Symphony of Blood

by Dan Wilson


Sounds and symbols of the passion of Jesus are presented by a "Greek Chorus".



The Chorus is spread out throughout the space, possibly in a circle, or an oval around congregation. Exactly which members of the chorus say each line is a matter left up to the director. A great deal depends on the voices that you have available. It goes without saying that you need people who can project to make this work.


1M: Passover

1M,1W: Twelve

1M: One

1M: Cup

1W: Wine

1M: Blood

1M,1W: Blood?

1W: Covenant

1M: Bread

1W: Body

1M,1W: Body?

1W: Offering

2M: Blood

2W: Body

1W: Betrayal

1M: "Go"

1M,1W: Eleven

1M: One

1W: Garden

2M: Eden?

2W: Gethsemene

1M: One

1W: Prayer

2M: Blood

2W: Blood?

1M,1W: Sweat?

1M: Blood

1W: Dripping

1M: Soaking

1W: Anguish

1M,1W: Eleven

1W: Asleep

1M: One

1M,1W: "Not my will"

1M,1W: "But your will"

1M,1W: "Be done."

2M: Crowds

2W: Torches

2M: Swords

1M: Judas

2W: Kiss

2M: Kiss!

1M: Peter

1M: Sword

1W: Ear

1W,1M: Blood

1M: One

1W: Heal

1M,1W: Scatter

2M,2W: Abandon

1W: Arrest

1M: Trials

1W: Sanhedrin

1M: I don't know the man

1W: Pilate

2M: I don't know the man

1W: Herod

3M: I don't know the man

1W: Crow

1M: Are you the Messiah?

2W: Crow

1M: Are you the Christ?

3W: Crow

1M: Morning

1M,1W: Crowds

1W: Hosanna?

2M: Crucify!

1M: Pilate

1W: Blood

1W: Hands

1M: Blood

1M,1W: On our heads!

2M: Lashes

2W: Blood

2M: Beatings

2W: Blood

2M: Crown

2W: Blood

2M: Robe

2W: Blood

1M: Crossbeam

1M,1W: Blood

1W: Lost

1M: Weak

1M: Stagger

1W: Help

2M,2W: Golgatha

3M: Crucifixion

1W: Nails

2W: Piercing

2M,2W: Blood

3M: Men

3W: Women

2M: Cursing

2W: Wailing

2M: Gambling

2W: Taunting

1W: Wine?

1M: Vinegar

1M,1W: Eloi Eloi!

3M: My God

3W: My God

1M: Father

1W: Forgive

1M,1W: Them

3M: Blood

3W: Blood


1M: Spear

1W: Water

1M: Blood

1M: Joseph

1M: Pilate

1W: Body

1W: Entombed

1M: Guards

1M,1W: Weeping

1M,1W: Wailing

1M: Day

1W: Doubt

1M: Day

1W: Confusion

1M: Day

2W: Women

2M: Tomb

2M: Guards

2W: Asleep?

1M: Unconscious

2W: Stone?

1M: Rolled away

2W: Body?

1M: Gone.

1W: Gardener?

1M: Angel?

1M: Why are you crying?

1W: Jesus.

3W: Jesus!

3M: He is risen

3W: He Is Risen




Dan Wilson, all rights reserved. This play may be performed free of charge, provided no entrance fee is charged. In return for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of any performance. He may be contacted at