Justice for Carmen

by Glenn A. Hascall


A retelling of the parable of the widow and the Judge found in Luke 18:1-8.


Carmen: A widow seeking justice (voice only)
Judge Binford: A judge who could care less about what is happening to Carmen.


(Setting: A bedroom where a sleeping Judge Binford is awakened by the knocking of a distraught Carmen Fielding.)

CARMEN: (offstage - Timidly knocks on the door Judge Binford who is in bed notices, looks disgusted, but says nothing.) Judge? Judge Binford are you home? (A few second pass and Carmen knocks again - louder) Judge Binford, I really
need to see you. (Judge groans and rolls over putting a pillow over his head. Carmen knocks again.) Judge Binford, I need your help.

JUDGE BINFORD: (Angry - yells from his bed) GO AWAY - I'm trying to get some sleep here.

(Carmen waits a few seconds and knocks again.)

JUDGE BINFORD: Do you know what time it is? I'm in bed and in no mood for hot chocholate and a midnight conversation. Now, quit making all that noise and GO HOME! (There is silence, so the Judge fluffs up his pillow and lays back down with a disgruntled sigh)

CARMEN: (Knocks louder at the door) Judge Binford, please help me. My landlord came over tonight and is trying to make my son and I leave our home. We've paid the rent on time every month. I have no where to go.

JUDGE BINFORD: (Angry) Well, you can't come in here. This is my home. (Pause) Say, here's what you should do, Lady - Call 911, send out mass emails. Get on a talk show, invent a conspiracy theory - JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. (Pause then gets suddenly calm) Listen, if you think your landlord is in error why not have your husband come down to the courthouse tomorrow and file the appropriate paperwork.

CARMEN: My husband died two years ago with cancer.

JUDGE BINFORD: (Blusters) Oh, well, I'm sorry to hear that, Ms.?

CARMEN: Felding, Carmen Fielding.

JUDGE BINFORD: Ms. Fielding, I don't know you or your family and I really am trying to get some sleep. I've got a big day tomorrow. Please - for the love of Mike - LEAVE ME ALONE! (Silence for 15-20 seconds as Judge Binford works at settling down to go back to sleep).

CARMEN: (POUNDS on door, emotional) Judge, for the sake of my son would you help us?

JUDGE BINFORD: Ms. Fielding I wouldn't do it for the sake of my own grandmother. (To himself) If she isn't the most exasperating woman. (To Ms. Fielding) Let me ask you something Ms. Fielding, if I don't help you, will you go away?

CARMEN: I'm afraid I couldn't.

JUDGE BINFORD: (To himself) Why am I not surprised?

CARMEN: What did you say Judge?

JUDGE BINFORD: Oh, nothing. (Jumps out of bed in his pajamas) You know, Ms. Fielding you are the most persistent woman I have ever met. (Pause - sighs) All right, All right. I'll help you - not because of your situation, not because of your son, and certainly not because I'm a nice man.

CARMEN: So you WILL help?

JUDGE BINFORD: (Frustrated) Didn't I just say I would? Can I at least get dressed without you banging on my door again! (Exits stage taking clothes with him to get dressed)

NARRATOR: "Don't you think God will surely give justice to his chosen people who plead with him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? I tell you he will grant justice to them quickly!"

Copyright 2002 by Glenn A. Hascall and CMI Publishing
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