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Summary: One side of a phone conversation in which an angel is on line organising the first Christmas. Keywords: First Christmas, angels, heaven.
Style: Humorous.  Duration:  5min
Actors: 1M/F

A high powered PA type with a blue tooth and hand-held organiser.  The costume can be a power suit so that the fact it is an angel is not so obvious, or it could be a traditional angel costume so that  the technology looks out of place.

Setting:  An office / reception area.


Heavenly happenings, this is Mikki...

Darling, how are you? ... Where are you?....
Bethlehem?  Oh do yourself a favour, get out of there.....

We don't do shepherds sweetie.  I can spare you a few cherubs, perhaps....

You want me to realign the universe so a star goes where?

Well..yes..I did...thank you... yes it was special.. but...well that's very kind of you..but darling, I really think the parting of the Red Sea was a whole different scenario.

When is this happy event?  Are you sure?  Isn't there an alternative?  I've an opening in July.... Trust me, if I have anything to do with it, Christmas in July will be a hit.

You'll need accommodation.  Now you know it's census time there could be a bit diffi..... well you're the local guardian what have you got there? Ramada....fully booked I'm afraid... The Hilton's out of the question.
Nothing at the Best Eastern either....  Oh here's something......Bethlehem Manger and Barn...   
Well I really think it's the best we can do in the circumstances.

Look, why don't I try and get you some Babylonian kings.  
They'll give the whole thing just a bit more class don't you think?  Leave it with me....I've got a call coming in...can you hold?

Heavenly happenings, this is Mikk.....oh hello sir,  yes sir... I see...
Are you sure you want to do this?  
But, I mean a barn, nowhere?...   
Well no, I'm sure it will be a major tourist attraction after this, but why sir?...
Oh..... eternal mean they can come here? Oh Lord.  No, no I didn't  mean you sir....oh...I was there a memo?
Of course sir, absolutely, any friends of yours...

And sir?   You must allow me to attend your resurrection personally.
And sir, if there's anything you need while you're there, you know, ministering deities, voices from heaven, you'll let me know.  Thank you, sir.

Darling, are you there?  Thanks for waiting.   Look an opening's just come up for the choir.  Yes I can give you the full chorus.   And the Babylonian kings, they may be a tad late, but they will have the finest  gifts with them.

So you can manage the shepherds?  And you will have that barn maybe just a bit cleaner than usual won't you?
 And you just leave that star to me?

Of course......happy Christmas to you, too.....
copyright  Raelene Purtill  2006
This script may be used free of charge.  Your feedback would be appreciated.   Because I travel and minister in other locations and in different settings, please let me know when and where you use it also.  I can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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