Summary: Teens are riding in a car at night when an idiot light comes on. The star of Bethlehem was our “idiot light” to remind people that Christ was coming.
Style: Lighthearted.  Duration: 5min
Actors: 3M

Characters: 2 male teens, one male teen driving


(Action begins with: 2  chairs set like seats in a car (or maybe can be done in a car), night scene, music blasting, all teens having a good time.)

Passenger: Hey, have you heard the latest song by _____________ (current rock group)?

Driver: Yeah, man! They are sick! (rocking out)

Passenger: Man, I’m going to the concert when it gets here...I heard they were coming here next June....

Driver: Oh, that would be so COOL! Get out of school and see ______________ at the same time!

Passenger: That’s what I’m talking about! Hey, did you see Diane at the game last week...(leans over to look at the driver’s dash lights) Hey, dude, one of your warning lights is on...looks like a car...

Driver (glance down) Oh, don’t worry about’s just the engine service light. Passenger: Hey, that’s cool with me, but the last time I had one on in my car, I ran out of gas..

Driver: (looks at passenger) I guess that’s why they call them idiot lights!

Passenger: Oh, you’re really ripe, man! (rolls down window and yells out) Somebody save me! I’ve been kidnapped by a nerd!

Driver: (reaches over to pull him back in) Will you stop it! Somebody’s going to recognize you and realize you’re in my car... I can’t have my reputation go down the tubes!

Passenger: What reputation!...If you don’t do something about that light, I’ll bet you won’t have a car, either!

Driver: Okay..., truce?

Passenger: Hey, man, I’m just joking know, you da man!


Passenger: Look, seriously, I think you need to check out that light...I mean, something bad could be about to happen to your car. I’m not worried about wrecking or anything, but, hey, I know how much you like this would be a shame for anything to happen to it...

Driver: I hear you...but my dad’s a mechanic, and he said these lights are for idiots...people that don’t know anything about cars, and just need a warning to get something done.

Passenger: Kind of like the Christmas star...

Driver: Kind of like WHAT?

Passenger: The star, man, THE know, the one that the wise men followed?

Driver: Man, you are really whacked out! Did Rudolph bite you, or something?

Passenger: No, I got kissed by the snow princess...I’m serious’s almost Christmas, it’s nighttime, and the light on the dash reminded me of the was like an idiot light for the wise men.

Driver: Okay, I’ll play along...why is the star an idiot light?

Passenger: Because we’re stupid...

Driver: Speak for your self... a sheep...always getting into trouble, never paying attention to what’s going on...

Driver: ...a sheep? (unbelievingly)...

Passenger: yeah, a sheep...hey, don’t you ever pay attention in church? (on a roll) Any- way, the star was there to tell us idiots who would never notice Jesus, that God was here...

Driver: ...and you got all that from my dash lights?

Passenger: Yeah, so?

Driver: I’m just wondering what you’re gonna say when I stop and open the door, and the dome light comes on!

© Fred Lane, Crosswind Community Church, All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. He may be contacted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.