The Eye of the Needle

By Trevor Fletcher


Reuben is trying, with much heaving and grunting, to push an overloaded camel through a narrow gate. The camel is an optional extra!


Mark 10:17-31. ‘How hard for the rich man…’


Reuben: Come on (push, grunt) Jehoshaphat you (push, grunt) lazy good-for-nothing, (push, grunt) get through there!
Bystander: What are you doing?
Reuben: Making Spanish omelettes!  What does it look like I’m doing?!  I’m trying to get this fat (push, grunt) idle (push, grunt) camel through this gate.
Bystander: You’ll never get that through there.
Reuben: Yes I will.
Bystander: No you won’t.
Reuben: Listen, Smart Alexander, I got him through here (push, grunt) last week so he’s going through here now! (push, grunt)
Bystander: Not this time, he isn’t.  Trying to squeeze him through that gate is like a mouse trying to give birth to an elephant; just ain’t going to happen.
Reuben: And what makes you think that, since you’re so clever?
Bystander: Stands to reason; he’s overloaded.
Reuben: Overloaded?
Bystander: That’s what I said.  Look at those packs – they stick out so far at the sides you’ll never get them through those narrow gateposts.
Reuben: So what do you suggest, O Wise One?
Bystander: Easy!
Reuben: Easy right? Oh yeah, dead easy.
Bystander: That’s right.  Just take off those packs and leave them outside the gate then the camel can just walk though, no problem.  Just like an elephant giving birth to a mouse.
Reuben: What, and leave all this valuable merchandise outside the city?  You’ve got to be joking.
Bystander: Just making a suggestion.  You carry on if you like.
Reuben: I will!  (push, grunt) Come on Jehoshaphat, you lazy good-for-nothing camel, get… (push, grunt) through… (push, grunt) there!
Watchman: Sunset!  Close the gates!  Close the gates!
Copyright Trevor Fletcher, all rights reserved.
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