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Summary: The birth of Jesus set in modern day. What would happen if Jesus were born from a virgin, conceived thru an angel today?
Style: Dramatic. Duration : 7min
Actors: 3-4F, 1M

Characters: several teens, one is Mary, one is Joseph


(Mary and Joseph are getting out of car at the Mall. Joseph lifts Jesus out of a car seat and hands him to Mary)

Mary: Let me carry him,’s really cold out, and I want to keep him really warm...(wraps another blanket around baby)

(Both start walking to the Mall entrance)

Joseph: Are you sure your friends are going to meet us in the food court?

Mary: (fretting over the baby) I’m sure...well, pretty sure they’ll come. They’d never miss a chance to hang out at the Mall... Besides, we always spent Saturdays at the Mall before...(voice trails off as she stops fretting over the baby and just looks at the baby)

Joseph: Before what?...oh, okay, I know what you mean. Before the baby was born...

Mary:’s been different since then...

Joseph: (at the door of the mall): Look, they are your friends, and I’m sure they wouldn’t let you down...(looks into the food court and points at a group of girls)...see, there they are! They showed up...

(the group of girls see the couple and rush over to them...Mary is beaming)

Girl #1: (Sweetly) Hi, Mary...(looks at the baby) Oh, he’s so cute!

(Girls gather around Mary, oh, and ah over the baby....Joseph is left out, looking in)

Joseph (fighting for attention): Hey, let’s pull a couple tables together and sit down...

(Joseph does this as girls never take attention off Mary and the baby...they all sit except

Joseph: Look, I’ll, ah, go get everyone a drink...what does everyone want?

(Girls give their preferences while still focusing on the baby)

Joseph: Okay, I’ll try to remember all that...Mary, what do you want?
Mary: I’m okay. I don’t want anything....

Joseph: I’ll be back....(leaves)

Mary: You know, Joseph has been so good since the baby was born...I don’t think I
could have done this without him...

Girl #2: Yeah, there’s no way you could have done this without him! (other girls snicker) Mary: You know what I mean...taking care of the baby and all...he practically had to move in to my parent’s house...

Girl #3: Well, I think it’s great...if I had my way, my boyfriend and I would have a baby right now...I’d love to have a baby...

Girl #1: Yeah, right...and the baby would probably look like your boyfriend, too...what a crime!

Girl #3: And your boyfriend is no big catch, either! (2 girls elbow each other playfully)

Mary: Wait a think Joseph and, it didn’t happen that way...

Girl #2: We know, we had to have something to tell your parents...I’d have loved to seen their faces when you tried to convince them that Joseph had nothing to do with it...

Mary: He didn’ happened just like I told you...

Girl #1: Mary, we are your friends... you don’t have to keep that up with us!

Mary: I’m not “keeping anything up”...I’m not lying...Joseph, or no other guy had any- thing to do with it...

(Table grows quiet as friends realize Mary is serious)

Mary (looking in the girls’ eyes) Joseph is not Jesus’ angel came to me last winter and told me I would have a baby...a REAL angel! ....It’s the truth, I’m telling you!

(Girls look at each other)

Girl #2: (sheepishly) Mary, we’re your friends, and we’ll believe whatever you tell us...but no one at school is gonna buy this....

Mary: (looking at the baby) I don’t care...I know what happened, and I will never forget it.

Girl #3: So, what are Joseph and you going to do?

Mary: Joseph is going through with his plans for us to get married next year, and he’s going to start working for somebody he knows that’s a contractor. He said they’re looking for a finish carpenter, and he’s very good at building things. Then, once he gets his contractor’s license, he wants to move us back to his home in Nazareth, PA. He said it will be a good place for Jesus to grow up....

(Joseph returns with drinks)

Joseph: (handing out drinks) I hope I got this all right...(stands beside Mary in a very
“Creche” looking pose, looks at Jesus) I never thought I’d be a dad at this point in my life, but since Jesus has come, I’m glad it happened...and I bet you that he will make us very proud one day....

© Fred Lane, Crosswind Community Church, All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. He may be contacted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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