Moses Vs. The Burning Bush.

By Theodore N. Wright


A humorous re-telling of the familiar Bible story, to show that anyone can be used by God regardless of weaknesses, self-doubt and excuses.


Exodus 3:1- 4:17.


Voice of God ( VOG)


Act 1:

(Scene: A grazing field, c. 1450 BC. Moses enters watching over sheep and such ).

VOG: ( majestic) Moses, Moses!

( Moses looks around but keeps on going ).

VOG: Moses, Moses!

Moses: (Moses walks closer, squints eyes and peers around. ) Um Yes?

VOG: Do not walk any closer! Remove your sandals! For I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and I am -

Moses: A burning Bush? ( squint eyes as if staring into an extremely bright fire. )

VOG: ( in a less than majestic voice ). Yes, well that too ( Pause, then majestic tone ) I have heard the cries of my people in the land of Egypt. I will set them free.

Moses: ( raising one hand and pointing ) You know I was thinking the same exact thing, the way they're treating those poor Israelites. In fact just the other day I was thinking of petitioning to the Philistines to see if they could send an army to...

VOG: I will be sending you.

Moses: ( Shocked ). What? Do I look like one of the Patriarches? You want me to march into the heart of the Egyptian Empire, ( slower, emphasizing EMPIRE and sarcastic ) The Egyptian " Hi, we own the entire known world and then some " Empire and just tell them to release the Israelites.

VOG: Exactly, You will say: " Pharaoh, let my people go! "

Moses: Hey, ( to himself ) that's kind of catchy, let my people go, I like that, yea ( Pause, shake head, arms in the air ) no... this is crazy, I'm crazy, your ...wait a minute, if and this is a big if, I were to go who am I going to say has sent me? I can't just walk in and say "Hey Pharaoh on the authority of this burning bush that I stumbled across on the side of Mt Horeb I want you to let the Israelites go. "

VOG: Tell them ( Pause ) I AM has sent you.

Moses: ( unrelieved by answer ) Great, just great. The God of the Hebrews who chooses to call Himself I AM has sent me to fight the Upper and Lower Kingdoms of Egypt. ( Moses walks off takes a few steps and then turns back towards the bush ). OK, let's just continue to play this little game. Let's just say that I go and, ah, never mind, it's nothing.

VOG: Moses?

Moses: Well what if they don't believe me?

VOG: I will give them signs.

Moses: A giant star in the sky?

VOG: No.

Moses: How about raising of the dead?

VOG: No.

Moses: Walking on water?

VOG: No.

Moses: walking through a furnace?

VOG: No.

Moses: ( Excited ) ooh I got it, how about . . .

VOG: I will turn your staff into a snake.

Moses: ( disappointed ) How about you turn my staff into a snake? Can't we have any plagues, like . . . locusts and frogs and such?

VOG: We'll see. Now go forth and let my people . . .

Moses: Wait, let's say you have convinced me to go there's just one more thing.

VOG: ( annoyed ) Yes?

Moses: Well, I can't really talk. I am a horrible speaker, I need to have notes to read from, heck I'm illiterate and, well, there's this stutter problem that comes and goes and . . .

VOG: I am the inventor speech. I can take away the voice of the orator and give word to the silent. I am the creator of language and the poet of life I am . . .

Moses: Yes, that's perfectly good and all but can't you send someone else. How about Job? I hear he is blameless and upright; he fears God and shuns Evil and I am sure he can speak.

VOG: He's a little busy right now trying to snare a leviathan.

Moses: ( excited ) How about Jethro? ( less than excited ) He talked his way out of tending these sheep. I'm sure he can convince the good pharaoh to let your people go.

VOG: No, I . . . ( giving in ) will end your brother Aaron to meet you.

Moses: I . . .I have a brother, this is getting better and . . .

VOG: Moses.

Moses: right, ( to himself ) I'm off to start an epic. I think I will call it " Exodus ". It has a nice sound to it . . . ( more serious tone and towards the bush ). Hey, are you sure you've got the right guy, you can actually use me ?

VOG: Yes Moses, I can use anybody, even you. Now go and free my people.

( Moses exits )


© Theodore N. Wright. All rights reserved.
This play may be performed free of charge, providing no admission charge is made for performance. In exchange for free use, the author would appreciate being notified of performances. He may be contacted at