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 Summary: A tale about four demons that have a meeting to decide how to discourage people in a church.
Style: Dramatic.     Duration: 8min

Actors: 4 M/F




(Setting: Borith, Keras and Atar are standing talking when Zadok walks in.)

Zadok. The boss has told us to go to that church on the new estate.

Borith. The one with all that lively music, Zadok.

Zadok. Yes, that's the one.

Atar. I went there the other week. They all seem so happy.

Keras. I know, it's sickening, isn't it.

Atar. They've got no right to be so happy.

Zadok. That's why we've got to go there, they need to be discouraged.

Borith. Let’s make them suffer. I love doing that.

Keras. How are we going to do it this time?

Atar. How about slipping it into their minds that their Jesus doesn't love them; we haven't done that for a while.

Zadok. I know, but that doesn't seem to be working too well just lately.

Keras. It doesn't, they seem to be too well taught now.

Borith. It used to be easy at one time when only the ministers were taught.

Zadok. We've got to be a lot more subtle now ,that's too direct. They know where it is coming from.

Atar. I think we've got to use people in the church.

Keras. What do you mean, Atar?

Atar. Well, we get someone in the church to say something not too bad, just enough to make them think and hurt them slightly.

Borith. I like it -- just enough to put a niggling doubt in their minds.

Zadok. That's good, and then get them to mention it to someone else.

Keras. That's it, start to cause a bit of division.

Atar. Will we find someone to do that in that church?

Zadok. Of course we will. It doesn't have to be something big; you'll always find someone who is a little bit pushy.

Borith. Yes, those who think they own the place and always have something to moan about.

Atar. Yes, all we have to do is to get them to say something a little bit sharply.

Keras. We don't even have to do that .

Borith. Don't we?

Keras. Just get them to give orders out, like 'you people move those chairs' and they sit down talking to someone else.

Zadok. Excellent, especially if they ask twice. You'll always get someone who doesn't lead the way they're supposed to.

Atar. What do you mean, Zadok?

Zadok. (VERY SARCASTICALLY.) Well, according to their Christian teaching, they're supposed to lead by example.

Borith. You mean they should do it and ask someone to help them.

Zadok. Yes, that's it.

Atar. I like it, that's bound to get some of them moaning and cause a bit of discord.

Keras. But won't that take a while.

Zadok. Yes, but that's the best way. They don't realise it’s us at work the! And best of all, that person will keep on doing that not know what they are doing.

Borith. Some people only change so much and then think they are always right.

Atar. I know, it's wonderful.

Borith. But won't they still get into heaven.

Keras. Probably, but look at all the chaos they'll cause.

Atar. And when they stand before God for the judgement of their work, everything they think they have done will be burned up in flames.

Zadok. And they'll have eternity to think about what they have done.

(Zadok. Borith, Keras and Atar all laugh.)

Zadok. I've got another one as well.

Borith. What's that, Zadok?

Zadok. You know those who go to the prayer meetings regular and support the church every week in prayer.

Atar. Yeah, I hate them.

Zadok. Let’s get the leader to pass them over.

Keras. In what way?

Zadok. Get the leader to give the major leadership positions to people who don't come to the prayer meeting.

Borith. Oh, you're so evil, I love it.

Atar. They'll feel really miffed.

Keras. You can just imagine it, ‘I come to the prayer meeting every week I'm always there and look who they put in leadership/when do they ever come/when do they ever support them its favouritism again’.

Borith. Won't you get those who should be in leadership but aren't bothered about that?

Zadok. Oh yes, some are quite mature and it won't bother them, and some will feel initially hurt but will get over it.

Atar. What's the point then?

Keras. You'll always get some who will be hurt, those who are after a position in major leadership. They'll be gutted.

Borith. (LAUGHING AND RUBBING HIS HANDS.) Oh yes, I love it.

Atar. And best of all, those who are chosen to be in leadership and aren't up to it... that can't help to lead the church forward as well.

Zadok. I know.

Keras. As well as that, they have a higher level of judgement because they are supposed to be leading people.

Zadok. And for my final one for now.

Borith. You've got more.

Zadok. Oh yes.

Atar. What is it then?

Zadok. Well, we've got people hurt...

Borith Yes, just as we wanted.

Zadok. Then we get the do-gooders to come along and tell them they have got to forgive the people who've hurt them.

Keras. Well, they've got to do that haven't they?

Zadok. Oh yes.

Borith. How's that going to work then if they have to do it?

Atar. Wouldn't it be better to get them to tell them not to forgive and let bitterness and resentment build up in their hearts, so they become hard and twisted up inside?

Zadok. We know they've got to forgive and they do too.

Keras. How's this going to work then?

Zadok. Imagine this, here's someone who's been hurt, they feel really bad, the wounds are still open and along comes the do-gooder, the person who's going to counsel them. The first thing they say to them is 'you realise you have got to forgive them'

Borith. Oh, that is great, it would be just like twisting the knife even more.

Atar. Yes, they know they've got to forgive, but that's the last think they want to hear at that point in time.

Keras. They need someone who will sympathise with them and lead them through the pain.

Borith. And here's someone telling them, 'you've got to forgive them or you won't get a blessing from God'.

Zadok. I know, this one is brilliant; you'll get more people hurt by this than a little. You can even get them out of the church altogether.

Atar. And straight back into our clutches.

Borith. As well as the person who hurt them you get the other one causing even more pain.

Zadok I know, it's great, and they think they are doing the right thing in what they are telling them.

Keras. Well, they are, it's true what they are saying, but it's totally the wrong time to say it.

Atar. So when they leave the church, the people who have help to drive them out don't even know they have done it.

Zadok. I love this job.

Borith. Come on lets go and get started.

Atar. Look out church, here we come.

(All laugh as they leave.)


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