The Treasure

By Kevin Penner


A retelling of the parable of the man who found a treasure in a field.


Peggy Sue (his wife)
Mary (friends of Harold & Peggy)


(Peggy Sue is sweeping floor, etc. Harold enters, whistling, with paper in his hand)

Peggy: What are you so happy about today?

Harold: You're not going to believe it.

Peggy: I'm not going to believe what?

Harold: I just found a box of treasure in old man Jones' field.

Peggy: You're right, I don't believe you.

Harold: I was plowing with the oxen when suddenly the plough hit something.

Peggy: Okay, a joke's a joke. But like I said, I don't believe you, Harold.

Harold: Hey listen, Peggy-Sue! (puts hands on her shoulders - looks her square in the face) Have I ever lied to you?

Peggy: No, but you have played tricks on me before. (she pulls away and continues on with her housework)

Harold: There's something else you won't believe. (pause) Well, don't you want to hear what I did?

Peggy: No, but you'll probably tell me anyway.

Harold: (quietly) I just sold everything we own -- the house, the cow, the beds, everything!

Peggy: (quietly, with incredulity, more a statement than a question:) You're not joking, are you? (shakes head wordlessly; Harold also shakes head) Harold, are you out of your MIND?

Harold: (grabs her hands and waltzes around the stage) Yes! I am out of my mind! (stops suddenly, speaks softly but intensely, close to Peggy's face) Out of my mind with joy! (Peggy breaks away with look of dismay, etc.)

Peggy: Oh, Harold, now you've done it! Of all your hare-brained schemes, this is the worst you've ever come up with! (she wheels around, comes up to him, points her finger at him) You know, my mother warned me about you. She wanted me to marry John, but of course my father and your father were friends so it was all arranged. (she throws hands in the air) Now John owns a farm and has lots of money. Oh, I was born to be unlucky!

Harold: But don't you see? With the treasure I found we will be able to live in a big house . . . with servants!

Peggy: (sarcastic) Where is this treasure you talk so madly about? Let me see some of it.

Harold: It's still in the field. I hid it again.

Peggy: Still in the field? HA!

Harold: You see, it didn't belong to me. But I asked Mr. Jones if I could buy the field and then it would be mine.

Peggy: So for this field you would give up all we have?

Harold: Yes -- Mr. Jones wants a place to retire, so we made an even trade -- his field for our house, the furniture and cow.

Peggy: I suppose he keeps the oxen?

Harold: But soon we'll be able to buy a whole herd of oxen! (there is a knock at the door) Come in.

Peggy: Oh mother, I'm so glad to see you. Do you know what Harold has done now?

Mother: Let me guess -- he planted the garden with cooked corn so you won't have to cook it later?

Peggy: I wish that was all he had done. He went and sold the garden.

Mother: Sold the garden?

Peggy: And the house, and the furniture, and the cow, and the . . .

Mother: (to Harold) I demand an explanation for this outrageous behaviour.

Harold: I've bought a field with a hidden treasure that will . . . .

Peggy: A treasure I haven't even seen yet . . .

Mother: (to Peggy, confidentially:) I warned you about him, Peggy.

Peggy: (almost crying now) I know, Mother, but it was all arranged between our fathers . . . (sobs into mother's shoulder)

Mother: I know, I know . . . It'll be all right. You can come home for awhile till it all blows over.

Peggy: (to Harold) I'm going to mother's place. Please tell me you've changed your mind when I come back tomorrow. (she exits hurriedly)

Harold: (calling after her) But Mr. Jones is moving in tomorrow. (shrugs shoulders) No one understands. Oh well, I better start packing. (brings box onto stage) At least Mr. Jones didn't want the bed rolls. (he rolls up mats, puts them in box; John and Mary enter)

John: Well Harold, old boy, can I help you with the packing?

Harold: Thanks, John, but there's not much to pack. We're leaving almost everything. By the way, how did you know we were going?

Mary: Well, news will travel. Your mother-in-law is not one to . . .

Harold: Say no more -- I know what you mean.

John: Uh, Harold, we're a bit concerned about you, actually . . .

Harold: Oh?

John: Don't you think you're being a bit rash to, er, commit yourself like this? What if it doesn't pan out like you expect?

Harold: Oh, I'm not worried.

Mary: Well Peggy is. Don't you have any thought for her?

Harold: She'll come to see I'm right.

John: Have you counted all the coins in this, er, treasure box? Is it worth the price you paid? How do you know it will still be there tomorrow?

Harold: I'm not waiting till tomorrow; I'm going to get it right away.

Mary: Well, we're uh, very happy for you. (She rolls her eyes, and stalks off stage with John; they look at each other, making signs that Harold is crazy, etc.)

Harold: (to audience:) When you find something of great value, you just have to take a risk, even if family and friends don't understand. you see this paper of transaction? It says that I am a very . . . very . . . RICH MAN! (he smiles and exits with box and paper)

Narrator: The Bible says that the kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid, then from joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys the field. The Bible also tells us that all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Christ. He who finds Christ, finds everything.


© Copyright Kevin Penner. All rights reserved.
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