The history of the world (in a few minutes)

By Dave Taylor


The story of the nativity, Easter, and why Jesus came to earth, rolled into a few minutes.

Scripture reference:

Matthew 1


Human Narrator (HN): The teller of the story
Narrating Bird "Charlie": HN’s "sidekick" a bird puppet
God puppet: God, should be dressed in white, preferably with sunglasses on
Adam puppet: First human (puppet). Also a “Backing Singer”
Eve: First woman (puppet). Also a “Backing Singer”
Puppet 1 and 2: Play various odd roles.
Sheep: Not much to say really. It’s a sheep.
Baby Jesus: Just used for a few seconds.
Mary M: Jesus’ mother. (Also plays Mary Magdalene)
Adult Jesus: Another puppet
Mary (J): James mother used at Easter part
Angel: Used at the tomb traditional figure dressed in white wings and halo if you require.

Items required

Cut-outs (i.e. card shaped like these objects)
Plants: trees etc
Fish and birds
Animals: land animals like lions and tigers
Car, preferably a convertible

3D items used by characters
Mini microphones
Tray of sins

Artist: Elvis Presley “Suspicious Minds”
Artist: Cool and the Gang “Celebrate Good Times”

Please note: the “Soundman” is the person who is playing the song.


*H.N. is sitting outside the puppet stage with Charlie on his lap. The puppet stage is empty. Only normal lighting is on*

HN: Hi. My name is *Enter Name Here* and this is Charlie.

Charlie: Hi!

HN: Well then what we have prepared for you tonight is a… is a… hmm what’s the right word.

Charlie: Show.

HN: Well I suppose that would do. I was going for something more dramatic.

Charlie: How about “A Big Show” then

HN: OK. Anyway, Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to present to you the History of the World!

Charlie: Yes we do.

HN: Are we ready? *pause for a second and look around* Then let's start.

*nothing happens on stage. No-one moves. After a few seconds HN starts to nudge Charlie*

Charlie: Why are you nudging me?

HN: You were supposed to start!

Charlie: Oh… Shall I start it then?

HN: No it’s OK, I’ll start it. Sorry about that Ladies and Gentlemen. Let us begin. *Brief Pause* A long time ago…

Charlie: In a galaxy far, far away...

HN: Wrong story. That’s Star Wars. Sorry about that. I’ll start again. A long time ago…

Charlie: How long ago?

HN: Really long ago.

Charlie: Was it before I was born?

HN: Yes, before you were born.

Charlie: Was it before you were born?

HN: Yes, it was before I was born.

Charlie: Was it before *Enter Pastor’s/Vicars/Priests name here* was born?

HN: I don’t know. I think they were born shortly after this, though.

Charlie: Wow, that is a long time ago then.

HN: Yeah. Well anyway. At this time there was nothing. Everything was dark

*All lights go out*

*Charlie screams in shock*

Charlie: Hey why have all the lights gone out?

HN: Dramatic effect Charlie. Makes the scene look effective.

Charlie: I don’t like the dark. Can we hurry up with the darkness?

HN: OK then. In the beginning there was nothing but God. Now God is a very nice person.

Charlie: You’re not getting to the light yet!

HN: I am, just be patient, and don’t try to wander off.

Charlie: I won’t.

HN: Now God wanted to share his love with someone. So he decided to create the world. First thing he created was light.

*Lights are turned on. [These should preferably be stage lights (spotlights etc) directed one at the narrator and one at the puppet stage. Otherwise normal lighting will do.] HN is sitting on their own, and Charlie has “disappeared”. He is in fact behind the puppet stage. ON the puppet stage is “God”*

HN: There is that better Charlie? *Notices the missing Charlie* Charlie? I said not to go wandering. Look your wasting the time for the play.

Charlie: Sorry . I wanted to see what was behind here.

HN: OK now let’s get back on with the show. Now God…

Charlie: Ooh is that God on stage?

HN: Yep, that’s God. As I was saying. God also made lots of other things.

*As each of the next items is said, they appear on the stage, for the air you could use a cloud*

Charlie: Like the air,

HN: And the plants

Charlie: And the Sun and Moon

HN: And the fish and Birds

Charlie: Things like me then…

HN: Then animals.

Charlie: Then you!

HN: Yes, then Humans. God liked the Humans a lot. The first two were called Adam and Eve. *They appear on stage*

Charlie: Not Charlie then?

HN: No, not Charlie. God gave Adam and Eve a lot of responsibility, and freedom to do what they want. They lived in a really nice place called the Garden of Eden.

Charlie: Better than McDonalds?

HN: A lot better than McDonalds. Adam and Eve could do whatever they wanted, except for eating from a certain tree. But a snake tempted Adam and Eve.

*On stage*

Eve: Would you like some apple, Adam?

Adam: Why not? God won’t find out.

HN: But God did find out. And he wasn’t very pleased.

Charlie: I bet I could show you how he felt.

HN: How?

Charlie: Are you ready God?

*God Nods*

Charlie: Hit it!

*Elvis Presley’s song “Suspicious minds” comes through the PA. God plays the part of Elvis, and Adam and Eve as backing singers. They all have mini microphones. HN looks interested, then realises it’s a tape. He gets the “soundman” to change the speed of the music or remove the voices. Everyone ‘singing’ looks confused at the ‘errors’ including Charlie. The song returns to normal. Charlie mimes along with the rest of the puppets. The music eventually stops in the middle of the song (around 2 minutes 40 seconds). All the other puppets except Charlie stop miming.*

HN: Charlie… Charlie! The music has ended. I knew it was too good to be true. I didn’t think Charlie could sing that well. We don’t want to waste anymore time, so we should continue. God was so angry that he drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden…

Charlie: God drove them out of the Garden? I didn’t know he had a license. And what did he drive. A Ford? BMW, Limo?

*God pulls a car on stage*

HN: No he didn’t have a car. By drove, I meant he forced them out of the Garden.

*God realises his mistake and start to poke Adam and Eve out of the Garden so that he is alone on the stage*

Charlie: I feel sorry for God, being all alone up there.

HN: God still loved us though, and didn’t like to see Sin. He couldn’t live with us anymore. Humans became violent and started to fight each other and lie and cheat.

*God looks on as Puppets 1 + 2 come on stage. Puppet 2 has a stick in his hand*

Puppet 2: Look over there *points*

*Puppet 1 looks away and puppet 2 hits him with the stick*

Charlie: Hey! That’s not nice!

HN: I know it’s not nice, but that is what happened. Anyway. God did make an allowance though.

*ON stage God is talking to puppets 1 and 2*

God: If you want me to forgive your sins, you’ll have to make a sacrifice to me. These things must be pure, so you can sacrifice lambs, and oxen.

*Sheep wanders onto the stage, and stops. Puppet 1 looks around to see the sheep and chases it off the stage*

Charlie: Did they sacrifice Birds?

HN: I don’t know. I’ll have to check that one out…

Charlie: *worried*. Don’t worry, there’s no rush. Can you continue the story?

HN: Of course. Now where was I up to? Oh Yes. Now God knew that one day he would have to make the ultimate sacrifice. He had to sacrifice the most pure thing to ever grace the earth.

Charlie: What’s that then? Gold?

HN: It was his son.

Charlie: His sun? The big round hot thing in the sky?

HN: No His Son, S.O.N.  Jesus. In order for our sins to be forgiven He had to come to earth.

*Little baby Jesus appears on stage along with Mary. Stuff from creation disappears. Mary tends to Baby Jesus When Charlie says the following Mary shakes her head*

HN: Jesus was perfect. He never sinned, never did anything wrong.

Charlie: What, he didn’t tell any little lies?

HN: Nope.

Charlie: Never took a sweetie without asking his mum?

HN: Nope

Charlie: Never broke his brother’s favourite toy and blamed it on the dog?

HN: He never did that as well

Charlie: Wow. He was a good kid.

HN: Yep. When he grew older, he started to teach people on how they should live.

*Adult Jesus appears on stage and starts to teach puppets 1 + 2)*

Jesus: Ask God and he will give to you. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will open for you.

Charlie: Wow. What else did he do?

HN: He performed miracles.
*Jesus performs a miracle. Some effect such as smoke would be useful here*

Charlie: Wow that was cool! Can he do it again?

HN: I don’t think this is the proper time. Jesus even raised people from the dead!

*Puppet 2 falls over “dead”. Jesus walks up to Puppet 2 and touches them. The puppet gets up as Jesus says the next line*

Jesus: Why are you crying? He is only asleep. Wake up!

Charlie: Now that was amazing!

HN: I know, but unfortunately the leaders didn’t think it was that good. Let’s have a listen to what they are saying.

*Puppets 1 + 2 come back on stage*

Puppet 1: This Jesus person isn’t good for us.

Puppet 2: More People are following him then us. We must get rid of him.

Charlie: I don’t like those people anymore

HN: Neither do I Charlie. Do you want me to continue the story?

Charlie: OK. What happened next?

HN: Well, the priests got their way in the end. They managed to get Jesus arrested and then executed. They put him on a cross and left him to die.
Charlie: I don’t like this story anymore.

HN: Don’t worry, it gets better. While he was on the cross God put all the sins of the world on Jesus.

Charlie: That must have been a lot…

HN: Just look.
*On stage God puppet is pushing along a big tray with lots of bags on it. There is a sign on the front saying “Sin”.*

Charlie: What’s that you’ve got there God.

God: It’s all the sins of the world, including yours.

Charlie: All of mine?

God: Yep

Charlie: Wow, that’s a lot.

HN: It was a lot. Anyway, On the Friday when he died, he was placed in a tomb.

 *On stage a tomb has appeared. Puppets 1 + 2 carry the body into the tomb.*

Charlie: What’s a tomb?

HN: It’s a place where dead people are put.

Charlie: Oh like the Old Folks home!

HN: Not quite like that, Charlie. Anyway to stop people from getting into the tomb a big rock was placed over the doorway.

Charlie: How big was this rock? Was it as big as me?

HN: It was a lot bigger then you.

Charlie: What about bigger then you?

HN: Yeah, it was probably bigger then me.

Charlie: Was it bigger then everyone in this room?

HN: I don’t know about that Charlie… but we best get on with the show.

*On stage puppets 1 + 2 push the large stone over the entrance. They stand there for a few seconds*

Charlie: That looked like a lot of work. Maybe they should get a drink.

*Puppets 1 + 2 start to walk offstage but are stopped by HN’s voice*

HN: Hang on, they have one more scene to do before they get a break. Come back here guys.

*puppets 1 + 2 sulk back on stage*

HN: after that everyone thought Jesus’ life was over. All his teachings were useless if he was dead. All of his followers then returned to their old jobs.

*puppets “whistle/sing” Hi –Ho (from Snow white and the seven dwarfs) and walk off stage*

HN: Very funny guys… That wasn’t in the script! *holds up script*. You’re just being vindictive! To get back to the story. His body was left in the grave until Sunday when Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James came to put spices on the body…

*Both Mary and Mary walk onto the stage. The Rock has been moved from the doorway but they do not notice this.*

Charlie: Why did they do that? They weren’t planning to eat him were they?

HN: *In shock* No! The spices were to make the body smell nice.

Charlie: Oh, OK. What happened next?

HN: Well, they had a bit of a problem. Do you remember the big rock?

Charlie: You mean the one that’s bigger than *Enter a “large” persons name here*

HN: No! I never said that. I’m sorry *Enter persons name again*. Let’s get back to the story. Now, the women were walking into the garden when they realised they had a problem.

Mary Mag: Mary, I think we may have a little problem.

Mary (J): What’s that dear?

Mary Mag: That big stone they put in front of Jesus’ tomb, we will never be able to move it.

Mary (J): That is a good point. We’ll have to get some soldiers to move it for us.

HN: As they got to the tomb they found that the rock had been moved.

Charlie: Who moved it?

HN: You’ll have to wait and see. The women were in shock. Someone one had been in the grave!

Charlie: Now that isn’t nice!

HN: I know. As they got nearer to the grave they saw someone sitting in the tomb.

Charlie: Who was it?

HN: Wait and see.

Mary Mag: Who are you?

Angel: You are looking for Jesus of Nazareth, aren’t you?

Mary (J): How did you know that?

Angel: why are you looking for him in the place of the dead? Do you not remember what he said? He said that on the third day he will rise again!

HN: Mary Magdalene then went outside and started to cry. Behind her a man appeared *Jesus puppet walks up behind her* and started to talk to her.

Jesus: Woman, why are you crying? Who are you looking for?

Mary: Where is his body? Did you take him away? If you did tell me where you put the body and I will get it.

Jesus: Mary…

HN: Mary then realised who it was that she was talking to.

Charlie: Who was it?

HN: It was Jesus.

Charlie: *In disbelief* Jesus? That can’t be Jesus. He died!

HN: As Jesus said, on the third day he would rise from the dead and he did.

Charlie: Wow! That’s amazing. That deserves a celebration! Can we have some music?

*The song “Celebrate Good Times” plays. This time Charlie takes the lead. They can either mime to the words or if you can remove the voices they can sing along. When after around 1 – 2 minutes the music fades out*

HN: That’ll do for now.

Charlie: We should celebrate this event. It was amazing!

HN: We do. We celebrate it at Easter.

Charlie: I thought that was all about the Easter Bunny and eggs?

HN: Nope. It’s celebrated because Jesus died on the cross to be a sacrifice for our sins. God couldn’t just leave Jesus there, and he rose from the dead. All our sins are forgiven, but we must believe that Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins. We have to accept him into our lives, and ask for his forgiveness.

Charlie: Is that because we have sinned?

HN: Yeah it is Charlie. When we are forgiven of our sins, we can go and live with God again in Heaven.

Charlie: Cool!

HN:  Well then. How much time have we got left? *looks at watch* Wow we’ve used up all our time! How can we fit another 2000 years of history in under a minute?

Charlie: I know. How about “Well here we are, 2000 years later, in this modern technological world, and we are still telling people about this person. He must have been really special!

HN: That’ll have to do. Thank you for coming to our show.

Charlie: And I hope you enjoyed it!

HN: Me too. And it's time for you to go to bed.

Charlie: I don’t want to go to bed. I want to stay and talk with God, and ask him what the meaning of life is!

HN: It’s a puppet Charlie. It doesn’t know! Anyway, Say Goodnight Charlie.

Charlie: Goodnight Charlie!

HN: Ha-Ha, very funny. Goodnight ladies and Gentlemen. And Happy Easter.

Copyright Dave Taylor, all rights reserved.
This script may be used without payment, provided no charge is made for entrance to the performance. In return the author would like to be told of any performance. He may be contacted at