Summary: Sarah has all the right intentions when she suggests their crop of pears be given away to people who would benefit from such generosity. However, she discovers that peer pressure is often a challenge for young Christians trying to live out their faith. Keywords: Pressure, giving, temptation.
Style: Dramatic.  Duration: 5min
Actors: 1N, 1M, 1F, 3M/F
Scripture : Romans 12:2

Friend 1
Friend 2
Friend 3

Props:  garden chairs, Pear box and plastic bags, hat/overalls for Dad, old clothes for Sarah
Signs – MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, compost bin, pears (can be real, fake, or imaginary)

(Setting: A suburban garden. Two garden chairs on stage)
Narrator: It is Sunday afternoon.  Sarah and her Dad have been picking pears from the tree in their garden.
(Enter Dad and Sarah.  Dad is carrying a large box of pears which he puts down between the chairs.  
Dad: (Taking off hat and wiping brow) Well, that old pear tree has produced another good crop this year.  Too many for us to use; we’ll have to think about what to do with them.
Sarah: We could give them away Dad – to people like Mrs James next door, and the Bartons whose Dad just lost his job.  There are others, too…
Dad: (pleased)  Good idea Sarah.  I’ll find some bags and you can sort the pears out after school tomorrow.
(Both exit, leaving box of pears behind.)
(Narrator displays sign MONDAY)
(Enter Sarah, carrying bags.  She sits beside the pear box and is about to start bagging pears when Friend 1 enters.)
Friend 1: Hi Sarah.  Claire and Amy are at the gate.  We’ve got four tickets to see that new band everyone’s talking about.  We knew you’d want to come!
Sarah:  Oh, I can’t.  I’ve said I’ll bag all these pears to give away to…
Friend 1: (stunned)  You are joking, aren’t you!  Believe me, Sarah, you’ll never get another chance to see THE BUZZARDS live on stage!  We’re leaving now to queue up for the good seats.
Sarah:  Weeeell, okay.  I guess this can wait until tomorrow.
(Both exit)
(Narrator displays sign TUESDAY)
(Enter Sarah, sits beside pear box and begins bagging pears.)
(Friend 2 enters, suitably dressed as one of the ‘in crowd’.)
Friend 2: Sarah, you look positively domesticated.  What are you doing?!
Sarah:  Bagging pears to give away to people in our street.
Friend 2: Oh, how un-cool!  I didn’t think anyone did that sort of thing these days – we don’t even know our neighbours. Why don’t you get your Mum to deal with it – that’s the sort of thing old people do, isn’t it?  Anyway, I’m off to the sports centre to see who’s playing football.  Do you want to come?  I’ve heard that Aaron might be there …(teasingly)
Sarah: (embarrassed, but tempted)  Okay, I guess I can do this when we get back. I’ll just put my new jeans on.
(Both exit.)
(Narrator displays sign WEDNESDAY)
(Sarah enters, sits beside pear box and begins bagging pears.)
(Friend 3 enters, chewing gum – lively, bouncy person)
Friend 3: Hey Sarah, what’s this you’re so busy with?
Sarah:  Bagging pears for some friends.
Friend 3: (astounded, mouth hanging open)  What, to give away!   No, no, no – you’re sitting on a goldmine here kid!  For the same amount of effort you could turn these little beauties into pocket money!  You could buy that chain necklace you’ve been wanting.
Sarah: (pensive)  I suppose so.  Some of our neighbours would be happy to pay for    tree-ripened fruit, and there’s plenty to go round. I hadn’t thought of that…?
Friend 3: Right!  Now, first you’ll need to draw up a price list, and then make cards to put in letter boxes, and maybe a poster for the dairy window. Come on, we’ll go and set it all up on my computer.
(Both exit, chattering, planning)
(Narrator displays sign THURSDAY and places compost bin on stage)
(Enter Sarah and Dad.  They act out while Narrator continues…)
Narrator: On Thursday, Sarah’s Dad saw the pears sitting by the shed where he’d left them.  He shook his head in deep disappointment as he tipped them into the compost.  Sarah watched in silence, feeling deeply ashamed.
(Dad exits.  Sarah sits hugging knees, head bowed.)
© Copyright Jennie Chappell, all rights reserved. The script may not be reproduced, translated or copied in any medium, including books, CDs and on the Internet, without written permission of the author.
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