Summary:  A story about a man who is trying to promote a great organization but the good news is hidden by his personal life.  The reporters cannot see beyond his indiscretions to learn about something fantastic.  Keywords: Integrity, gospel, evangelism, social justice.
Actors: 1M, 5M/F
Style: Dramatic.  Duration:  5 min Characters:
    Bob - the interviewee
    5 reporters (could be scattered throughout the audience)

Bob: (Bob  enters blinded by flash photography as he reaches the podium) No flash photography during the interview please.  (Pauses to collect himself and shuffle a few papers)  Hello, I am Robert Sterling and I am so happy that you are all here today to hear about Walking in the Light, the new homeless shelter that is being opened up on the downtown corner of Spruce and Cherokee.  This center houses 150 beds, and through donations we have enough money to prepare hot evening meals for those who need it.  We are also pleased to announce that we have hired a Christian counselor and Pastor so that every evening there will be spiritual guidance given to those who walk through our doors.  We really hope that this will make a big difference in the downtown scene.  I will take this moment to answer any questions that you may have.  You sir…

Reporter1: Jim Jones from the Country Bulletin; isn’t it true that you were seen outside of this shelter with a woman other than your wife just last week?

Bob:  No, it is not true, and I don’t see what…

R1: But there were several photographs leaked out onto a website…

Bob: It is not true, I have no explanation for the pictures, but it is not true.  Why don’t we move on?  Next question?  Yes you…

Reporter2: Sam Keener from the Star; there have been several stories going around about how foul mouthed you can be.  Do you think that it’s right that someone representing an organization such as Walking in the Light should be cussing as much as you do?

Bob:  Well, I sometimes do let some words slip, it’s a hard habit to break, but I don’t see how it takes away from the organization.  Next question please, and let it be about the shelter. Yes, you…

Reporter3: Bridget Alright from the Evening Post; in the upcoming budget, is there a space for your reimbursement?

Bob:  Well, yes, but it is a small amount and really just to cover my gas mileage and phone bills.

R3:  You are the owner of Pizzarino Eatery are you not?

Bob: Yes, but…

R3:  That is quite a popular place, business is doing well I assume.  So why do you feel the need to take from an already taxed budget.

Bob: Well… uh… it is a small amount of money and I do a lot of work for this organization.  It’s a small token of their appreciation.

R3: Did you not draw up the budget yourself?

Bob: I did.  Next question… yes, you…

Reporter 4: Bruce Alger from the Daily Gazette; there were some complaints that you said a dirty joke during one of the staff meetings, offending several board members.  Do you care to comment on this?

Bob:  It was not during the actual meeting, I would never do something like that.  So I don’t see how it’s relevant.

R4: Don’t you think that someone in the spotlight such as yourself should be a better role model for this organization?

Bob:  This is my professional life and that is my personal life, they are not combined.

R4:  But you are the same person.

Bob: Next question; yes, you…

Reporter 5: Katrina Karmichael from Noteworthy News; you were quoted three years ago in saying that you love Ford and would never buy any other make of car and disown anyone in your family that thought otherwise.  Do you still hold Ford above all else and stand by that statement?

Bob:  What is wrong with you people?  How is that relevant at all?  I came here to talk about social justice and all you can see and care about are my imperfections.  Can’t you look beyond me to see what I represent?  This interview is over!

(Bruce storms out- camera flashes follow him out)
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