Prodigal Son

By Caroline Campen


The story of the prodigal son, done in light-hearted modern style.


Prodigal Son
Second Son
3 general purpose players


N: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the "Bible for Today" theatre Company. Tonight we present to you - a panoramic multimedia experience, an innovation in dramatic performance that will leave you astounded, a true masterpiece! Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you "The Prodigal Son for the new Millennium." Once upon a time there was a man (father enters) the man had two sons. (two sons enter) We don't know their names, so for the purposes of this Drama, we'll call the first son Felix Von Graebenhahgen Von Steinback Int Der Hurdygurdy wid da Fingy Wingy the first. And we'll call the second son Bob.

S: (Talking to Narrator) Do I have to be called Bob?

N: What?

S: Do I have to be called Bob? I mean I don't really like that name. It's so….short

N: Well do you have any other suggestions?

S: Well there's always one name I've really liked. I'll tell you but you have to promise not to laugh. Do you promise?

N: Well I promise I'll try not to laugh

S: I've always wanted to be called...

N: Yes?

S: Well I've always wanted to be called ……... Gertrude!

N: (cracks up laughing) Gertrude! That's a girl's name!

S: I knew it, I knew you would laugh.

N: Sorry, Look Bob, I mean Gertrude, if you want to be called Gertrude it's fine with me… Any way the father was the CEO of a large multinational corporation. His company had invented those little plastic things that you find on the end of your shoelaces and well, they had been hugely successful hadn't they, because have you ever seen shoe laces without those little plastic thingies? O.K. so I'm babbling just a little bit but the long and the short of it was that the father was really rich. I mean really rich, I mean so rich that you can't possibly understand how rich he was. I mean he was so rich…

S: (To narrator) Do you think it would be possible to get on with the story now?

N: Sorry. Anyway, one day the younger son, Gertrude went to his dad and asked for his share of the inheritance.

S: Dad, Can I have my share of the inheritance ?

Father: Well… alright, Son (Hands money over to the son)

N: And he took off for a distant land …(Gertrude walks over to the other side of the stage where the other kids are.) And there he decide to live it large. First, he bought a life time supply of chocolate flavoured chicken. (G pretends to buy this from one of the children and eats it)

S: MMMMmmmmmm tasty.

N: Then he spent a fortune on the latest fashions (Buys clothes off another child and puts on a ridiculous outfit.)

S: Yeah - looking good!

N: And he partied every single night (everyone starts dancing) Then he realised - he's spent all his money!

S: Hey! I've spent all my money!

N: Then there was a famine in the land and poor Gertrude got very hungry.

S: I'm hungry

N: So there was nothing for it!….He'd have to get a job at…….McDonald's

Everyone: Gasp!

N: That's right McDonald's!

(All children to form a McDonald's scene. One child to be person in charge . Son and Maccer's boss improvise getting the job)

And at McDonald's, the boss gave Gertrude the most exciting job ever! He got to clean out the mold from in between the tiles in the toilets…(Boss brings out toothbrush and gives to Gertrude)...with a toothbrush. So Gertrude would spend hours and hours cleaning … and cleaning ... And cleaning! (Gertrude to mime cleaning) At one stage he got sooooo hungry that the mould in between the tiles was starting to look really, really good. (Gertrude mimes eating it). Finally Gertrude came to his senses.

Bob: (Ah Ha!)

N: He realised that even the servants at this Dad's house were treated better than this.

Bob: Even the servants at my Dad's house are treated better than this!

N: Then he thought, (Gertrude mimes thinking) I will go home to my father's house and say to Dad -" I have hurt you and am no longer worthy to be called your son. Please treat me like one of your hired men." So he set off home.

(Gertrude starts walking to the other side of the stage). But when he was still a long way off, the father saw his son. And was so overjoyed that he ran to him, embraced him (Huge mushy hug scene) and said to his household…

Dad: Let's celebrate! This son of mine was lost and now he's found. He was dead and is now alive!

N: And that's exactly what they did. They had a huge party. He gave his son a robe (do this) and put a ring on his finger (do this) And he welcomed Gertrude back as a son.


Caroline Campen, all rights reserved. The script may not be reproduced, translated or copied in any medium, including books, CDs and on the Internet, without written permission of the author.
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