Spilt Milk

By Jenny Mitchell


An updated version of the Parable of the Good Samaritan, done in modern clothes.


Luke 10:25-37.


Passerby 1 and Passerby 2 (can be any gender).  
Passerby 3 and old person (should be the same gender).


(The setting is simply an empty stage. All 6 characters are on the stage.  The lawyer and Jesus sit near each other.  The other 4 characters sit in another group on one side of the stage.  The lawyer and Jesus stand.]
Lawyer:  Teacher, what should I do in order to go to heaven?
Jesus: (dressed in Bible clothes):  What do you read in Godís Word?
Lawyer:  I should love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, and I should love my neighbor just as I love myself.
Jesus:  Thatís right.  Do this and you will live. [Jesus turns away as though speaking to someone else.]
Lawyer: [Tugging at Jesusí sleeve].  But, teacher, who is my neighbor?
Jesus:  [Jesus turns back to face him] Let me tell you a story.
[They sit, and the old woman stands.  She is carrying a bag of groceries.  As he/she walks slowly, she trips/falls and lays on the ground moaning.  The groceries spill everywhere.]
Older:  moans throughoutÖ
Passerby 1:   [This person is dressed in going to church clothes, on his way to evening service.  He carries a large Bible and wears a big cross.  He stands and walks with purpose over towards the older person].  Oh, my.  I wonder whatís the matter.  Is she hurt?  [Pause] I hope not.  I mean, I canít stop.  Iíve just barely got time to get to church .  Itís time to worship God.  God always has to come first, you know.  Oh, well, I guess it isnít Godís will that I do anything to help this person.  Iíll just pray.  Father, please send someone to help this person.  In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.  [Passerby 1 rushes by and then sits down.]
Passerby 2: [This person is wearing an apron and jeans.  She also walks purposely in the direction of the older person.  While speaking, Passerby 2 moves slowly past]  Whatís that?  What is she doing?  [Pause] Has she been drinking?  Drinking is bad for you, you know.  I hope sheíll be all right.  (calling out) Sorry, I canít stop .  Iím on my way to the rescue mission to cook a meal for all those poor, homeless men and women.  They need me, so I must hurry, hurry, hurry. (more quietly) Jesus, this person needs help.  Please send some.  Amen.  [Passerby 2 rushes by and then sits down.]
Passerby 3: [Gothic or like a punk rocker.  She carries a skateboard.  She saunters in. ]  Hey, dude.  Whatís this?  I better go see.  Hey lady, are you okay?  Are you hurt?  Can you sit up?
Older:  OhÖIÖI think soÖI think I sprained my ankle!  [Tenderly, Passerby 3 helps older sit up].  And oh, no, look at my groceries!  My eggs are broken and the milk is spilt.  What am I going to do?  I donít get any more money from social security until next month!
Passerby 3:  Hey, donít worry about it.  Letís not cry over spilt milk.  Here, let me help you gather your food.  [Passerby 3 quickly gathers up all the food that has spilled and hands it to older.  Itís clearly too much to carry].  Can you hold this a minute?  Iíll be right back with something to carry all this. [Older nods, Passerby 3 runs off, returning with a bag.  In the bag is a new container of milk, an egg carton, and an ankle wrap].  Now, here you go.  Letís wrap this around your ankle.  [Passerby 3 wraps up the ankle.  While Passerby 3 works, older speaks].
Older:  Youíre such a nice young lady!  Thank you so much!  But I canít pay you back for buying these eggs and milk for me.  I donít even have a dollar.
Passerby 3:  Hey, dude, donít worry about it.  You donít owe me anything. Iíll just play fewer video games this week.  Itíll be okay.  Howís that feel?
Older:  Much, much better,
Passerby 3:  We need to get you home.   Now where do you live?
Older:  Just a block that way (pointing offstage, in direction everyone has gone).
Passerby 3:  Okay, do you think you can stand if I help you?  Just put your weight on me.  And donít worry about the stuff.  Iíll carry it.
Older:  Oh, thank you.  [Passerby 3 helps older stand, and they walk off the stage, with person 3 carrying the bag of groceries.]  Youíre such a nice young lady.  Your mama must be very proud of you. [They walk off and sit down.  Pause.  Jesus and the lawyer stand.]
Jesus:  Now which one of these was a neighbor to the hurt person?
Lawyer:  The one who helped.
Jesus:  Go and do likewise.  [Pause.  All walk off the stage].
Copyright Jenny Mitchell, all rights reserved.
This script may be used for free, provided no charge is made for entrance to the performance. In return, the author would like to be told of any performance. She may be contacted at bjetal@kc.rr.com