Are Dramatix scripts really free?
The great majority of scripts listed at Dramatix are available for free use (really and truly), thanks to the kindness of their authors, who have been prepared to make them available to others. In return for free use, you are asked to email the author and let him/her know. It is a small courtesy, and it encourages the authors greatly. (Keep telling them, and they will probably keep writing!) A small royalty is requested for a small number of scripts, and in most cases you (the user) negotiate that royalty payment directly with the author. 

Do Dramatix scripts have an ISBN number?
In most cases, scripts listed at Dramatix do not have an ISBN number. Unfortunately, the people who set rules for high school drama competitions in the USA have not caught up with the fact that a great deal of material these days is published solely on the Internet and not in book form. They seem to think that this means the script is not a real bit of writing. So unless the judges in your area are particularly enlightened, you may not be able to use a Dramatix script as your competition piece. Check your local rules. 

By what criteria are scripts added to the site?
All scripts submitted to Dramatix are reviewed by a trusted reviewer, who decides whether to add them to the site. The reviewers have many years of theatre experience, and a passion for high-class Christian drama. Dramatix was established in 1998 with the aim of providing quality scripts to churches at low or no cost. Therefore, we seek to add those scripts which meet certain criteria. An essay outlining the general criteria can read by CLICKING HERE .