Not Getting What You Don't Want

by Glenn A. Hascall


Gilbert only wants to talk about his disappointments. He believes Charles is agreeing with him, but is Gilbert really listening to what Charles is saying. A lesson in Thanksgiving and contentment.




GILBERT: I can't believe it, I put a bid in on the Clayton house and I didn't get it. Wendy really wanted it too.
CHARLES: I didn't want a car to hit me on the way to work this morning and I didn't get that either.
GILBERT: Isn't life just that way. Just last month I wanted to take a week off to go fishing with some friends and my boss said no.
CHARLES: I didn't want a broken arm yesterday and I didn't get that either.
GILBERT:  And Wendy, she really wanted a promotion, but she never got that.
CHARLES: I didn't want to get fired last month and I still have my job.
GILBERT: Some days it just seems like nothing goes right. You want something and you don't get it.
CHARLES: I'm just grateful that I don't get the things that I don't want.
GILBERT: Life just doesn't seem fair.
CHARLES: God is very good.
GILBERT: Well, I'll talk to you later.
CHARLES: Yeah! See ya later.
(Exit opposite sides of the stage)
GILBERT: (Stops and looks back to where Charles was) What did he say? (Pause and exits thoughtfully.)
Copyright 2002 by Glenn A. Hascall
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