Summary: A light-hearted sketch in verse about how the modern trappings of Christmas prevent us from recognising the original story and the true meaning. Keywords: Christmas, no room
Style: Lighthearted. Duration: 7min
Actors: 13M/F or 13C
Scripture reference: Luke 2:4-7 (very loosely)

Setting: A Wendy House in a playroom
Characters: Story Teller
Rag Dolly Jane
Tiny Tears
Action Man
Buzz Lightyear
Floppy Pup (non-speaking)
Rainbow Brite (non-speaking)
2 Care Bears (non-speaking)


Rag Dolly Jane, Tiny Tears and Teddy are on stage)
Story Teller: ‘Twas Christmas in the Wendy House
With tinsel round the tree.
The Dollies and the Teddy Bear
Had invited friends for tea.
Rag Dolly:  Oh, Teddy, come on, hurry up
And sweep the kitchen clean.
I have to get the food prepared –
Mince pies and clotted cream.
Teddy:  I’m sorry, Jane, I’ll do my best.
It’s just I’m so excited.
Tiny Tears:  I know, but time is running short
To get the oven lighted.
Story Teller: And so the toys all worked away
For tea that afternoon.
At half-past three it all was done;
The fun would start quite soon.
Teddy:  Oh, look! Oh, look! It’s Action man!
He’s in his brand new tank!
Tiny Tears:  Oh, calm down, Ted. Don’t squeal so much!
I’m telling you quite frank.
(enter Action Man)
Action Man: Good afternoon, my Toy-Town chums,
How do you like my gear?
Rag Dolly:  It’s very smart. Please take seat.
Action Man: Will Barbie Doll be here?
Tiny Tears:  She’s coming now with boyfriend Ken
In her new Ferrari.
Action Man: That’s just my luck; she’s booked again.
Teddy:  Don’t they look so starry!
(enter Barbie and Ken)
Rag Dolly:  Oh, Barbie, Ken, I’m glad you’ve come.
You look so chic and fine.
Barbie:  Why, thank you dear. It comes from France.
It’s quite the latest line.
Ken’s outfit too is tailor-made –
Real wool and classic trim.
Those “off-the-pegs” just aren’t his style.
Action Man: (aside) Oh, really? Bully for him.
Rag Dolly:  Oh, what a happy party crowd,
All full of Christmas cheer.
How many more are still to come?
Do you know, Tiny Tears?
Tiny Tears:  There’s Rainbow Brite and Floppy Pup,
A couple of Care bears too,
And Buzz Lightyear, the Space Ranger,
With all his space age crew.
Teddy:  Ooh, Buzz Lightyear! He’s so much fun.
His space ship’s really great!
With flashing lights and firing guns…
Action Man: (sarcastically) Oh, wow. I cannot wait.
Ken:  Oh, Action Man, what’s wrong with you?
It’s Christmas time. Cheer up!
It’s no good getting jealous now.
(enter Floppy Pup)
Teddy:  Oh, look! It’s Floppy Pup!
(enter Rainbow Bright and 2 Care Bears)
Teddy: And Rainbow Brite and two Care Bears.
This party’s really ace!
Rag Dolly:  Come in, come in. We’re glad you’ve come.
Ken:  We’re running out of space.
Tiny Tears:  I’m sure we’ll squeeze a few more in.
How many, I cannot guess.
Teddy: It’s so much fun us all squashed here.
Barbie:  But please, just mind my dress.
(enter Buzz Lightyear)
Buzz Lightyear: Well, greetings guys and Yuletide cheer.
Come on, let’s paint the town.
Teddy: It’s Buzz Lightyear! But where’s your ship?
Buzz Lightyear: I teleported down.
It’s the latest rage. It’s just so quick.
I couldn’t do without it.
The ultimate in space travel;
There’s no two buts about it.
Story Teller: So all were there. The Toy-Town chums
Could now begin their tea.
The hot mince pies and clotted cream
Were gobbled down with glee!
‘Twas all so festive and so fun
Squashed in the Wendy House.
In fact, they were so crowded in,
You couldn’t swing a mouse!
The party spirit continued thus –
With laughter, song and chat.
But suddenly there came a knock…
Rag Dolly:  My goodness, what was that?
Action Man: There’s someone out there at the door.
Tiny Tears:  Whoever could it be?
Teddy: Actually, there’s two of them,
And a skinny old donkey!
Barbie:  A donkey?! Oh, that’s so common,
Smelly and dirty too.
Teddy: Oh, Tiny Tears, it’s cold out there.
Oh, let them in, please do.
Tiny Tears:  Hang on, Teddy, settle down.
We don’t know who they are.
Buzz Lightyear: They look like beggars. I wouldn’t want
To trust them very far.
Barbie:  Oh, Ken, how gross! Look at her dress.
It looks just like a sack!
And it’s hardly very lady-like
Sitting on a donkey’s back!
Teddy: Is someone going to let them in?
They look so tired and sad.
Ken:  But, teddy, they’d just spoil our fun.
Buzz Lightyear: And turn this party bad.
Ken:  It’s Christmas; time for loads of laughs,
Barbie:  And gifts…
Tiny Tears:  … and food…
Action Man: … and drink.
Buzz Lightyear: We can’t let in all those who would
Ruin the party, just think.
Rag Dolly:  There’s no room here for down-and-outs,
And those who’d spoil our day.
Tiny Tears:  We’re having fun. They can’t come in.
All:  It’s Christmas. Go away!!
© Copyright Daniel Carlson, all rights reserved. The script may not be reproduced, translated or copied in any medium, including books, CDs and on the Internet, without written permission of the author.
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