Operation Tall Justice

by Glenn A. Hascall


Operation Tall Justice is put into place after a threat of terrorism. What will be the final response?


Five men (Not all have speaking parts), one teenager (David)


(A group of four men enter and sit around a table. All dressed in
suits. A sixth man enters and sits at the head of the table.)

SAUL: Good day. Thank you all for meeting with me on such short notice.
(General murmur from the other men) As you may know we have recently been
hit with a threat of terrorism. We must now devise a response. (Pause)
Gentlemen, we are now entering Operation Tall Justice.

TOM: Sir, have we participated in any reconnaissance missions?

SAUL: We got word back just moments ago. Arch has the details of that

ARCH: Thank you sir. As many of you may know our enemy has openly proclaimed
that he seeks our national demise. We have had troops on the scene and they
agree that he has the wherewithal and desire to complete what he has

CLANCY: We have even noted a swelling of ground troops that are waiting for
his attack on our nation.

JESSE: Whatís worse is satellite technology cannot assist us at this time..

(Knock at the door - one of the men opens the door)

DAVID: Is Saul here?

SAUL: Iím not sure how you got past security, but this is a high level
security meeting. Donít you know of the recent terrorist threat?

DAVID: Yes sir, that is why I am here.

SAUL: (Confused) What?

DAVID: I would like to help.

(The men all laugh in derision)

SAUL: What makes you think a teenager could do anything to help in this time
of national crisis?

DAVID: I understand that the terrorist has been saying bad things about God.

SAUL: Troubling, yes. But what can we do.

DAVID: If you could take me to him. I would be happy to take care of this

CLANCY: (Cynical laugh) Perhaps you should just go home, boy.

SAUL: Wait. What is your name, lad?

DAVID: David, sir.

SAUL: Iím curious how it is that you think you could defeat this

DAVID: You said that he has defied God?

SAUL: Yes.

DAVID: Then God will go with me and He will take care of the terrorist.

(All the men speak up in confusion)

NARRATOR: In our present global crisis of a war on terrorism it is important
to realize that God has a plan. He has demonstrated His ability to be a
strategic planner since the beginning of time. He took a
six-hundred-year-old man and told him to make a boat large enough to fit a
sampling of all the animals on earth. He chose His Son to make it possible
for us to have a relationship with Him, and he took a teenager and chose him
to defeat a national terrorist with a slingshot and stone.

God is in control. He has demonstrated His faithfulness and despite the
difficulties we may be experiencing God can be trusted, completely - even in
these uncertain days.


Copyright 2001 by Glenn A. Hascall and CMI Publishing
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