The Last Play of the Game

By Daniel Guilliot


The Comeaux High School Spartans are just seconds from winning the game against their rivals Lafayette Lions. With only 4 seconds left in the game, Kevin Hebert will kick the ball for a one point win. The announcers give the play by play action as it happens. The result is a parable reflecting Godís love for those who fail.
Keywords: Football, failure, coach, God's love.


Romans 5:18


Jan Sporty- Sports announcer
Brain Miller- Second sports announcer
*Second player- holds the imaginary ball
*Kicker and second player have no speaking parts, they are just pantomiming the action on the field.


Jan: We are back and with four seconds left in the game The Comeaux Spartans have a chance to win this game against their rival Lafayette Lions. The Lions have managed to keep the Spartans from scoring any touch down, only allowing two field goals. You can say that this has been an all defense game.

Brian: But youíve got to admit the Spartans holding on throughout the game is amazing. All they need now is for Kevin Hebert #24 to kick that ball from the 20 yard line, which would seem pretty easy. If he does it, this will win the game, making him the most liked man on campus. Misses, and he might well be looking to transfer to another school.

Jan: Yea! Like tell us something we donít know.

Brian: (pauses for a moment) Well uh, I once jumped in Lake Albert in my birthday suit.

Version 2: I once had a one eye, three leg cat named lucky.

Jan: What?

Brian: Thatís something you donít know, LAKE SIDE JUMPERS, YEA!!! Sorry.

Version2: Iíll never understand why that cat just jumped into that busy traffic.

( Football players enter)

Jan: The players are back on the field and they are getting ready for the last play.

Brian: Thatís right, and just to give you a stat here, Kevin Hebert #24 has been 3 for 3 in this game, which includes a successful kick 40 yards straight up the middle. That was awesome.

Jan: Youíve got that right. And here we goÖ the ball is snapped Ö

Brian: Itís kickedÖand it looks good.

Jan: Uh oh, the ball is turning to the rightÖ

Brian: Itís gonna be close one.

Jan & Brian: Oh No!

Brian: He missed the field goal; the Lions have won the game. Let see that on the slow mode replay. Itís upÖand there it went too far to the right. And there is his reaction again, Jan. It looks like some one isnít going to be liked on his campus Monday.

Jan: You are absolutely right; that has to be the worst kick I have ever seen. Somebody is going to be bumped down to third string.

Brian: I do not think that they even have a third string.

Jan: That is exactly my point. I wonder what the coach is going to do when he gets his hand on him.

Brian: Wonder no more, cause here come the coach. And he does not look happy. Letís see what happens.

Jan: This is exciting, I feel like Iím on one of those TV talk shows where someone is about to get a chair upside their head.

Brian: Shhh!

(Kicker turns to the coach and mouths Iím sorry, coach. Coach in response puts his hand on his shoulder and mouths okay. Coach motions him to go off stage and the coach stands alone)

Jan: The coach just let him go, like that?

Brian: That has to be the dumbest move I have ever seen. This coach has got to be dumb.

Kicker (comes back)

QuietÖQuiet all of you!! (looks at coach) You took my place! (Turns to the audience) Iím the one who messed up, not coach. Iím the one who deserves the ridicule and punishment, not coach. But coach you took my place. Thanks coach.

Coach: (Open his arms)

Narrator: But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.


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