Summary:   This skit focuses on hope.  We see the wives of the Wise men getting ready to send off their husbands and their fears and hopes for the journey.
Style: Dramatic, with light touches.   Duration: 7min.
Actors: 3F

Hanna – younger daughter
Sarah -  older mother
Martha – Older friend

Note: All three are wives of the men sent to find the new born King.  They are expressing their fears and hope for the birth of the messiah. Lines need to be delivered quickly after each other, not a lot of time between thoughts; these are women that know each other and the banter needs to seem easy.


(Scene opens with an older women sitting at a table doing some mindless work, could be eating something or mixing something, she obviously has her mind on something else.  As she sits there a younger women walks in and sits beside her.)
Hanna – Oh mom, what are you doing?
Sarah – Huh? (obviously she was preoccupied with her thoughts)  Oh well, I was just uhm, well I was just
thinking about the trip.
Hanna – (getting excited) I know, isn’t it exciting? I mean, Jacob can hardly wait to go!  This is his first real
trip with everyone and he got assigned the task of navigation!  He is so excited!  He has this new
fangled GPS system…..
Sarah – GPS? What on earth is that girl?
Hanna – God Positioning System of course… it is the latest greatest way to make sure you are going
where God wants you to….
Sarah – Bah, your father tells me there is a star to point the way…
Hanna – well then why did they give my husband….. they didn’t trust him to do anything else, did they?
(knock on the door interrupts them)
Sarah – Come in, Come in!
(Martha walks in)
Sarah – Ah Martha, is David ready to go?
Martha – yes, yes…. Do you know how hard it is to find Myrrh this time of year though….. looked all over
we did.  I hope this new king appreciates the hard work we put in to find the perfect gift..
Hanna – I know we looked all over for Frankincense…. Not easy to come by in this town…  I hope the
king likes the gift, and back to the GPS mom…..
Martha – The GP what?
Hanna – GPS.
Martha – What on earth is that, Hanna…
Hanna – Oh it is the coolest thing… Jacob came up with it, he is just so smart (very dreamily) .
Sarah – God Positioning System (dryly).
Martha – Why aren’t they going to follow the star?
Hanna – Oh Martha, that is so old fashion… this is the new way to do things!
Sarah – I am not sure why we are talking about it at all, they’re men. It’s not like they are going to take
directions from anyone if they get lost! (all three of the women break out laughing and agree.)
Martha – Or pick out their own gifts! (more laughing)  by the way Sarah, what did you and Frank decide
to give to the new King?
Sarah – (obviously uncomfortable) well, we did a lot of talking about this… and took a lot of time and we
hope we made the right decision.  We prayed a lot and it just came to us that we should present
the new king with gold.
Hanna – So Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.  That seems like three pretty neat gifts for a new King.
Martha – Let’s hope the new King find our gifts acceptable.  It’s hard telling what else might already
be there, where ever there is!
Hanna – I bet it will be somewhere really cool, all decked out with the finest things!  I wish I could go!
Maratha – I know, but I just hope everything goes well, I mean with Herrod sending them, that man is
just not right if you know what I mean….
Sarah – Let's do more than hope, why don’t we pray?  Let’s pray for their safe journey, and for their safe
return.  Let’s also pray for the safety of the new King.

(All women murmur in agreement, this is where the scene cuts off as the women bow heads to start to pray…. If using a spot light it could cut off power point could then show a picture of the wise men journeying.)


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