Adam and Eve on the Yesterday Show

By Joanne Miller


Adam & Eve talk about their mistake and its consequences with a talk show host.  The fact that God still loved them is the thing that overwhelms them.


Adam &
Billy Bible Ė talk show host
Announcer Ė off stage


Announcer: Itís the YESTERDAY SHOW with your host, Billy Bible.

Billy Bible comes on stage with a hand held mike.

Billy: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.  Today we have 2 very special guests for you.  They are 2 people whom you know very well and yet have never met.  Due to the miracle of electronics they are able to be with us today.  Please give a warm welcome to Adam & Eve.

(Adam & Eve enter (dressed in green if possible) looking very afraid.)

Billy: Come on in Adam & Eve and have a seat.  You donít have to be afraid.  All of these people that you see today are here because of the 2 of you.  See what you started?

Adam: Wow.  There sure are a lot of them.  We figured we had a large family with Cain & Able, not to mention Seth.  Are they all your relatives?

Billy:  No, no.  As a matter of fact most of us are from different families.

Eve:  Wow.  How many families are there on earth now?

Billy:  Thatís a tough question.

Adam:  Doesnít she ask some doozies?

Billy: Iíll tell you what, why donít I ask some questions?    Now for all of our Yesterday viewers  Ė Would you please tell us how it was in the Garden of Eden?

Adam: It was great.  There was nothing to be afraid of, all the animals were friendly, food was just dripping off the trees and bushes, and there was no rain and no sibling rivalry.

Eve: I never had to cook dinner, or wash clothes, or keep a mouse out of the cave.

Adam: It was so beautiful, too.  The colors even seemed to be alive Ė green seemed to pulse with life.

Eve: Of course, the best part was God Ė He was always near to take care of us and just to be our friend.  We were never lonely or depressed.

Billy:  Sounds like a great place.

Eve: It was, at least until that snake came along.  To think I believed him!  He really pulled the fig leaves over my eyes.

Billy:  Donít you mean he pulled the wool over your eyes?

Eve:  Whatís wool?

Billy: Never mind.  Weíve all heard the story many times before, but would you please tell us in your own words what happened that day?

Eve:  Youíve all heard it many times?

Billy:  Thatís right.

Eve: Did you hear that Adam?  All these people know about my mistakes.  I suppose this is your doing.

Adam:  I had nothing to do with it!

Eve:  Sure!  Well, the snake came walking up to me.

Billy:  He didnít slither?

Adam: Oh no, he didnít have to then.  He could walk before God got so mad at him.

Eve: Thatís right.  He told me that if I took a bite of the apple he had that I would be as good as or better than God.

Adam:  Can you believe she fell for that?

Eve: Ha, Mr. #1 man, you fell for it too.  Anyway, I knew God was great so I took a bite because I wanted to be just like Him.

Billy:  But you knew it was wrong, didnít you?

Eve: I have to admit I did know it was wrong, but I figured one little bite wouldnít be so bad.  It was though; it cost me everything.

Adam:  You mean it cost us everything.

Billy:  What happened when God found out about it?

Adam: God came looking for us that evening.  We used to walk with Him in the garden after supper.  Sometimes we went to pick cherries together.

Eve: But that night we hid from God because we were naked.  Before we bit the apple we didnít know anything about clothes, we had Godís glory all over us.  We were so scared that night, though.  We figured God would be very mad, and He was.

Adam: Funny thing was, though, He seemed to be angrier at the snake.  When He started dealing with us, He had tears in His eyes.

Eve: That was the worst part Ė we knew we had really let Him down, after all He had done for us.

Billy:  So He made you leave the garden?

Adam: Thatís right, but He made some clothes for us first.  Before that stupid apple weíd never been too cold or too hot.  Things sure changed in a hurry.

Eve: And we had to work very hard after that.  No more evening strolls with God after supper.

Adam: Not all the animals were friendly anymore either.   I found that out the hard way!

Billy: How about your relationship with God after He made you leave the garden?

Eve: Funny you should ask that.  Adam and I have never been able to get over the fact that no matter what we did or how we let Him down, God still loved us.

Adam: Thatís right.  Even when He told us we would have a much harder life now, He assured us Heíd always be there for us.

Billy: Weíre almost out of time for today.  Iíd like to thank the two of you for being here.  Iíd also like to tell you how much we admire your ability to stay together all these years.

Adam: We didnít have a lot of choice.

Eve: Thatís true.  Adam was pretty mad at me after we got kicked out of the garden.  He told me he was even thinking of getting a new wife.  I wasnít too worried, though.   I told him he could have the pick of any other female on earth!

Adam: How generous of you!  There wasnít anyone else on earth except the two of us!

Billy: (Billy quickly cuts in to avoid an argument) Yes, well, thank you for tuning into The Yesterday Show with Adam and Eve.  Please join us again tomorrow for Yesterday, which we hope youíve enjoyed today!

Lights out.
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