The Man Born Blind

By Andy Lund


The story from Luke's gospel.



Narrator: Jesus was walking along one day. He saw a man who'd been born blind. Jesus wanted to know whose sin had caused his blindness - his or his parents. But Jesus said through what was about to happen God would be glorified. He spat on the ground, made mud and put it on the man's eyes. Then he told him to go and wash it off in the pool of Siloam.

(Man goes and washes his face comes back seeing.)

Narrator: This caused a bit of a rumpus with the neighbours:

Neighbour: 'Ere ..ain't that the same bloke what used to sit around begging? It is you know. Hang on ...he's blind, ain't he. What's his game? Well I always thought he was blind? Hey... you....what's yer name!

Man: Who me?

Woman: Cor' blimey! He looked me straight in the face.... but it looks like him. What do you think? Well let's ask him. Look... err.... are you that blind bloke? You know the one who used to sit around here begging?

Man: That's me!

Woman: So how is it that you can see now?

Man:: The man they call Jesus put some mud on my eyes, told me to go to the pool and wash. So I went and washed and then I could see.

Woman: So where is this man?

Man born blind: I don't know.

Narrator: It wasn't just the neighbours who found this all puzzling. It didn't go down well with the religious people either. You see Jesus had done this on the holy day, the Sabbath, when people weren't expected to do anything more than the odd eyelid movement. So they brought the man before them and gave him a real 'Mastermind' session.

Starting now!

How can you see again?

Man born blind: He put mud on my eyes. I washed and now I can see again.

Narrator: What kind of man is he?

Man born blind: He is a prophet.

Narrator: This didn't satisfy them. So they sent for his mum.

Narrator: Starting now. Is this your son?

Woman: He is.

Narrator: Was he born blind?

Woman: He was - I should know.

Narrator: Just answer the question. How is it he can see now?

Woman: Pass.

Narrator: So how can we find out?

Woman: Ask him. He's old enough. He can speak for himself.

Narrator: Second round. (Man born blind back) Remember God is your witness - and ...starting now. We know this man is a sinner. Do you agree?

Man born blind: Pass

Narrator: So what did Jesus.....

Man born blind: But I will say this....once I was blind but now I can see.


© Andy Lund 1999 All rights reserved

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