Dark Threads

By Glenn A. Hascall


A short monologue from the perspective of Job and the difficulties he faced. NOTE: An audio intro is attached that would make this useable for a response to Hurricane Katrina.




(Intro Audio should be played here as a basis for contrast from present suffering because of Katrina to the suffering Job went through.)

JOB: (In anguish) Seven sons, three daughters - gone (snap fingers) jut like that. Thousand of sheep and camels, hundreds of oxen and donkeys, and my servants - they too have vanished like the wind.

One after the other, reports came in telling me of wind, fire and raiders - everything I had - taken and I am left. My wife says, "Curse God and die." This is something I can not do.

Yet I have no answers.

Questions? Yes, questions I have, it is the answer that eludes me.

Friends I have counted on in counsel of wisdom have come to me and they have been little support. They are certain that the reason for my present trouble can only be found within myself. They are determined to make no end of words in telling me that it is because of my sin that I am being baked in the furnace of God.

Sometimes I believe that it would have been a great blessing if I had never been born, yet I have passed through the fires of affliction and have sat in dust and ashes. I have endured the pain of boils that covered my entire body.

The god my friends tell me about is not the God I know. The words they say seem good and right, yet they do not take into account the reality of what I know to be true.

Every question I ask is treated as though I have uttered either folly at best and blasphemy at worst.

What's more, they interrupt me when I am speaking from the deep recesses of my heart. I am weary of the sideways glances and the debate.

If I had some control over what is happening to me, know it would be that my friends would simply show the measure of compassion that I know God provides for me daily.

Oh that no one ever faces the same road I am traveling, yet I know this is not to be. Pain seems to be the dark thread that holds us fast to life.

So today - with God's help - I will live through the pain and whatever the reason for my present suffering, I know one thing to be true - God is good.

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