Here's how you can give your creative work multiple times over the reach and effectiveness. Dramatix is a co-operative venture for people who wish to share quality material for theatrical use (including street theatre, radio, television and multimedia). We are building links all round the world. Plays from the Dramatix site are being used in countries as diverse as Russia, South America, the USA, Canada, England, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand, as well as many countries otherwise closed to the Christian message.

We therefore welcome your contributions. It is expected that material generally will come from a Christian world view, although this may not necessarily be explicitly stated. Neither does this rule out, for example, good humour. In fact, good humour would be very welcome (it's in awfully short supply!)

It would be helpful if scripts include a preamble containing the following information (where applicable):

  • Summary
  • Scripture reference
  • Setting
  • Characters

To send the script to Dramatix, simply attach it to an email addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I am hoping that the majority of material at this site will be made available free of charge. This is because Dramatix is proving a particular blessing to churches and groups who are wanting to develop drama ministries but who do not have the resources to pay regular royalties.

However, you are free to request a royalty payment. This can be done in two ways. 1) Put a note at the foot of your script, saying how much you would like to receive and how they can send it to you. (Don't forget to say in which currency - not everybody lives in the USA!) You will have to rely on honesty for this. 2) A more certain way of receiving payment is to put only a portion of the script at the site, and you send the remainder when payment is received.

All scripts carry a copyright acknowledgement, and a request that performers notify the author, whose name and email address is usually at the foot of the script. Users are doing this, and the feedback has been hugely exciting (and very encouraging).

So join in and be part of the Dramatix adventure. If you have any suggestions, helpful comments, etc, please send them to me.

Welcome aboard!