Summary: When her children approach her with their "Christmas Lists", the mother decides it's time for a good heart-to-heart to help her kids know what Christmas is really about.
Style: Lighthearted.  Duration: 12min
Actors: 1F, 2C

Sabra (mom)

(Mom is doing some odd job like dusting, when her children approach her with their Christmas Lists.)
Branson:  Mom, we’ve got our lists.
Bryan: Yeah, you might want to sit down for this.
Sabra: Oh – okay (kids help her sit down)
Branson: Here’s mine.  As you can see there are multiple pages; but I’ve made it easy by putting everything in alphabetical order.
Sabra: Alphabetical?
Branson: Oh yes – this way, as you get each item you can check them off easier.
Sabra: Well, how thoughtful… (sort of sarcastically)
Bryan: Okay – my turn.  (clears throat) A little help here, bro.  (Hands him the end of the scroll which is exaggeratedly large)  Here – take this and start walking that way.  
(Branson walks across the stage, down the stairs and to the wall)
Sabra: Do you think you have enough stuff here? (Sarcastically)
Bryan: –I really don’t know yet.  You see, they tend to add more commercials the closer you get to Christmas, so I might find more things to add.  Should I just tack them on the end of this or just give you another list?
Sabra: I think we need to discuss the true meaning of Christmas.  Call your brother back up here.  
(Bryan waves him back up.  Starts rolling list back up)
Sabra: Why don’t you just leave that for now and have a seat kids.  (At this point you can invite all the kids to come up and join you on stage or on the floor) Do you know WHY we celebrate Christmas by giving gifts?
Branson: Because you love us?
Bryan: Because we’re the light of your life?
Sabra: (Smiles) Not exactly.  the reason we celebrate Christmas is because it’s the time we celebrate the birth of Jesus – our Savior.  Let me read the story of His birth to you.  (picks up Bible) Here’s what it says in Matthew 1: 18 – 24...  And in Luke 2: 1 - 20 it says…
Bryan: Yeah, but what’s that got to do with my Christmas list?
Sabra:  Alright – let me read another part to you.  In Matthew 2 it says: (read through 12).  Gifts were brought to honor Him.
Bryan: Oh, I get it – they gave Him gifts so that’s why you give us gifts?
Sabra: No honey, it’s more than that, Jesus WAS a gift – to all of us.  He left His throne in Heaven to be born into this world – THIS world.
Branson: But mom – why would anyone want to leave Heaven to come here?
Sabra: Because He knew we needed a Savior – because He loves us that much.  He was thinking of us – not Himself.
Kids:  (realizing they’ve been selfish, hang their heads) Oh.
Sabra: Why don’t you guys take some time to rethink things.
Bryan: Okay.
Branson: Thanks mom.
Sabra:  (Read Poem - The Birth Of The King)
I heard a story of a future King
Whose reign would be forever
Not in a palace was he born
But in a lowly manger

This night was not an ordinary night
For angels did appear
To announce the birth of our Blessed King
To those abiding near

The star shown bright above the place
Where our future King did lay
And many came to gaze upon
This Child placed in the hay

The Shepherds went rejoicing
Proclaiming Gods’ great grace
For the miracles of which they’d heard
Did in fact take place
And there were those who traveled far
To find the future King
For precious gifts, Gold, Frankincense,
And Myrrh these men did bring

Glory to God, the angels sang
And peace on earth to men
Salvation came down to the earth
When He left His throne in Heaven

What a gift to all mankind
Was this precious child to be
What wondrous love hath God above
That He’d send His best for thee

(Now is a good time to invite everyone to sing Silent Night)
Lights out
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