By Andy Lund


Peter is interviewed by a radio host shortly after his early encounters with Jesus.



Presenter: Today we have on our special radio link to the studio Peter Johnson who is one of the followers of Jesus Christ. Welcome Peter.. Can you hear me?

Peter: Loud and clear Andy. How can I help you?

Presenter: Well we are hearing from various people who have met a Jesus and whose life has been changed. Can you tell us about how you met him?

Peter: Sure. I'd heard about him and I was quite intrigued but what really amazed me was when my mother-in-law was not very well.

Presenter What happened, Peter?

Peter: Well she was running a very high fever and we were all quite worried about her. Especially my wife. A lot of people had heard about Jesus and how he was going around healing people, so they asked him to come over.

Presenter: Right. And what happened?

Peter: Well, he came into the room where my mother-in-law was and he bent over her and ... it's strange really ... he told the fever off. Like it was a naughty child.

Presenter: How strange! And what happened?

Peter: It just went. In fact mum was so much better she started getting tea for us all. She was right as rain.

Presenter: Did you come across Jesus again?

Peter: Yes, soon after. As you know, me and my mates are all fishermen. It's pretty hard work, but I enjoy it. Or used to, I should say. One day we were all sitting down by the shore at the lake washing out our nets, like we do every day. In fact we were all pretty fed up. We'd been out all night - which is the best time for catching fish - and we hadn't caught a sausage...or a fish for that matter.

Presenter: So, what happened?

Peter: Jesus came by, and a whole lot of people wanted to hear him. It's the same wherever he goes - stacks of people. Anyway, they couldn't all see him, let alone hear him. But he hit on a good idea. He says to me, let's use your boat..

Presenter: Did you agree?

Peter: Yes, of course - he's really worth listening to. What he says is real gold. Anyway, he pushes out the boat a little way and gets into it. Course, then everyone on the shore could hear him and see him.

Presenter: So your boat was used for a new kind of purpose?

Peter: Yes. And when he finished, something quite amazing happened.

Presenter: What's that?

Peter: Jesus says, push the boat into the deep water and we'll go fishing. I was pretty cheesed off with that, I can tell you.

Presenter: Why's that?

Peter: If there's one thing I know about, it's fishing. As I said, we hadn't had any luck all night. But I could see Jesus wasn't joking, so I did like he said and pushed out the boat.

Presenter: Did you catch anything?

Peter: I'll say so. It was astounding. We caught so many fish - I've never seen so many in one catch before. We had to call over our mates on the other boat to give us a hand.

Presenter: How did you feel about that?

Peter: I was astonished ... and I realised that this Jesus was someone special. Beside him ... I felt sort of ... well... dirty and grubby and not very nice really.

Presenter: Why, was he specially clean or something?

Peter: No, I don't mean that. I mean on the inside, you know what I mean? We all do wrong things, but I reckon this Jesus is quite different. He's real special.

Presenter: Did he say anything to you?

Peter: Yes - strange it were - he said from now on it won't be fish you'll be catching, it'll be men.

Presenter: That's a strange thing to say. What do you think he meant?

Peter: I don't rightly know, but I'm going to follow him to find out, that's for sure. Yes, I sure am.


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