Ten Little Groupies!

By Michelle Pitman


A group of girls have won a recent radio competition to party backstage with a very famous rock star.  Some of the girls didn't read the fine print in the competition rules and are less than prepared! The girls are milling about around the back stage door waiting, not so patiently, to go in.


The parable of the 5 wise and the 5 foolish Virgins: Matthew 25:1-13


10 females and at least 1 big burly bloke!


Trendy clothes and makeup for the girls and black t-shirt, sunglasses and jeans for the bloke/s.
Props:  A doorway, preferably with a flight of steps to resemble a back stage area behind a concert hall. At least 5 girls must have two small laminated cards of different colours.  All the other girls must only have one card of one colour.


[All girls with no actual lines are milling about quietly, some murmuring about the concert and others getting excited about seeing the rock star etc.]
Shiana: [sighing] So when do you think they'll let us in?
Karen: [seated on cold 'cement slab'] I dunno - soon I hope - my behind is getting sore!
Janie: What'd you think of the concert?
Karen: Oh wasn't it fantastic?  He's sooooo cute! I'll just die if we actually get to meet him! I loved that song he sang after intermission ……..[The "stage door" opens and the girls all get very animated and start to jostle and try to get to the door in a rush. They start to scream hysterically]
Shiana: [loudly over the screaming] Oh Oh Oh!  The doors opening!  Quick!!
All: [screaming]  Robbie! Robbie! Robbie! [This continues for a few seconds but when a big burly security guy comes out of the doorway the screaming dies away and the girls wait to hear what the security guy is going to say.]
Shiana: Ooooohhhhhhh! It's only the security guy!!
Security Guy: [Very officious but cool!] Okay Girls!  Settle down!  Settle down!  [He waits for the murmuring and screaming to die down even further] Mr Williams will be ready to see you in a little while!  Congratulations to all of you on winning the Triple JJJ Back Stage Party with Robbie Competition! [Some of the girls start to scream again but get shushed by others]  Okay - Those of you who have ID cards and the official Triple JJJ Back Stage Pass bring them here please!" [4 girls move forward holding two coloured plastic cards.  He checks the cards.]
Shiana: [indignantly] What Back Stage Pass?  Who said anything about a back stage pass! I thought we only had to have ID!!!!
Janie: [Janie is the 5th girl who has the right cards in hand but being friends with Shiana, Karen and Cassie she hesitates going forward to help them rectify their situation]  Oh no!  Didn't you read that bit in the competition rules, in the paper?  You had to actually contact the Triple JJJ station if you won, so they could send you the proper Back Stage Pass! [Janie quickly moves over to the security guy and hands him her cards to check.  He nods and then gives them back to her then exits back out the doorway.]
Karen: [annoyed and very put out] Well Hey! That's not fair! Why the hec didn't they make that bit obvious?  Who on earth ever reads contest rules!  Stupid fine print!
Cassie: [not very bright] Can we aahhh ….. like use your BSP then Janie?
Janie: [Janie pulls a face and shakes her head at Cassie] Doh! Cassie!  How are you going to get a hold of my BSP when I'm already back stage - in there? Hmmm? Get a grip girl!
Cassie: [indignantly] Ohh! Humpf!  So how are we supposed to get in then?
Janie: [frustrated] I don't know?  The Security bloke has gone back inside!  If he comes out again ask him!
[Everyone waits for about a minute…the time seems interminable! Lots of murmuring, and milling about takes place]
Shiana: Oh this is taking ages! I hope they hurry up! [Enter Security guy again through doorway. All leap forward and jostle into position.  Karen is up front beside the security guy in a blink of an eye.  Her friends are not far behind her.]
Karen: [To the security guy, smiling charmingly] Excuse me! Excuse me!  Um… My girlfriends and I don't have our Back Stage Passes on us!  Is it still okay for us to come in though?  We did win the competition!  And we have our ID cards!
Security Guy: Nope! Sorry girlie! No go!  We can only take those who've got that Back Stage Pass!  It's all a part of the security protocols I'm afraid!
Karen: [Very cross and stamping of foot]  That's soooo unfair though!  I won the same as they did!
Security Guy: Well darlin' you should've been more organized then! Now excuse me!  Okay! Mr Williams will see you NOW!  ID's and Passes please! [The 5 girls with their passes move forward and show them to the security guy who checks them again and gives the okay for each to go in through the door.] Okay! [Exit 1st girl]
Karen: Well I still think it's not fair! We should be allowed in!  I mean we won the contest too! Fair and Square!
Security Guy: Okay! [Exit 2nd girl] Yes in you go! [Exit 3rd and 4th girls].
Janie: [Moving toward the security guy and presenting her passes to him] I'm sorry Karen!  I'll tell you about the Party and Mr Hunky Boots Robbie if I see you tomorrow! Crumbs! I wish you'd remembered to get your stupid BSP! See ya!!! [Exit Janie]
[Security guy waits expectantly for more girls to come forward with their passes but none do.  He then exists and the doors close.  Cassie and Shiana burst into tears.  Karen looks at the doorway with anger and frustration].
Karen: Stupid party anyhow!  C'mon! I'm going home! You two coming?
[Exit Karen, Cassie and Shiana.  2 other girls exit in different directions in a dejected state too.]
Copyright Michele Pitman, 2002, all rights reserved.
This script may be used free of royalty payment, provided no entrance charge is made. In return, the author would like to be told when the script is used. She may be contacted at michelle_pitman@hotmail.com