The Not-So-Wise Men

By Brian Alleyne


Two other magi arrive in Bethlehem, 33 years too late to give their gifts to Baby Jesus. Trying to find the man, they learn about His ministry and the real reason for His birth. Keywords: Easter, miracles, life of Jesus, ministry


Azarias, magi
Josiah, magi
Innkeeper, son of the original innkeeper
Innkeeper's wife
Mary, Jesus' mother
Man 1 - Formerly lame beggar
Man 2 - Formerly possessed man
Former adulteress
Roman captain
Two soldiers
Roman interrogator
Mary Magdelene


Scene 1 – Inn

(Music: Three Kings. Two richly dressed men holding small boxes regally walk up the aisle to the inn door. Their clothes can be torn or dusty from their long journey. One knocks on the door. Innkeeper enters.)

Innkeeper: Can I help you gentlemen?

Azarias: Greetings, my friend. I am Azarias and this is my colleague Josiah. We are here to worship and bear gifts to the King.

Innkeeper: (Stares.) I’m sorry, but does this look like the palace to you? (Azarias gets annoyed.)

Josiah: (Steps in.) Let me explain. My friend and I have journeyed to find the King of the Jews, whose birth was foretold by the prophet Isaiah. It was said that we would have to follow His star to find Him.

Azarias: But a certain person, as it seems, (Looks at Josiah.) is not good at astronomy, so we wound up following the wrong star and got lost in the desert for who knows how long.

Josiah: I had the chart upside down, okay? Sorry for the hundredth time. But anyway, we’re finally here.

Innkeeper: (Stifles laughter.) I see, so you were with those other guys who brought the gold, frankincense and myrrh?

Josiah: (Grudgingly.) Yes, Balthazar, Caspar and Melchior. They got here before us, I see. So where is the child?

Innkeeper: Wait a minute, lemme get my wife first. Dear, come here a minute. (Wife enters.) Remember that baby who was born here in the manger, who the shepherds and the travellers came to visit?

Wife: Yes, of course.

Innkeeper: Well, these gentlemen are here to see Him and give Him gifts.

Josiah: So can we?

(Innkeeper and Wife look at each other and start laughing hysterically.)

Azarias: What’s so funny? Are we at the wrong place?

Wife: No, you’re at the right place, but you’re a bit late!

Azarias: By how much?

Wife: Not much really, only about… (Counts on fingers.) 33 years!

Azarias and Josiah: What!

Innkeeper: (Laughs.) The desert really makes you lose track of time, doesn’t it? That kid was born here when I was about 2 or 3. Back when my father owned this inn.

(Azarias and Josiah are in shock.)

Innkeeper: The family went back to Nazareth a long time ago. The kid is a man now and, from what I hear, He’s making quite a name for himself. What’s His name again, Sarah?

Wife: Jesus.

Azarias: Well, thank you. Please excuse me and my associate while we have a conference. (Pulls Josiah to one side.) You mean to tell me that we have been in the desert for 33 years? I told my wife I’d be back in a month. Martha is going to kill me!

Josiah: Okay, okay, calm down.

Azarias: Calm down! I just spent the best years of my life frying in the desert like an egg and you want me to calm down?!

Josiah: So I made a minor miscalculation. Hey, that’s life. But we can easily fix this. All we gotta do is go find Jesus now and give Him our gifts.

Azarias: You don’t call getting somewhere 3 decades too late ‘a minor miscalculation’! That’s a catastrophe! And if you think I’m going anywhere with you after this, your brain really is cooked.

Josiah: Think about it. The Israelites spent 40 years wandering to the Promised Land and they eventually got there, right? We’ve already gone this far, what do we have to lose?

Azarias: (Sighs.) Okay, but straight to Nazareth and that’s it. Then I’m going home and I don’t want to hear anything else about quests or journeys, alright?

Josiah: Fine with me. (To Innkeeper) Tell me, how do we get to Nazareth?

Innkeeper: Oh, just follow that road over there and keep going straight.

Azarias: How long is the journey?

Innkeeper: Usually, it takes 3 days – but for you gentlemen, I’m guessing you get there by November.

(Azarias goes to fight but Josiah drags him off.)

Scene 2 – Mary’s House

(Both magi are walking down the aisle towards the stage. For added effect they could have changed their robes into newer, cleaner ones.)

Josiah: Are you sure this is the place?

Azarias: Yeah, yeah. Unlike certain people, I can follow directions. The third house on the left. Ask for a lady named Mary. (Walks up to house.) Here we are. (Knocks.)

(Mary comes to the door.)

Mary: Good afternoon sir, can I help you?

Azarias: Good day to you, ma’am. I am Azarias and this is my friend Josiah. We are here to see your son Jesus.

Mary: Oh, I’m so sorry, sir, but I’m afraid Jesus is not here.

Azarias: (Sighs.) Why didn’t I see this coming? We came all the way from Bethlehem and now he’s not here!

Mary: From Bethlehem? That’s quite a distance, you and your friend must be tired after your journey. Come in and rest for a while.

Josiah: Thank you, ma’am. You’re too kind.

(Both go in and sit. Mary keeps busy, brings them water etc.)

Mary: Jesus hasn’t been home much lately. For the past 3 years he has been travelling around the country spreading the Gospel.

Josiah: You must be very proud. How does it feel to be the mother of the Messiah?

Mary: It was amazing from the start. We all knew God would send His Son someday. But I never would have guessed He would use me to bring Him into the world. It seems like only yesterday when the angel came to me and told me that I’d bear the Son of God.

Azarias: (Glares at Josiah.) Yes, time really has flown, hasn’t it?

Mary: But it wasn’t always a smooth road. When Joseph, who I was supposed to marry at the time, heard I was pregnant, he was furious and wanted to cancel the wedding!

Azarias: Who’d blame him - if it were my fiancée that got mysteriously pregnant I’d…(Josiah hits him and he shuts up.)

Mary: It was only after an angel of the Lord told him it was God’s Son that he went along with the marriage.

Josiah: So how was Jesus as a child? Did He get into a lot of trouble?

Mary: Actually, not at all. He was always obedient and respectful. The Perfect Son. There was only that one time when He was 12.

Azarias: What happened?

Mary: Joseph and I had taken Him to Jerusalem for the Passover feast. We went every year, you know, a family tradition. But when we got back home, we realised that He was missing and wasn’t with any of our other relatives.

Josiah: You must’ve been worried sick!

Mary: Worried to death. We had to go back to Jerusalem and then it took us 3 days to find him. You’d never believe where He was.

Azarias: Where?

Mary: He was with the lawyers and the doctors, listening to them talk about scripture!

Azarias: You must’ve been really surprised. Most boys his age would have been playing with friends or getting into mischief.

Mary: Very, but not as surprised as the men He was with. They couldn’t believe that a 12 year old boy could be so knowledgeable.

Josiah: Wow! After hearing that I’m even more anxious to see Him. Where is He now?

Mary: He and his disciples have gone to Jerusalem. If you hurry, you might be able to catch them.

(Magi get up.)

Josiah: Thank you for your hospitality, ma’am. But we’ll have to be on our way now. Which way it is to Jerusalem?

Mary: East along the main road.

Azarias: Okay. Good day to you, ma’am. (Both walk out.)

Mary: (Shouts.) But be careful of the Romans! They’ve been making a lot of arrests recently.

Scene 3 – Streets of Jerusalem

(Magi walk on. Demon possessed man, blind man, woman caught in adultery and sceptic are arguing in a group.)

Josiah: (Looks around.) Look at all these soldiers. What are they doing here?

Azarias: You forgot your history lessons already? The Romans conquered Israel a while ago. They post sentries all over to keep the locals in check.

Josiah: Yeah, but I’ve never seen so many in one place before.

Azarias: Me either, maybe they’re expecting trouble or something. (Stops.) So, O mighty leader, how do you propose we find our needle in such a big haystack?

Josiah: I don’t know. He seems to be a popular guy, so if we ask around we might find Him. (Points to group of people.) Maybe they know where He is.

Sceptic: I don’t care what you say. The Scribes are right; this man is nothing but a trouble maker!

Man 1: Don’t you dare talk about Him like that. If it weren’t for Him, my life would be worth nothing!

Josiah: (Approaches group.) Excuse me, but who are you talking about?

Man 1: The Messiah. Jesus.

Sceptic: Oh, here we go again. Stop calling Him that. The High Priest said…

Man 1: I don’t want to hear about the High priests. Jesus helped me when they didn’t.

Azarias: Really? How?

Man 1: You wouldn’t know it, but I was born crippled. All I could do was sit on that corner (Points.) the whole day and beg. Then one day, Jesus came to the city and saw me. All He had to do was say the word and my legs were healed. (Looks at sceptic.) Where was your High Priest then, huh?

Sceptic: Well he…

Azarias: Wow, so what do you do for a living now?

Man 1: Oh…I still beg, but now I can move around and make even more money.

Man 2: Yeah, Jesus helped me, too.

Josiah: Oh really? Were you crippled as well?

Man 2: Not exactly. (Reluctantly.) I actually, umm… had a problem with some, umm… let’s call them…unwanted visitors inside me.

Josiah: What, tapeworms?

Man 2: No. Demons. (Azarias starts to slowly back away.)

Man 2: But they’re gone now, thanks to Jesus. If not for Him, I’d probably still be running around naked and sleeping on graves.

Azarias: My uncle Jafar used to do that…

Sceptic: (Sneers.) These stories are breaking my heart. But have you ever heard what this guy has been saying? Stuff like ‘turn the other cheek’...and how everyone is my neighbour…even the Samaritans?! Ha! I’m sorry, but I’d rather follow the Pharisees than the son of a carpenter.

Woman: Pharisees? (Steps in.) Let me tell you about the Pharisees! Those pious self-righteous jackals were going to stone me! They practically had the rocks in their hands and Jesus stopped them.

Josiah: (Admiring the woman, steps in.) Well, I can’t see how such a beautiful angel could be ever guilty of any crime. How did He stop them?

Woman: (Smiles) Thank you. All He had to say was, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone,” and none of them could do it. Not one of them!

Man 2: So you see, Jesus has touched all of our lives and never asked us to give Him anything in return. I even heard that He raised a little girl from the dead a while back.

Sceptic: I still say He’s a liar and a blasphemer. (Scoffs.) Claiming to be the Son of God, He should be stoned. (Walks off, muttering.)

Josiah: (To woman) So, my dear, what could you have done that made those horrible Pharisees want to kill you?

Woman: Oh, I was caught in adultery. But that’s behind me now. So… are you doing anything this afternoon?

Josiah: (Shocked.) Oh well, ummm… actually, me and Azarias were just leaving town, right Azarias?

Azarias: No, we weren’t! We just got here looking for…..

Josiah: Yes, we were! But before we go…Did any of you happen to see Jesus recently? I hear He’s in this city.

Man 2: We all did. He entered the city yesterday and He got a grand welcome. People were throwing their robes on the ground and saying ‘Hosanna to the Highest!’ I don’t know where He went after that.

Man 1: I heard He went to Bethany and raised a man from his tomb after he’d been dead for days...

(Sceptic runs on)

Sceptic: The Romans are coming! Get out of here!

(Everyone runs except Azarias and Josiah. Romans enter and capture them.)

Captain: These are the ones we want. Take them away!

Josiah: Why? We haven’t done anything!

Captain: You’re suspected of being insurrectionists. We’re taking you in for questioning.

Azarias: No way! I’m not going anywhere. I’ve got rights. I want a lawyer!

Captain: Oh, I’m sorry, sir. Here’s your lawyer. (Draws sword.) Attorney Corinthian Steel. Do you want to talk with him now? (Azarias faints.) Take them to the barracks.

(Soldiers push Josiah and carry Azarias off.)

Scene 4 – Jail

(Azarias is pacing up and down, Josiah is sitting.)

Azarias: ‘Let’s go to Nazareth,’ you said. ‘It’ll only take a couple of days,’ you said.

Josiah: Hey, I said I was sorry.

Azarias: But I really have to thank you. This is the first time I’ve ever been in a jail. What’s the next stop on this world tour of yours? Sodom and Gomorrah? No, no, lemme guess – Hell!

Josiah: Stop pacing. You’re making me dizzy.

Azarias: I should have listened to my wife and become a pig farmer. I could have been home now with my farm and a couple of snot-nosed kids annoying me. But no... I had to listen to you and go on this journey. And now I’m a convict!

Josiah: (Gets up.) Listen, Azarias. I’ve had it up to here with your stupid whining. I never forced you to come. You told me you wanted a chance to get away from your wife and…(Both start arguing.)

(Roman interrogator walks in.)

Roman: Gentlemen, gentlemen. That’s not how guests of the Roman Empire should behave. Now, have a seat.

(Both sit angrily.)

Roman: Allow me to introduce myself. I am Brutus Paramenion, and I will be your torturer today. Sorry for being so late, but I’ve been busy (Laughs.) whipping some other prisoners into shape. How long have you been here?

Azarias: A week.

Roman: A week. My, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? (Laughs.) It didn’t get too lonely, did it?

Josiah: Not really, the rats and cockroaches have been great company. They don’t whine as much as some people. (Looks at Azarias.)

Roman: Good to hear. Let’s get started, shall we? Now, gentlemen, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Either you give me the information I need or I can (Smiles.) coerce it from you. What will it be?

Azarias: The easy way! What do you need to know?

Roman: What’s your connection to this man Jesus? We know you’ve been looking for Him all over the country.

Josiah: Nothing. We just wanted to give Him something.

Roman: Come, come, gentlemen. You can’t expect me to believe that you travelled to all these places: (Looks at paper.) Bethlehem, Nazareth, and now Jerusalem just to give him something.

Azarias: How’d you know all of that?

Roman: We’re the Romans, we have spies everywhere.

Josiah: But what do you want with Jesus? He hasn’t done anything to anyone.

Roman: Actually, in the short space of time that He’s been preaching, He’s made a lot of enemies. The Scribes, the Pharisees, even the High Priests all have something against Him.

Josiah: Why?

Roman: It seems they think He’s been turning people against them and opposing that Law of Moses that these Jews hold so dear. And I think some of them said He was talking about that temple of theirs being destroyed.

Azarias: That’s ridiculous.

Roman: Maybe, but I couldn’t care less about any of that. What I’m concerned with is what threat He poses to Rome.

Josiah: Threat? What threat?

Roman: In such a short space of time this man has gathered quite a following. Last time I heard, over 5,000 went to hear Him speak, and some of the Jews are thinking that He might free them from us Romans. So you can appreciate why we’re a little concerned about Him.

Josiah: Nonsense. Jesus won’t lead a rebellion. He’s the Prince of Peace. He has come to free us all from our sins and…

Roman: (Annoyed.) You actually expect us to believe that? We Romans didn’t conquer the world by being stupid. The man is a threat and will be dealt with accordingly. But you’re the one who should be giving me information. What do you want with Jesus? Are you planning to join forces with Him?

Josiah: No. Let us tell you our story… it’s rather funny, actually... you’ll love it.

Roman: Be my guests.

Josiah: When Jesus was born, we were going to His birthplace to give Him gifts. So we were following His star and…

Azarias: (Shouts over him.) Josiah had the star-chart upside down and we followed the wrong star!

Josiah: (Coldly.) Yes, so we got lost in the desert for a few years.

Azarias: Thirty-three, to be exact.

Josiah: When we got out, we learned that Jesus had grown up and that He was here in Jerusalem. So we came here to see Him and give Him the gifts. See, it’s really funny. (Nervously laughs.)

(Azarias and Roman start laughing as well.)

Roman: (Still laughing.) And you know what’s even funnier?

Josiah: What?

Roman: The fact that you expect me to believe such a dumb story! (Stops laughing.) Alexander, bring the whips!

(Azarias and Josiah start to beg and cry. Suddenly, a messenger runs on.)

Messenger: Hail, Paramenion. I have a message here from the Centurion. (Gives him a scroll.)

Roman: (After reading.) Well, gentlemen, it’s your lucky day. You’re free to go.

Josiah: What! Why?

Roman: It seems your friend Jesus has been taken into custody. The Jewish authorities arrested Him last night. So we have no need of you. Now get out, before I think of something else to charge you with.

Josiah: Thank you. Where’s the exit?

Roman: Go up the stairs, it’s the third door on the left.

(Josiah walks off.)

Azarias: (Walks up to Roman.) One more thing.

Roman: What is it?

Azarias: Can I use your bathroom? I need to go change my underwear.

Roman: (Sighs.) Second door on the right. (Azarias runs out.)

Messenger: Sir? Do you think it was wise to just let them go?

Roman: There’s no need to keep them here. From what I see here, that man Jesus’ fate is sealed.

Scene 5 – Bar

(Magi walk in.)

Azarias: (Looks around.)Are you sure you want to eat in here? These guys look like a pretty rough crowd.

Josiah: After the characters we met in that prison. I’d be happy hanging around anyone. Besides, I’m starving. I gotta get some human food after that pig slop they fed us.

(Both sit, Azarias keeps looking around fearfully. Waitress walks up.)

Waitress: Afternoon folks, welcome to The Red Lion. What’ll it be?

Azarias: Afternoon? I thought it was evening! Why’s it so dark?

Waitress: What do I look like – a soothsayer? I just work here. You gonna order or not?

Josiah: What’s the special?

Waitress: Cream of cabbage soup.

Josiah: Okay, 2 of those. (Waitress walks off.)

Azarias: So, how do you suggest we find Jesus now?

Josiah: You’re still in, huh?

Azarias: We came this far, why turn back now?

Josiah: Okay. Well, we can’t do anything till after the trial. We gotta hope that he gets released and…

(Noisy drunken man behind him gets his attention. Waitress returns.)

Josiah: (To waitress) Miss, could you please tell that man to keep it down?

Waitress: Are you crazy, you know who that is? That’s Barabbas!

Josiah: Who?

Waitress: Barabbas, one of the worst criminals in the country. He’s broken more laws than you’ve had hot dinners.

Azarias: If he’s that bad, shouldn’t he be in jail?

Waitress: He was. All set for the death penalty too, but they let him out last night. Some other poor schmoe took his place. (Shouts towards kitchen.) Hey, Rebekah, what was the name of that guy they swapped old Number One Suspect with? (Waits for reply.) Oh, that’s right – Jesus.

(Magi are in shock.)

Josiah: But… why?

Waitress: I dunno. Anyway, I gotta get back to work. (Walks off.)

Josiah: (to Azarias) Do you think maybe Barabbas’ll know what happened to Jesus?

Azarias: Maybe. But you aren’t going to talk to him, are you?

Josiah: How else are we going to find out? Plus he’s so drunk, I doubt he’ll be dangerous. You got my back, right?

Azarias: Umm, sure. I’ll be right here if he tries anything.

Josiah: Good. I’m going over. (As he walks toward Barabas, Azarias tiptoes away slowly.)

Josiah: (To Barabbas) Hi, friend. You seem in a good mood.

Barabbas: (Drunk.) You bet, pal. (Burps.) Name’s B’rabbas.

Josiah: Josiah. What’s the occasion?

Barabbas: I’m free! I was locked up for some’n. Robb’ry, murder - I forget. They was prac’lly fittin’ a cross f’me.(Shouts at waitress.) Girl, get my new frien’ a drink! Thought I was a goner. Then they lemme out in place of this other guy Jee...umm…

Josiah: Jesus.

Barabbas: Yeah. Thing is, I hear this guy never did anythin’ wrong. He went roun’ helpin’ people.

Josiah: Yeah, I heard.

Barabbas: But the people turned on Him and tol’ Pilate to set me free, Public En’my Number One, instead o’ Him.(Laughs.) That’s the mob for ya.

Josiah: So how’d they catch Him in the first place?

Barabbas: They tol’ me one of His own frien’s stabbed him in the back, get this, for 30 pieces of silver! (Laughs.) Me, I’da asked for 50.

Josiah: I see.

Barabbas: So, Pilate handed Him over. They prob’ly nailin’ Him up righ’ now. (Pauses.) Ya know what? ‘fit weren’t for that guy, I’d be toast. That cross was mean’ for me. (Thinks for a few seconds.) I gotta step outside…(Staggers out.)

Josiah: You hear that, Azarias? The Jews have Him now. Azarias? (Turns and sees Azarias is gone.)

Azarias: (Returning.) Sorry, I went for, umm...some drinks.

Josiah: Right. Anyway, the Jews have Him. Maybe if we get to the temple, then…

(Sad-looking customer at other table interrupts.)

Customer: If you’re looking for Jesus, you’re too late.

Josiah: What do you mean?

Customer: They already crucified him.

Azarias: What! How do you know?

Customer: ‘Cause I was there.

Josiah: What happened?

Customer: Before Pilate turned Jesus over to the High priests, the people demanded to have Him crucified. Then they had Him whipped, they beat Him, they spat on Him - I’ve seen plenty of scourgings, but never one this brutal.

Azarias: (Horrified.) Oh!

Customer: But that’s not the worst part. Afterwards, they made a crown of Thorns and pushed it down on His head. (Sighs.)

Azarias: Why a crown of thorns?

Customer: Because He said He was the King of the Jews. They even gave Him a robe and a reed as a sceptre. He was so beaten up, you wouldn’t recognise Him

Josiah: Those animals! Don’t they know He came to save them?

Customer: Some of them were the same people who greeted Him when He entered Jerusalem. Then they made a cross for Him and made Him carry it all the way to Golgotha over there. (Points.) It was only after He couldn’t bear the weight anymore that they made someone help Him carry it. (Pauses.)

Josiah: Then what happened?

Customer: Then they crucified Him, between 2 criminals. All the while they were jeering at Him, telling Him that if He was the Son of God, then come down. They even put a placard over Him saying, “This is the King of The Jews.”

Azarias: How could they do that to a man who’s done so much for them?

Customer: But that’s not all. While He was on the cross, those Roman pigs gambled for His clothes; and when He asked for something to drink, they gave Him gall and vinegar mixed together.

(All Azarias and Josiah can do is shake their heads.)

Customer: And all through His ordeal He hardly said a word, but I’ll never forget what He said at the end.

Azarias: The end?

Customer: Yes, He said, ‘Father, into Thy hands I commend my spirit.’ Then He died.

(Azarias puts his face in his hands and weeps quietly.)

Customer: But then something strange happened. The sky began to get real dark, like it is now, hours before it should have. Then there was an earthquake and the ground split open!

Josiah: So that’s why it’s so dark! And that earthquake - we even felt it down in the prison!

Customer: Everyone there panicked. It was only then that some people began to say that He really was the Son of God.

Josiah: Ironic, huh?

Customer: Very. I didn’t know what to believe before but I certainly believe Him now.

Azarias: (Lifts head from hands.) So what happened afterwards?

Customer: I don’t know. I didn’t stay to watch after the earthquake hit. For all I know, the ground swallowed Him up, cross and all. Look, I’d rather not talk about it any more. I’m off to get drunk.

Josiah: (Sighs.) I understand. Thank you for all your help. (Customer walks out.) I can’t believe it! We came all this way to see Jesus, and now He’s gone.

Azarias: So what do you want to do?

Josiah: What can we do? We failed. Maybe we should go back home.

Azarias: Go back? You pull me through all of this and now you want me to go back!

Josiah: Azarias...

Azarias: Oh no, Josiah! I haven’t gone through deserts, prisons and half of Israel for nothing. We are going to see Jesus, if it’s the last thing we do. Someone must know where they buried Him. Let’s go. (Walks off.)

(Josiah hesitates, Azarias comes back on and pushes him off.)

Azarias: I mean now!

Scene 6 – Tomb

(Azarias and Josiah walk on and stand in front of an open tomb. Both have boxes in their hands.)

Josiah: Are you sure you want to do this?

Azarias: Yes, I’m sure. I left home to give a gift to Jesus and I’m going to do it.

Josiah: (Sighs.) Fair enough. (Looks at tomb.) But why is the tomb open? Isn’t there supposed to be a boulder in front of it?

Azarias: I dunno. It’s been 3 days since they put Him in there. Maybe they’re ventilating it. Anyway, let’s get this done.

Josiah: Well, it was your idea. You go first.

Azarias: (Kneels before tomb.) Hello, Lord Jesus. My name is Azarias. And this is my friend, Josiah. We left our home in Syria to give You these gifts. Here, I present to You my gift of silver.

Josiah: (Kneels.) And here I have my gift of jade.

(While they are kneeling, Mary Magdalene walks in.)

Mary M: What are you doing?

Azarias: Can’t you see? We’re giving our gifts to Jesus. Now if you don’t mind, we’d like a little privacy.

Mary M: Well, you’re wasting your time. He’s not in there.

Josiah: What?

Mary M: He has risen from the dead. He’s alive!

Azarias: Huh? That’s impossible.

Mary M: Not for the Son of God, it isn’t.

Azarias: B-b-but w-w-what happened? And who are you, anyway?

Mary M: I’m Mary Magdalene. A friend of the family. It was my brother Lazarus that Jesus resurrected in Bethany.

Josiah: Oh yes, we heard about him.

Mary M: Yesterday Jesus’ mother and I went to anoint His body with some oil and spices to preserve it. When we got there, we found the stone was rolled away from the entrance and the tomb was empty! Then as we stood there baffled, an angel appeared!

Azarias: You must’ve been scared!

Mary M: Terrified! But the angel said, “Fear not!” and told us that Jesus was not here, that He was risen. Then he told us to go tell the disciples.

Josiah: What did they say?

Mary M: Not all believed that He was alive. But then Jesus Himself came to see them.

Azarias: Where is Jesus now?

Mary M: He’s with His disciples now.

Josiah: Wow! Can we go see Him?

Mary M: Of course! The more the merrier.

Azarias: And we can finally give Him our gifts!

Mary M: Well, you really shouldn’t worry about your gifts to Him. Think about His gift to you, instead.

Azarias: What do you mean?

Mary M: Why do you think Jesus came to earth in the first place – to do miracles? No, He came to give the ultimate gift through His death…the gift of salvation.

Josiah: So how do we get this gift?

Mary M: By accepting Him as your personal Saviour.

Josiah: I never heard about anything like this before.

Mary M: And you won’t. Part of Jesus’ mission was to show us all how to receive this gift. Would you like to meet Him now and hear about it?

Azarias: Yes!

Josiah: Lead the way, please.

(All walk off.)

Scene 7 – Finale

(Magi walk on.)

Azarias: Boy, what an adventure.

Josiah: Tell me about it. We got lost, locked up, nearly tortured and then saved. You’d never have had this if you’d stayed at home as a pig farmer.

Azarias: Yeah. I can’t wait till I get home, so I can tell everyone about Jesus. (Looks around.) You sure you know where we’re going?

Josiah: Of course. Look, we’ve got a map. We’ll be back in Syria in no time. (Turns map over.)

(African comes on in native dress)

Azarias: Let’s ask this man for directions. Hey, friend, can you help us?

African: Yes?

Josiah: How do we get to Syria from here?

Africa: I am sorry, I do not know of any Syria.

Azarias: (Looks annoyed.) Okay then, where are we?

Africa: Zanzibar.

Azarias: What! You mean we’re lost again? (Looks at Josiah.)

Josiah: (Backs away slowly.) Now, Azarias, take it easy. I made a small mistake. No need to get angry.

Azarias: (Sighs.) You know what? I don’t even care anymore. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all this, it’s that God lets things happen for a reason. (Walks over to African.) Hello, friend, we’d like to talk to you about someone named Jesus…

(All walk off.)

The End

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