, we’re in. . . right guys?"

Everyone: "Yea, sure, whatever. . . etc."

Mordacai: "Hey, look! There’s Samuel. Let’s ask him if he wants to help us."

Jonas: "What can he do? He’s a cripple! We’d practically have to carry him everywhere."

Mary: "Listen, Jonas, just because Samuel has a bum leg doesn’t mean he’s got a pigeon-sized brain like you! He’s smarter than all of us put together, and besides, He’s got a reason to want to find Jesus."

Ruth: "I’d say Samuel is no more crippled than you or me, Jonas. He moves faster than roman chariot in a gladiator race when he wants to!"

Flavius: "Kids, kids, kids. When you get grow up like me. . ."

Mordacai: "You mean grow OUT like you. . ." (points at his pot belly)

Flavius: "As I was saying, when you grow up like me you begin to realize that we all have things in our life that hold us back. I’ve been lugging around this belly for years. Wife’s had me on the Jerusalem diet, you know, matzohs and chicken soup, but I can’t seem to get rid of it. Samuel’s got a bum leg, but that boy’s got two things going for him: spirit and brains!" I say we recruit him to help us."

Mary: "Once I heard Jesus say to let all the little children come to him. I’d say that includes kids like Samuel!"

Choir sings: God Knows

God Knows

from Up, Up, and Away

words & music by Raymond Lombardi
God knows about those

Who may not have great brains

God knows about those

Whose eyes can’t take the strains

God knows about those

whose legs and arms don’t bend,

God knows about those

whose heartbreaks never end

He loves them all

And in his eyes they are just wonderful

He loves them all

And he’ll never turn them away

He wants them all

To depend on him for all they need

But most of all

He wants to care for them each day

God knows about those

who cannot read or write

God knows about those

who have an overbite

God knows about those

who haven’t got good ears

God knows about those

who cry so many tears

And if God knows about all those

he surely knows about me

And if God hears he’ll calm my fearsand help me be what he wants me to be

(Everyone approaches Samuel, who is off to the side reading a scroll of some sort.)

Mary: "Hey, Samuel, how’s it goin?"

(Samuel doesn’t look up, he just keeps on reading. . .)

Samuel: "OK"

Jonas: "Feel like helpin’ us, Samuel?"

(Samuel finally looks up. . .)

Samuel: "What did you have in mind?"

(Flavius takes over. . .)

Flavius: "We’re looking for Jesus!"

Samuel: "Really? How interesting." (Samuel goes back to his reading)

Mordacai: "Yea, Flavius thinks he may be around here somplace, but we kind of doubt it."

Samuel: "He’s right."

Ruth: "What did you say?"

Samuel, with more emphasis: "He’s RIGHT!"

Flavius, to the others: "See, I told you so!"

Mordacai, trying to ignore Flavius: "How do you know this?"

Ruth: "Yea, how come you know and we don’t!"

Samuel: "It’s easy! Just listen to what people are saying. All morning long people have been talking about something big that’s going to happen this afternoon. It wasn’t hard to figure out that Jesus was involved. That’s what EVERYONE’S been talking about. I even know where he’s going to be this afternoon!

Flavius: "You know for sure?"

Samuel: "Sure I do."

Flavius: "So, you going to keep us in suspense, or are you going to spill the beans?"

Mordacai: "What does beans have to do with anything?"

Ruth: "Nothing, you sheep brains! It’s just an expression!

Samuel: "I’ll make you deal. You help me get to Jesus, and I’ll tell you where He’s going to be."

Jonas: "No problem. We wanted you to come anyway. Why are you so interested in finding Jesus?"

Samuel: "Because He will make me walk."

Mary: "But you can walk now, you just limp a lot."

Samuel: "Yea, but I want to be able to run and play like you guys. I heard Jesus could heal my leg just by looking at it!"

Mordacai: "Wow! That’s cool. You think he’ll do it?"

Samuel: "Yes! I’ve been reading all about it in the Scriptures! Jesus came to heal people just like me! All I gotta do is really believe in Him."

Ruth: "So you’re saying that you gotta have FAITH, right?

Samuel: "That’s right - you have to faith!"

Samuel and choir sings: "You Gotta Have Faith"

With Faith Everything is Possible

from Up, Up and Away

words & music by Raymond Lombardi
You see that mountain over there

The one with the snow on top

He said that I could make it move

And I could make it stop

If I just believe in faith

that God can do anything

It’s faith that is the key my friend

Of faith is what I Sing


Cause with faith everything is possible

And with faith there is no unthinkable

Cause with faith there is nothing too hard for me

Cause with faith everything is possible

Cause with faith everything is possible

With faith no matter what the odds

No problem great or small

Can hold me back or make me quit

It keeps me standin’ tall

Cause faith in one so powerful

As faith in God’s own son

Is all I need to overcomeCause the battle has been won

(After Samuel sings the whole group prepare to leave. They are just about to go when they realize that Flavius is deep in thought and not paying attention.)

Mordacai: "Flavius! You ready to go?"

Flavius, startled out of his trance, mumbles: "Sure, I guess so. . ."

Ruth: "What’s the matter, Flavius? You should be happy that Samuel knows where Jesus is going to be!"

Jonas: "Yea, what’s up?"

Flavius, reluctantly: ‘Well, I’m just thinking. . ."

Mary: "Go on, tell us!"

Flavius: "OK, I’ll say it. I think Samuel is right! You have to have faith! I’ve never really had faith in anything or anyone, but I’ve seen how Jesus has made people turn their lives around completely! Once there was this tax collector friend of mine. Zacheus was his name. Never saw someone change so much as he did! Jesus really had some effect on him. I’m just wondering if maybe I’m looking for Jesus for the wrong reasons. Maybe I need to be looking for Jesus so I can get my life straightened out.

Mordacai: "You know, Flavius, sometimes you’re an O.K. guy."

Samuel: "Maybe we’ll both find what we need when we find Jesus, Flavius. I’m sure he’ll be able to take care of both of us."

Mary: "Me too! I don’t want to be left out of this. What if Jesus really is alive, and he can save us just like he was always telling people. I’d want him to take care of me, too."

Jonas: "Yea, me too!"

Ruth: "It’s obvious that we ALL need to find Jesus, and I say the quicker the better."

Mary: "All this time we’ve been ignoring what Jesus did and said. I feel like I’ve blown my chance with him. Do you think he will forgive me for not believing in him sooner? What if he’s just disgusted with us and when he leaves he’ll just be laughing at us and playing a cruel, cruel joke on us! Although I could never believe that he would do that. I’m so afraid I’ve just let him down. I just hope I get the chance to tell him now how I really feel. . ."

Mary sings "What I Want to Tell You"

What I Want to Tell You

from Up, Up and Away

words & music by Raymond Lombardi
Before you slip away from us

Before you disappear

I need to share my heart with you

to end my doubting and my fear

I want to tell you just how much

You’ve come to mean to me

I need to thank you oh so much

for setting my soul free

What I want to tell you, Lord is "thank you"

What I want to tell you Lord is how I feel

About the way that you showed your love by dying on that treeWhat I want to tell you Lord is what you mean to me

Until I hear you speak my name

Until I see your face

I’ll hold on to the promises

of your mercy and your grace

For someday when we finally meet

and I place my hand in yours

I’ll look into the loving eyes

of the one my heart adores

(Off in the distance the crowds seem to be swelling. . .)

Samuel: "Look! Over there! (Samuel points in the direction of the crowd.)

Flavius: "My boy, I think you're on the right track! I’ll wager two loaves of my wife’s unleavened bread that Jesus is in the middle of that crowd!

Jonas: "We’ll that’s a bet I’ll pass on. . . I’ve heard about your wife’s unleavened bread. They say you can use it if you run out of bricks!"

Mary: "This is so exciting! Come on. . . let’s get over there. I don’t want to miss this!

Ruth: "I wonder if he’ll know our names. . . or if he already knows that we’re looking for him. I hope he doesn’t feel like we’re bothering him.

Mordacai: "My uncle told me that Jesus once said "Let the little children come to me, and do not forbid them, because the kingdom of heaven is made up of little children!" I’m sure that means us, too! Look! There he is!

(A voice from offstage is heard. . .)

Jesus: "You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jersusalem, and in all Judea, and to the ends of the earth. . ."

(Jesus ascends to heaven. . .)

Flavius, startled: "WOW! How did he do that! He just raised his hands and disappeared right into that cloud! The boss is never going to believe this! What will I tell him? (pause)

I’ll never be able to explain this to him. . . he’ll think I’ve been hitting the passover wine again! And I don’t even like the stuff. . .

(The kids all sit down on the ground, looking dispondent. Everyone feels defeated and whipped. No one talks for a moment. .) .

Mordacai: "If we had just been here five minutes ago!"

Mary: "It’s too late! We’re doomed! And poor Samuel will never get to run with us!"

Jonas: "I thought for sure we’d find him, and then everything would be O.K.!"

Ruth: "I guess it was just a dream. He’s gone, and from the looks of it, I don’t think he’ll be back anytime soon. What are we going to do now?

Samuel: "There’s got to be a way. I’ve come this far, and I’m not going back! I believe Jesus can heal me, and I’m going to talk to some of the men he’s been seen with! Maybe they know something that will help me. Who’s coming with me?

Mordacai: "I’ll come, Samuel, but I don’t know how much good it will do to talk to them."

Ruth: "Well, we may not have to go anywhere. It looks like two of his friends are heading right over here to us!"

(Peter and John come right up to them. . . Peter walks right up to Samuel and says:)

Peter: "Does it hurt much?"

Samuel, startled: "What do you mean?"

Peter: "Does it hurt when you walk?"

Samuel: "Yes sir. I came here to ask Jesus to make it better, but me and my friends were too late. We saw him go away. And I just know he could have made it perfect. We wanted to ask Jesus a lot of other stuff, too. About what he meant when he said we had to be born again and stuff. Anyway, I guess we’ll never know now."

John: "Now just hold on there, little fella. As a matter-of-fact, Jesus gave us permission to help anyone who asks. After what Jesus has done for me, I’m going to spend the rest of my life helping others!

Peter: "That’s right. All of his friends deserted him, especially me. But Jesus never let us down. So now we’re going to help others and tell the good news about who he was and what he has done.! What’s your name, young man?"

Samuel: "Samuel."

Peter: "Samuel, in the name of Jesus, who made blind men see and lame men walk, I say to you that you are healed! Go ahead, run around the square!"

(Samuel drops his crutch, takes a few tentative steps forward, and realizes that he is completely healed! He begins running and jumping around his friends.)

Samuel: "Mordacai, look at this! I can jump! I can run! I can leap through the air!"

Ruth: "You’re going to break the other leg if you don’t slow down!"

(Mary turns to address Peter and John

Mary: "There are some things I really wanted to tell Jesus. . ."

Peter and John: "We know!"

Mary: "How did you. . . I never. . . When did I. . "

Peter: "Mary, we know that you love Jesus. He loves you, too. And you, and you, and you and you, and you." (Peter points to everyone) He loved you so much that he died for you on a cross, but now he’s alive, and everything is changed. Children. . and you too, Flavius. . . give him your hearts. And you what? What you just saw here today? Well, he said he’s going to come back after we tell all the world about what he’s done. So what do you say? Are you ready to give all to him?"

Ready to Live for Jesus

from Up, Up and Away

words & music by Raymond Lombardi
Livin’ life on the edge of reality

Goin’ day to day not knowing what to be

Then we discovered the truth

We heard the call of God

and we are ready to live for Jesus


Ready to live for Jesus

Ready to serve him ready to obey

Ready to live for Jesus

Ready when he comes back

Ready when he comes back

Ready when he comes back

Ready for that day

There is no hope in life when you’re on your own

Sadness and pain from being alone

Then we discovered the truth

We heard the call of God

and we are ready to live for Jesus

That Day will soon be here

When we will say goodbye

For the same way he left this earthHe’ll return for us in the sky!



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