Not my Fight

By Josh Powell 


A young lad training to be a knight learns that the battles he goes through are not his but God’s.


A castle, in a room where the knights train.


Jason (a squire training to be a knight) 
Garret (the knight who is instructing him) 
A royal messenger
The king
The king’s two daughters, Jaqline and Ariana
Three or four bandits
Mysterious warrior (angel) in white and a n


(At the start of the drama the angel (warrior) should be on the stage but hidden from the audience. As the drama begins Garret is helping Jason improve his sword fighting skills but they both are frozen in place.)

Narrator: In a place far away in a time long ago there was a kingdom that was ruled by a Godly king. This king had several humble God-fearing knights who served him well. The one he trusted the most was Garret. The king had taught Garret everything that he knew about being fair and relying on God. At this time, Garret was in the process of training a young man by the name of Jason. He would spend time each day training Jason so that he would become a strong and loyal knight. Jason, though, had many lessons to learn.

(Characters unfreeze.)

Jason: I am gonna get you this time. (Jason goes straight for the attack. But Garret is too quick and Jason ends up on the floor with Garret standing over him and his sword pointing at him.)

Garret:(Half-laughing) Patience, Jason, you must have patience. You knew that I could counter attack if you did that. Wait until your opponent makes the first move. It is easier to defeat him by counterattacking, not thrusting your sword at him and leaving yourself wide open.

Jason: (Somewhat upset) Do you think I will ever be a knight?

Garret: Come on, we have been at it a while. (Both take a seat and sheath  their swords.) There is a lot more for you to learn, but I assure you, you will be a knight one day. In a few years you will be a worthy opponent for any foe. Just remember, the fight is never yours, it is always the Lord's. And when you get yourself into a position you know you cannot get out of, trust in the Lord and he will save you.

Jason: (Starry eyed and throwing off last statement) After a long day of battling for our worthy king... (Stands up, unsheaths sword and starts playing fighting an enemy) ...Then I will return to the castle (puts sword back in sheath and looks up as if looking at someone who isn’t there). Then I will sweep the fair Princess Ariana off her feet and...

(The King and his two daughters enter, and in the shock Jason trips and falls.)

King: Easy now, my lad.

Ariana: (As Jason starts to his feet) Are you all right?

Jaclyn: You had better be more careful (while laughing.)

Jason: (Looking at Ariana and half stuttering) I.. I..I am f...fine. (Ariana looks at Jaqline and both laugh.)

King: How is the training going with young Jason, Sir Garret. (Before Garret can answer, royal messenger enters.)

Royal Messenger: (somewhat panicked) Your majesty, Sir Garret... it seems some bandits have eluded the guards and are now in the castle.

Garret: Your majesty, may I suggest that you and your two daughters come with me to a safer place in the castle.

King: Yes, I think that would be wise. (Turning to daughters) Girls, come with us. (They all exit, except for messenger and Jason.)

Royal Messenger: You had better keep your eyes open. No telling where they are. (Looks around, then exits hurriedly.)

Jason: (Also looks around, and puffs up his chest.) I am not worried - I could handle them (Takes sword out) They can’t handle this.

(Jason swings his sword nervously, then puts it up and goes to look out a window. Bandits enter from both sides and go to surround Jason. When he sees them, Jason rips out his sword. The two bandits attack Jason, who is pressed hard and backs around the room. Things are not going well for him, when he trips over an object and falls backwards. The bandits laugh at his misfortune, but before they can take advantage of the situation....)

Narrator: Surrounded by foes much larger than himself, young Jason suddenly remembered the words of his trainer: "It is not your fight, it is God's. Jason dropped to his knees and prayed. (Jason follows suit.)

Jason: In you, oh Lord, I have taken refuge; let me never be put to shame. Rescue and deliver me in your righteousness; turn your ears to me and save me.

Narrator: God heard young Jason’s prayer and sent an angel to his aid. (White warrior rises with sword in hand, and the bandits start to back away, at first slowly then turn and run off stage. The warrior vanishes. Jason rises to feet and looks around grateful and shocked. Garret enters.)

Garret: I saw them running away, are you all right?

Jason: (Still a little shook up) You wouldn’t believe what just happened. It wasn’t my fight - God saved me from the enemy. There was no way I could have defeated them.

Garret: Today you have learned an important lesson. Though the enemy may surround us, and there may be no way out, God is always there, No matter how grim and hopeless it seems, God is always there. We worry for nothing because, no matter what the situation, it is not our fight but God’s. Most of the time he does it through us, but sometimes he does it supernaturally, so that beyond a doubt we know it was him.


© Copyright Josh Powell, all rights reserved.
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