Summary: This drama is portrayed as a live television reality show hosted by Mr. Jeremy Kyle and his team of trained researchers, medical and psychological experts.  They endeavour to assist the guests who contact the show to find solutions to  their personal, matrimonial or family conflict with the aid of mediation, counselling, polygraph and/or D.N.A. testing or drug/ alcohol rehabilitation.
Style: Dramatic.     Duration:  10min
Actors: 2M,1F



Jeremy Kyle


Part One

(Jeremy Kyle walks to the centre of the drama area.)

Jeremy: Hello and good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Jeremy Kyle Show.  This morning we have an interesting scenario. It concerns an engaged couple:   Joseph Davidson and his fiancée Mary who are engaged to be married fairly soon.
Now, this is where the story gets a little bizarre. Mary has confessed to Joseph  that she is pregnant but hasn’t cheated.  
She claims this is a miracle conception. But Joseph isn’t at all convinced. That’s why he phoned our show asking that we do: not only a D.N.A. test to prove he’s  innocent, but also a Lie detector test and a Drug Test!   
Ladies and Gentlemen, I want you to give a big hand to Joseph, this morning.
(The audience applauds loudly as Joseph enters.)
Now Joseph, I want you to tell us, in your own words what you have told our   researchers earlier.

Joseph: As I said, Mary and I have been childhood sweethearts. We’ve known each other for years. She and I finally got engaged last Pentecost and were soon to set the date for our wedding ceremony. Now, she tells me she’s pregnant. She says that it’s going to be a boy, and the  Holy Spirit is the father.  She said that she had a visitation of angels and they told her about it being   God’s Son; that’s why I also asked for a drugs test.

Jeremy: Unbelievable!!  So, why did you also ask for a Lie Detector Test as well? I know that you   wanted to clear your name regarding being a Dad, hence the DNA Test, but, what will the Lie detector results show?

Joseph: The problem is, I don’t really know what to believe. I really love Mary and I  want to believe her story but, I’m not sure.

Jeremy: So, what if, when we have the test results and Mary is proved to be innocent, what are your plans for the future?

Joseph: I want to be a dad to Mary’s little boy, that’s for sure.

Jeremy: Good! As I said earlier, Mary, Joseph’s fiancée has contacted our team to tell us her side of the story. She also agreed to come along this morning to the show to tell us in her own words what has happened.
(Jeremy Kyle stands up and announces.)
Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s welcome Mary!

(Audience applauses. Mary walks on and faces Joseph with her back slightly turned to the audience.)

Mary: I know you don’t really believe me. But when the tests are done, I will prove to you that I’m a virgin.

Jeremy: Welcome to the Show, Mary. You’ve told my Researchers that, while you were  doing your housework, an Angel appeared and told you that you, Mary, would  have a baby boy, the Son of God, no less! Now, don’t you think that’s just a … little … bit … unusual … to say the least?

Mary: I do realise that I appear to be ‘barking mad’ but, the proof will be revealed  when the Lie detector tests come back!!

Jeremy: Ok, Ladies and Gentlemen. We’re having a commercial break now. But we’ll be back soon with those all-important Lie detector, D.N.A. and drug   test results.. . . . . Don’t Go Away!!!

Commercial Break.  ( Notices/ Announcements may be read or a carol may be sung at this point.)

Part Two

(Jeremy walks to the centre of the drama area.)

Jeremy: Welcome back to the second part of our show. You may remember that a young man named Joseph Davidson was on earlier with his fiancée Mary who is pregnant. She makes extravagant claims that the child she is carrying has been miraculously conceived and this news has been brought to her by an angel!! Unbelievable! you may say, but Mary, to be fair, has challenged the sceptics including fiancé Joseph and has made herself available for, not  only a Lie detector test but also a DNA and a drugs Test. Ok, Mary and Joseph. Have you anything to say before we have the test results?

Joseph: If they prove positive, it’s over!

Mary: I’m just waiting to hear Joseph apologise.

Jeremy: Ok. We’ll have the all important DNA Test first. Joseph     you are . . .  not the baby’s father. The next test is the drugs test results. We checked a sample of Mary’s blood for a variety of illegal substances; the test is . . . . negative! Which proves Mary was not hallucinating when the alleged incident took place.
And, the final test results are the lie detector results. We asked Mary a series of three questions which she answered. The first question was: Since you  and Joseph started going out together, have you ever kissed another man  passionately? She said, ‘No’. She was telling the truth!
Second question: Since you and Joseph started going out together, have you ever had any physical contact with another man? Mary answered, ‘No’. She was telling the truth!
Third question: Since you and Joseph started going out together, did you ever have a visitation from a Heavenly Being? Mary answered, Yes!
We have a saying on the Jeremy Kyle Show: It’s called a ‘Full House’!!
Mary was telling the truth all along !! Ladies and Gentlemen, Do you believe it. Here’s hoping to Heaven that you do! Amen.

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