Nicodemus, This is Your Life

By Andy Lund


Nicodemus finds it hard to get a word in edgeways, even though he's the guest of honour in This Is Your Life.



MICHAEL ASPIRIN:. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight in the studio is a man who thought he'd just come to another boring meeting. But in fact today is a very special day for someone in particular. Because tonight, Nic O'Demus, religious leader, secret disciple, this is your life.

Nic: Oh no ... etc

MICHAEL ASPIRIN: Now we're going to whip you off to our studio in the heart of London's West End where we have a few surprises for you tonight. (Music)

MICHAEL ASPIRIN: We go back to the very beginnings, Nic. You were born at a very early age in the little known town of Hezi-Hezibah. Little known because nobody can pronounce it. Do you remember this voice...

(Off stage: It's a boy, Mrs Nicodemus )

Nic: No.

MICHAEL ASPIRIN: That was the midwife speaking all those years ago.

(Midwife comes in -embrace)

MICHAEL ASPIRIN: What is your impression of your little boy now.

Midwife: He hasn't changed a bit.

MICHAEL ASPIRIN: As the years went by you had a good education at the Rabbi's school and always did well. Do you remember this voice.

(Off stage) Go to the top of the class, Nic

Nic: No.

MICHAEL ASPIRIN: Yes, it's your old teacher Mani Kin.

Mani: Hello.

MICHAEL ASPIRIN: What do you remember of Nic?

Mani: He was a model pupil. I shall never forget the time when...

MICHAEL ASPIRIN: Thank you Mani. And so we move on. By the age of 20 you qualified as a religious leader in the Jewish faith. You became well- respected and a highly thought of member of the community. It was at this stage of your life that you began to have some real worries about the meaning of life and what eternal life is all about. In the town of Jerusalem where you were living at the time you came across Jesus called the Christ who was causing quite a stir at that time. Do you remember what happened?

Nic: Yes I....

MICHAEL ASPIRIN: Yes, that's right. You went to see him. Do you remember when this was?

Nic: Oh yes . I felt...

MICHAEL ASPIRIN: Yes that's right. Scared to see Jesus during the day you decided to make a night time visit. What was it you asked him?

Nic: I wanted to know...

MICHAEL ASPIRIN: Yes, you wanted to know how to get to heaven. And you received a very strange answer. What was that answer?

Nic:Well, he said...

MICHAEL ASPIRIN: Yes, that's right. Jesus said that you had to be born again. How did you feel about that?

Nic: Well I found it...

MICHAEL ASPIRIN: I expect you found it all a bit confusing. Of course, there's no chance of anyone going back inside their mother's womb (Ha-ha) Did Jesus Christ have an explanation for that?

Nic: He said...

MICHAEL ASPIRIN: Yes, he said you had to be born spiritually as well as physically. No, don't laugh folks, he really meant that quite sincerely. He tried to tell this very well qualified religious leader that he didn't even know how to get to heaven. This only goes to show what an upstart this Jesus Christ was.

Nic: Now, just wait a minute

MICHAEL ASPIRIN: And so we move on.

Nic: No, we don't. You haven't really given the right picture at all The fact is that Jesus really knew what makes me tick He realised that in spite of all my training, religious qualifications and so on I didn't really know God. I couldn't be sure that I was going to heaven .

MICHAEL ASPIRIN: Yes, well there we are. Now as the story progresses...

Nic: Well the story changes from there really. I realised that Jesus was right and I had to be born again My life had to be changed completely.

MICHAEL ASPIRIN: Well we must move on.

Nic: Why?

MICHAEL ASPIRIN: Well firstly because time is running out, and secondly because it is my show.

Nic: Oh really? I thought it was This is your life. And since it is I want to say that meeting Jesus is something that should happen to everybody. Even you, Michael. Do you really know what will happen to you when you die? Can you be sure that you'll be in heaven?

MICHAEL ASPIRIN: Look mate, I'm interviewing you. You're not interviewing me.

Nic: Yes, but it is a question you have to face. Have you been changed - born again? Have you met the Lord?

MICHAEL ASPIRIN: (Drops smile, thinks) There we have to take a break. It's been good talking to you. Until next week it's goodbye from me.


© Andy Lund
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