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Summary: These two contrasting skits are meant to be performed back-to-back for maximum impact. They are structured for teens but are appropriate for any age old enough to know right from wrong. The first skit reveals the horror of Hell, the second the joy of Heaven. Their main emphasis is evangelism.
Style: Dramatic        Duration: 5min each
Actors: 1M/F, 1VO (skit 1) and 2M/F (skit 2)


Skit 1: A Glimpse of Hell

 Summary: A teenaged girl almost dies from drugs but is given the chance to see where she would go after death. Will it make a difference?

Characters: Lilly

Setting: Alone center stage – unsure of surroundings- faces audience throughout

Lilly: (Looking around, unsure and slightly scared) Where am I?

Voice: That is but 1 of 2 questions that should concern you.

Lilly: Who’s there?  What do you want?

Voice: That should not concern you. Focus on your first question.

Lilly: My first question?  My first question...where am I?

Voice: Yes.

Lilly: So where am I?

Voice: Look to your right.

Lilly: I’m at a hospital? How’d I get here?

Voice: Look closer.

Lilly: But they won’t let me in there.  They’re working on somebody and it looks pretty serious...(gasps) that’s me! Oh no, that’s me. No, wait, it can’t be me...I’m me...I’m me...that can’t I...dead?

Voice: No, not yet.

Lilly: But I’m going to die.  Is that why I’m here, because I’m going to die?

Voice: You will die eventually. But your death is not the question.

Lilly: So then what’s the question?

Voice: We will come to that. What was the last thing you remember doing?

Lilly: I was at a party, with my friends. We were partying.

Voice: And?

Lilly: And...wait...I’m being punked. That’s what this is! I’m being punked! Alright you guys, come on out– joke’s over. You jerks! I should never talk to you again!

Voice: This is no joke.

Lilly: Then what is this?

Voice: What were you doing at the party, specifically?

Lilly: Drinking...dancing. You know.

Voice: What about the drugs?

Lilly: Look, I didn’t want to do it. And I only took a little.
Voice: That’s why you’re not dead. The drugs were bad.

Lilly: So, what about my friends?

Voice: Look.

Lilly: No! what are they doing to them?  Stop, stop it!

Voice: They’re dead. They’re performing autopsies.

Lilly: (turns away) No! Why? What’s the point?

Voice: The second question that concerns you: Where are you going?

Lilly: When?

Voice: When you die.

Lilly: If I’m dead, I’m dead. I won’t be going anywhere.

Voice: You will be going somewhere, for eternity. Heaven or Hell.

Lilly: I don’t believe in that stuff.  

Voice: Not believing makes it no less real.

Lilly: Well, where are my friends?

Voice: Hell.

Lilly: Then I guess I’ll be going there too.

Voice: Are you sure that’s where you want to go? (emphasis on "sure")

Lilly: Sure...yeah. We’ll just continue the party down there. Yeah, I’ll be partying with my friends in Hell.

Voice: I will show you the reality of Hell, but only a glimpse. You will see, hear and feel everything, but only for a few moments. (pause) Look.

Lilly: (screams and crumples to the floor)

Voice: Now are you sure?  (emphasis on "now")

End of Skit 1


Skit 2: Awaiting Heaven

Summary: A grandmother and her teenaged granddaughter share some precious time as they ponder the reality of Heaven.

Characters: Grandmother (GM) (old enough to be a grandmother, or a teenager made up)
                Granddaughter (GD) (teenager)

Setting: A remote bench on a hill, facing audience


(both enter, GD holding GM’s arm- they sit on bench, GM a little breathless)

GD: There! You ok?

GM: Yes, it just takes a little longer these days to climb.

GD: Oh, come on grandmother, you’re still young and spry.

GM: (chuckles) Of all the words to describe me...

GD: Are you warm enough?

GM: I believe so...yes.

GD: What a beautiful, cool, crisp evening. Look at those clouds (looking over audience's heads). Just enough to give the sky some personality.

GM: This is going to be a beautiful sunset. (looking over audience's heads)

GD: Look at those colors– amazing. (looking over audience's heads)

GM: (nodding) And it’s only the beginning.

GD: Wow, no one paints a sky like God.

GM: Very true. Of all the things here on earth I’m going to miss, I think sunsets I’ll miss the most.  

GD: Why do you think there won’t be sunsets in Heaven?

GM: Because there won’t be a sun or a moon. All light will come from the glory of God. It’ll fill the place with light constantly. And if it’s always light, there won’t be a night time. Without nightfall, there won’t be sunsets. At least that’s what makes sense to me.

GD: Wow, I never thought of that. How depressing. Sunsets are some of the most amazing displays of beauty. I just hate to think we won’t have them in Heaven.

GM: Honey, next to God’s glory, sunsets are as dull as mud.  

GD: Yeah, you’re right. And there’ll be some things I’ll certainly NOT miss- like bugs.

GM: (softly laughs) I’ll not miss aches and pains. And cold winters.

GD: Oh, I’m with you on that one! (chuckles)  And we get a mansion in Heaven. Jesus said so.

GM: Oh I don’t care about that. As long as I’m with Him.

GD: Well, grandmother, I think you do deserve a mansion. But regardless, I know you’ll have one. And I hope mine is next to yours.  

GM: That is so sweet.    

GD: No sunsets, huh? I guess I’ll just have to cherish each one.

GM: That’s why I enjoy this so much. Sunsets and time with you. Two things I’ll definitely miss.

GD: Then we’ll have to make the most of the time you have left. But on the bright side, we’ll be together again in Heaven.
GM: Amen to that! Honey, I think we need to start heading back, while there’s still a little light.

GD: Ok. Here you go. (helps GM up- they start to walk away) No sunsets … what about chocolate? Do you think there’ll be chocolate in Heaven?

End of Skit 2

This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. She may be contacted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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