Poetry - alphabetical


A Better Day (Jeanette Walters)

A Prayer (Michael Cain)

Autumn's glory (John McNeil)

Beauty through brokenness (John McNeil)

Birth (John McNeil)

Broken and whole (John McNeil)

Bubbles (John McNeil)

Calling (haiku) (John McNeil)

Calvary remembered (Heather Blackwell)

Can my black heart yet praise You? (Anne Bloem)

Cathedral Square (John McNeil)

Clearer now (John McNeil)

Choosing (Valerie H. Klaus)

Comng Back (Rachel Rosenthal)

Common Sense Ain't Common (Valerie H. Klaus)

Cover Me, Lord (Rene Harris)

Dear God (Dean Herring)

Don't Waste This Sorrow Lord (Valerie H. Klaus)

Drum (John McNeil)

Ecclesiastes (Sam Jackson)

Ephemera (John McNeil)

Esau (John McNeil)

Even when low (John McNeil)

Faith (Michael Cain)

Fragment (John McNeil)

From day to day I work (John McNeil)

Haiku - calling (John McNeil)

Hurting (Valerie H.Klaus)

In a foreknowledge (John McNeil)

Isn't There Hate Enough? (Valerie H. Klaus)

It's no use (John McNeil)

Jesus Was Forsaken (Susan Y Nikitenko)

Just as I am (Jeanette Walters)

Lord, let me look into hearts ... (John McNeil)

Lost in a world (Jeanette Walters)

Loving Me (John McNeil)

Making Way for Christmas (Dorothy Suhling Kraljev)

Meaning (haiku) (John McNeil)

Mercy Remembers (Anne Bloem)

Metamorphosis (John McNeil)

Mind Waltzing (Jordan C Anderson)

Miss you (Jeanette Walters)

My heart (Jeanette Walters)

My little girl (Jeanette Walters)

My Lord (Grace Kerry)

Night-rise (John McNeil)

Noisy Night (Matthew Thiele)

Nonexistant (Jordan C Anderson)

Out on the streets (Jeanette Walters)

Psalm (Heartcry) (Helen McNeil)

Palm Sunday (Neil Copeland)

Picture of You (Anne Bloem)

Prodigals (John McNeil)

Prodigal Daughter (Linda Liddicoat)

Reality (Sean O'Dell)

Red #3 (Valerie H. Klaus)

Reflections (Linda)

Sacrifice (Michael Cain)

Santa has no children (John McNeil)

Shadows only come (John McNeil)

Sleeping Beauty (a sufferer of recovered memories) (Helen McNeil)

Soaring (Valerie H. Kraus)

Song for Sunday morning (John McNeil)

Sunday Hat (Dean Herring)

Talent Night (Dorothy Kraljev)

Teaching eye (John McNeil)

Tears (John McNeil)

Tears from the Heart (Michelle Johnson)

The Circus where no-one laughs (John McNeil)

The Explosion (Linda)

The Hand of God (Michelle Johnson)

The Nurse's Psalm (Jeanne Meyer-Chauval)

The Poet (John McNeil)

The Sinner's Quandry (Vanessa Williams)

The Writer (John McNeil)

They also serve (John McNeil)

Thorns (John McNeil)

Those Here for the Party (Richlon Merrill)

Those Kind Ones (Valerie H. Klaus)

Those Who Look (Elizabeth Lyulkin)

Three Roads Converged (Richlon Merrill)

Trapped (Jeanette Walters)

Turning point (John McNeil)

Two Eagles (Anne Bloem)

Walking the streets (Jeanette Walters)

What were they thinking? (Elizabeth Lyulkin)

Where have you gone? (John McNeil)

Where the love never ends (Linda Liddicoat)

Would I? (Jeanette Walters)