Li'l David

By Jíson M. Lee


The story of David and Goliath, in urban teen American street talk.


I Samuel Chapters 16 - 18




What up Saints?  I know when you look at me youíre like look at that li'l skinny kid.  Well, I mean, I am skinny, but you guys judge me by my outward appearance, and the Lord looks at my thoughts and intentions.

OhÖMy name is David. You may know my pops, Jesse, from Bethlehem.  But yo, let me tell you this storyÖitís true, tooÖno dice!

When I was young, right, I used to work out in the fields watching the sheep.  So, one day this dude comes to get me saying my pops needs me.  So, when I get back to the crizo all my brothers are standing around and I was like, "Was sup?"   (shocked) Then this guy Samuel took this oil and poured it on my head and said the Lord had selected me to be the new king.  Like booyah! the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon me.

Then I found out Iím supposed to rumble wit dis Philistine cat named Goliath.  Goliath was this giant dude about  9 and 3/4 feet tall.  He had on like this bronze hat and this coat that had to weigh like one hundred twenty five pounds.  Then he sported these bronze leggings (laughing) and he swung a bronze javelin over his back.  Dude was huge!

My trouble wit him was that he was defying the almighty God.  Everybody was scared of Goliath, but I was siced.  People were trying to talk me out of it, but I told them that the same God who saved me from the claws of the lions and bears when I was tending the sheep will save me from this Philistine!  So, I stepped to him.  He was like "What up dawg Ė you coming at me wit a stick?"  He started laughing wit his boys and saying he was going to feed me to the birds and wild animals.

(angry)  So, I was like, "Yea man, you got your boys, your sword and your armor, but I got God Ė the God of my peeps in Israel, who YOU defied.  But its all good, cuz today the Lord will conquer you and Iím gone cut off yo head."  And everybody knows that the Lord does not need weapons to rescue his peeps.  It is His battle, not ours.  Ok!?

So, then he stepped to me, right, and I reached into my shepherd bag and took out a stone and hurled it from my sling and popped Goliath in the forehead.  Woo Woo!  Dude stumbled and fell on his face.  And since I had no weapon, I took his sword and made sho he was dead and cut off his head.  You should have seen his Philistine boys running (laughing).

What Iím trying to say is, peeps will always try and discourage you, but you got to do what you know is right Ė what God wants you to do.  I mean look at meÖmy faith in God helped me to do something I know I didnít have the strength or training to do.  Think about it!

Iím out!

© Jíson M. Lee, 2002, all rights reserved
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